Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitch – Review and Top Picks

A weight distribution hitch is a must-have for anyone pulling a heavy trailer. It evenly distributes the load to allow for a smooth ride. There are various features that the models in the market offer. Most features are standard but there are some systems that come with a few extras. When shopping around for one, these are the things to look out for.

  • Equalizing the load: The load should be equalized between the trailer so that it reduces or eliminates the up and down movement.  Most systems will have bars that allow for the distribution of the load of the trailer tongue between the axles of the vehicle and the trailer.
  • Sway control: It helps in keeping the trailer from moving from side to side. When driving over long distances you may encounter strong winds and passing cars, especially heavy vehicles. These can cause your trailer to sway from side to side. The sway control function works to eliminate this movement.
  • Capacity: These systems come in various capacities for the tongue load as well as the gross trailer rating. The weights will be corresponding. For example, a 1400 lbs tongue load will have a 14,000 lbs gross trailer rating. You will then choose the one that fits your class of vehicle.
  • The weight of the system: Some of these kits can be very heavy. While some may be less than 60 lbs, others may well be over 100 lbs. this is something to consider especially if you are buying one that you will need to take off frequently and haul into your storage.
  • Greasing requirements: Most of the hitches will require regular greasing. This means that after each trip you will have to grease them. This can be quite messy work.  However there are some which do not require greasing and you can opt for them if this is something that you would like to avoid.
  • Ease of installation: Check whether the model that you are going for has installation instructions and what previous customers are saying about it.  Also find out whether you will need to get additional parts in order for it to function optimally.

When looking for the Best Weight Distribution Hitch, it helps to take a look at the choices that are available for use. I recomend here is Eaz-Lift 48058 Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit ! 🙂

Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitch

#1. Eaz-Lift 48058 Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit - 1,000 lbs Capacity

Best Weight Distribution Hitch | Eaz-Lift 48058 Elite

This hitch kit comes with several pre-installed parts.  The first is the hitch ball and the sway control ball.  These two have been torqued to specification on adjustable ball mount. Secondly, you will find that the chain package and the u-bolts are also pre-installed on the spring bars.

The hitch has a tongue load capacity of 1000 lbs and 10,000 lbs is the maximum gross weight rating. It is composed of the 1000 lbs load distribution hitch, the sway control and the hitch ball. All the mounting hardware such as hook up brackets, chains, spring bars, shank hitch pins, ball mount and clips are also included in the package.  It weighs 96 lbs and comes with a 5-year warranty from the date that you buy it.

The Eaz-Lift 48058 ensures that your trip is comfortable through the positive latch action of the interchangeable bars. When using it, your ground clearance will not be compromised and they also do not increase the noise.


  • You can easily release the sway controls when you do not need to use them.
  • You will find that sway controls still work well when you are negotiating bends.
  • The spring bars are made from chrome molybdenum steel which guarantees both strength as well as smooth towing.
  • It comes with a clear set of installation instructions which ensure that your installation is quick and stress-free.
  • It makes you car and the trailer one as it does not sway or bob up and down. This effect will hold up even when driving in strong winds.
  • It also has a five year warranty which is a guarantee of the quality of the product.


  • You may have to take off the sway parts when you want to reverse your vehicle. This may also be required when negotiating tight spaces.
  • The ball angle may need to be set with an impact wrench or a cheat bar. This is because the bolt that is used to secure this angle may still slip even after tightening.
  • The load equalizing bars will not work on a v-nose trailer. These bars are too long to fit the space available on these trailers. This means that the sway control will be of no help here as well.
  • It does not eliminate all the sag and some customers have found that for their vehicles it only eliminates about an inch of sag.

#2. Eaz-Lift 48053 1,000 lbs Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch with Adjustable Ball Mount and Shank

Eaz-Lift 48053 | Best Weight Distribution Hitch

This (Eaz-Lift 48053) is another hitch with excellent qualities for towing your trailer with.  It comes with 1000 lbs tongue load capacity and 10,000 lbs gross load rating. It weighs 5 lbs and comes with a five year warranty as well. It has interchangeable bars which provide the positive latching actions that guarantee stability and a comfortable trip.

It comes with an adjustable hitch with a bolt package and clips. In addition to this there is an adjustable ball mount. All the mounting hardware is included in the purchase and there is an easy to follow set of instructions availed to you as well.

Some of the things included in the package are the ball mount, the hook up bracket, chains, spring bars, shank hitch pin, clip and bolt package. For this hitch, the rise is 5.5 inches, the drop is 2.5 inches, the length is 10 inches and the shank size is 2 inches by 2 inches.

When used as a load equalizing hitch together with the spring bars provided,  the maximum tongue weight is 1000 lbs and the maximum trailer weight is 10,000 lbs. Utilizing it as a load carrying hitch without the spring bars, the maximum tongue and trailer load respectively  are 600 lbs and 6000 lbs.


  • It is an excellent hitch for towing a trailer that is much heavier than the tow vehicle. Anything more than half the load of the tow vehicle will be easily towed.
  • It is very stable and comfortable for the driver when towing a vehicle. It ensures that the vehicle does not sway or squat. It also gets rid of sag and allows you to stop easily.
  • It comes with clear and understandable installation instructions making it easy for anyone to put it together.
  • The hitch can be adjusted easily to accommodate your vehicle. You can adjust the angle and the height.
  • It is easy to disconnect this hitch when not using it.
  • It is made of great quality material and you can be sure that it will last for a long time.


