Plasti Dip Your Car Reviews

Plasti Dip Your Car Reviews

What are the things that car owners care most about their cars aside from the engine? One thing that is always sensitive to cars is their paint. With only a little contact, the paint of the car can already accumulate a scar or scratch. If the scars and scratches are found in the sensitive places, the car can look awful. The bigger problem is that having to fix the scratches using traditional method can be quite tedious as well as costly. Having to use a plasti dip, however, can deal with the problem of efficiency and cost whenever repainting.

While plasti dip for cars is an excellent solution for repaints, there isn’t much around that is trusted and proven for quality. On this article, we will share with you some Plasti dip your car reviews to help you sort your options.

Top 4 Plasti Dip Your​ Car Reviews At a Glance

With the increasing popularity of the plasti dip technology, many providers start to emerge in the market. With this, it becomes difficult to find which ones are real and of high quality from those who are not. In this Plasti dip for car reviews, you will be sure to find one that suits your needs.

1. Performix 11203 Plasti Dip

Performix 11203 Plasti Dip

First on our list of top plasti dips is the Performix 11203 Plasti Dip. It is a guaranteed authentic Plasti dip paint that is air-dry special rubber coating designed especially for vehicles. This product comes with a line of coating solutions which can be used not only on vehicles but also for home use and anywhere else. The best thing about this product is that it features 50 color selections which enable the user to be creative in their color preferences.

Also, this product can be applied to any method whether it is through the spray, brushing or through dipping. It comes with a comfortable grip which allows easy application. This flexible formula also allows for moisture resistance upon application and dries fast. Also, this product is a lot cheaper compared to its competitions in the market today.


  • Fast setting formulation
  • Protected against moisture
  • Nonslip grip
  • Shock and heat resistant
  • Comes with control grip


  • Easy to use and easy to remove
  • check Thick rubber coating
  • check Creates a smooth finish
  • check Excellent choice for beginners
  • check Comes at affordable price


  • Not recommended to use during cold weather
  • check Reapplications or coatings may be needed

​2. Performix 11207 Plasti Dip

Performix 11207 Plasti Dip

Another plasti dip from Performix in its white color form is the Performix 11207 Plasti Dip.This version of plasti dip from Performix is more of the multi-purpose type which can be used anywhere. It can be used as a temporary coating for any vehicle and can also serve other purposes such as wall cover. Since this product creates a rubber coating, the surface remains protected from dirt, moisture, and any external factors that can cause damage. This product is also popular and usually seen in many Plasti dip your car reviews.

It comes pre-designed with a comfortable grip which resists moisture and abrasion. Furthermore, the coating is resistant to rust along with corrosion. Also, it comes with a formulation that does not become brittle during sunny days. While this product is great for providing a temporary painting for vehicles, it can also be applied to other areas.


  • White rubber coating which serves perfectly as primer
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy to remove
  • Does not lock moisture inside the coating


  • Does not peel off easily after application
  • check Easy to use
  • check Made with high-quality ingredients
  • check Smooth finish
  • check With non-slip handle


  • Maybe too slippery on certain surfaces
  • check Requires reapplication

3. Performix 11203-6PK Plasti Dip

Performix 11203-6PK Plasti Dip

Another popular plasti dip from Performix is the Performix 11203-6PK Plasti Dip. The same as its predecessors, this plasti dip also provides users with a wide range of color selections. It also boasts a high-quality paint that is resistant to dust, moisture, rust, and heat.

What many users love about this particular Performixplasti dip is that it can serve a variety of applications? While it is an excellent choice for temporary car paint, it can also be used to paint other things. Among those places where this paint can be used is within the home. It can be used as a temporary wall cover or a coating for metal furniture to avoid rust. Also, this can be used in the garden to coat fences, equipment, tools and can even be used to improve aesthetics.

The great thing about Performixplasti dips is that they are fast setting thus providing the user faster painting applications.


  • Moisture and corrosion resistant paint
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Does not crack on hot weathers
  • Rubber texture stays for a long time
  • Comfortable grip handle


  • Very easy to use and peel off
  • check Colors can be modified according to preference
  • check Creates smooth and even surface
  • check Provides a great look
  • check Locks out moisture


  • Thin coats and may require reapplication
  • check Not very durable

4. Performix 11287 Graphite Pearl MetalizerPlasti Dip

Performix 11287 Graphite Pearl MetalizerPlasti Dip

Lastly, you can also opt for the Performix 11287 Plasti Dip if you are into glossy pearl look out of your car exterior. What many users love about this plasti dip from Performix is that it creates an elegant and classy look on any surface. Just like all other plasti dips from performix, you are guaranteed of high quality and long-lasting paint. It is air dry and easy to apply on both even and uneven surfaces.

Unlike other plasti dips form other brands, this product does not set off any plastic smell which provides discomfort to the nose. Upon application, it only requires a matter of minutes before the coat is fully set. It can also withstand varying weather conditions from rainy days to hot summer days. It is both moisture resistant and heat resistant and can also keep surfaces away from rust and dirt.

Of course, just like any Perfromixplasti dip, this product also comes with a comfortable handle. Spraying usually takes a toll on the hand, and the fingers but this product doesn’t.


  • Moisture resistant
  • Designed with a comfortable grip
  • Creates a glossy and pearly look out of a surface
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Provides long-lasting rubber coating to any surface


  • Pearly look on any surface
  • check Creates a gunmetal color that shimmers
  • check Once dry, it becomes tough
  • check Does not slide off from smooth surfaces
  • check Long lasting


  • Expensive
  • check Sensitive to bumps

Final Thought

If you want a classy and great look out of your paint jobs, then these products could be an excellent choice for you. Uneven surfaces may require a second coating, and it requires time for setting before use. The Performix 11287 Graphite Pearl MetalizerPlasti Dip could be a great solution when you want a glossy look on your car. While it guarantees a sleek look where it is applied on, it may cost a bit more than other alternatives.

By being equipped with basic spraying skills, you will be able to maximize sprays using the little volume of paint. Also, you will be able to provide more even applications.

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