  • The hitch is a bit heavy and thus carrying it around when fixing it or unfixing it is not easy especially if you are slightly built. You are looking at a combined weight of 80 lbs made up of the ball mount, shanks and springs.
  • You will need to regularly grease the spring bars with grease. You can make use of a grease gun for this. This however will be a messy endeavour and you may want to have an apron on when applying the grease.
  • When you unhook the trailer, the hitch sockets accumulate dirt fast and this can be a problem when you want to attach the trailer again. To overcome this, you can cover the sockets whenever they are not in use with a convenient material.
  • You will need extra tools for installation as the package does not come with them. An example of this is a compatible torque wrench.
  • If you want to keep your vehicle from swaying you will have to purchase anti-sway bars as an extra to this hitch as they do not form part of the package.
  • The powder coating that it comes with wears out pretty fast and you may want to coat it with anti-rust paint.

#3. Reese 49902 Pro Series Complete Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Sway Control - 750 lb

Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitch | Reese 49902 Pro Series

This is a load equalizing kit that boasts the ability to enhance towing, guarantees safety of the experience and delivers exceptional performance. It has a new combination single piece cast head and comes with pre-installed and torqued sway control balls. Along with these come the hitch ball, the chains and the u-bolt.

The head is fabricated and the hitch bar is welded. Sway control is through friction and the package comes with the mounting hardware. The unit is quite heavy, coming in at 102 lbs.

This kit is ideal for vehicles that have a tongue weight that is not more than 750 lbs and a gross trailer weight of 10,000 lbs. It comes with a standard hitch bar which is 2 inches square, has a one inch drop and a rise of five and a half inches, with a 12 inch length.


  • It is a very strong and stable hitch and will definitely get you to your destination.
  • This hitch is easy to install and comes with instructions on the same.


  • You will need a longer drop bar which must be purchased separately, if you have a 16 inch ball height or les on your enclosed trailer.
  • The cotter pin that is used to hold the chains in place is made of very low quality material. You must replace it immediately as you run the risk of it snapping when you go down an incline that is sharp. Replace it with a thick arched closure pin.

#4. Husky 30849 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Husky 30849 | Best Weight Distribution Hitch

This kit is exceptional in that it is strong and comes with many advantageous features. The unit gives a steady ride allowing you to have more control. It eases braking when pulling a trailer, and reduces the strain on your car while allowing you to carry more.

 It comes with a built-together ball shank and it also has sway control. Its capacity is up to 1200 lbs with a gross trailer weight of 12000 pounds.

It comes in a nice black polyester finish which is resistant to rust and corrosion. It has convenient lift brackets that allow you to lift the hitch so that you can hook it up. The spring bars provided are interchangeable and you can either fit them on the left or on the right side of the head.

The package comes with all the hardware required for the assembly and this includes the chains. The length of the shank is 10 inches while the ball to pin hole is 12-3/4 inches. It has a rise of 5-5/8 inches and a drop of 2-3/8 inches.  The total height adjustment reaches 8 inches.

The whole unit weighs 104 pounds. The ball platform of this set is raised to give you better coupler clearance.


  • The design is innovative and of a high quality assuring you of service for a long time to come.
  • It comes with a dual friction brake pad system which works by adjusting the sway constantly so that it is reduced. This is especially handy when driving when it is windy and you are passing other vehicles.
  • It is easy to unfix it when you are not using it and need to store it. It has clip connectors which you can detach quickly.
  • When using this kit you will be able to pull a trailer that is over 24 inches long as you can make use of both hand sway controls. You will use on the right and the other on the left.
  • It allows for the use of varying trailer sizes because it can accommodate spring bars with different capacities.
  • Its head design allows is made to reduce the time taken in installation.


  • It takes more than the hour stated in the instructions to install. It will require patience and a few hours.
  • It does not come with the dual sway plat form control balls. You will have to purchase these as well.

#5. Andersen Mfg 3350 No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch 44

Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitch | Andersen Mfg 3350

This is one of the systems that have been designed with convenience in mind. It takes away the need to adjust the sway control as it has self-adjusting sway control.  When you buy this system you will not need to buy extras so that you can make it useful.

The kit comes with 2-5/16 inch ball as well as 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch universal frame brackets as part of the package.

Other conveniences with this package are the grease free system made possible by the ball and coupler design made to move as a single unit.  There will be no greasing days for you while using this system.

You can also use this system as a standard ball mount when you do not require load equalizing.

It weighs 52.5 pounds and thus can be handled easily. It has a drop of 4 inches and a rise of 2-5/16 inches. It has the ability to set the bar and not just raise it.


  • This system has anti-sway as well as anti-bounce capabilities. It also comes with a motion dampening system.
  • This system does not require to be maintained with regular greasing after each trip that you make. The system is designed to work as a unit saving you from this hassle.
  • It has a great capacity at 14,000 lbs gross trailer weight rating and 1400 lbs tongue weight.
  • It is light and easy to install. One person can easily handle it as it is less than 60 lbs in weight.
  • You will not need to disconnect it when you are backing up. This is a great convenience to have.
  • It saves you on storage space as there are no long bars to store once you disconnect it.
  • It is appealing in its look. It looks great on a vehicle.
  • It is a system designed to be very quiet and you will not hear any noise when using it.


  • The brackets may slip forward on the bottom despite tightening them. You can overcome this by welding or by drilling a recess in the frame where the set screw tightens up against it.
  • It cannot be used on some couplers and may be unsafe on others. It is good to enquire from the company first before purchase as the information may not be given by the sellers.

Thus there are many alternative brands of weight distribution hitches in the market to choose from.  Keep in mind your requirements in terms of the capacity you want, the load distribution, the sway control, the load of the system, ease of installation and other preferences. Also check out the customer reviews on the products before your purchase. You will be sure to get a good fit for your trailer.

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