Best Air Freshener For Car

Normally you might think that an air freshener for car is just a simple pine tree-shaped thing that you’d change onto your dashboard. The truth is that the air freshener has evolved to where there are more options out there than you might think there is.

There are plenty of great car air fresheners out there that can make a difference in your car. These will provide you with plenty of fresh air while keeping odors from being a threat. In fact, they can give off a more refined feeling in your car, what with you not having to worry about any kitschy-looking things being hung in your vehicle.

There are a few keys to see with regards to each option. Every choice out there comes with different features like a unique application system or scent. The placement for the air freshener can also make a difference as you are choosing a good model.

The type of scent that is created by the air freshener can make a difference just as well. The scent can be one that offers a fresh wood or fruit tone. It can also have a floral accent to it. Either way, whatever comes out of your freshener will certainly be better than what your car could have been stuck with for so long.

Also, some of these options are made with sprays in mind although some products are placed in stationary areas in your car. Depending on what you choose, you can certainly get something that will add enough fresh air in your car and keep all those annoying odors from being a huge hassle in your car.

Here are Top Best Air Freshener For Car

Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener

Citrus Magic | Best Air Freshener For the Car

Citrus Magic

Citrus Magic uses a citrus scent that is mixed with baking soda to take in odors with ease. This can be sprayed into a car to clear out odors and to create a comfortable scent that is easier to handle.

This works for about six weeks before it has to be restored. This makes it one of the best options to find when looking for a stronger option that won’t wear out easily.

The air freshener will certainly do well for when you need to add a better scent. You will have to keep the bottle primed before use though. Also, some added baking soda may be included in your car to improve upon the effects of the product although that is an optional point to use here.

Ozium Glycol-Ized Air Sanitizer

Ozium | Best Air Freshener For the Car


Ozium made this appealing air freshener as a model that neutralizes difficult particles in the air that can cause odors to spread and become a hassle. This can be applied in any part of a car and can be used to take in particles and clear them out. It can be placed into different spots as well to clear out even the most stubborn materials that might be found all around the vehicle. This can be used quite well to clear out just about any difficult kind of odor that you might come across in your car.

The compound works through a series of holes that are right on the top part of its base. As you open the sanitizer container, this will allow the scents to come out through the holes. This creates a controlled release pattern so the compounds will last for a while and will not put you at risk of bearing with anything that might be too hard to use.

BluntPower Glass Bottle Oil

Blunt Power | Best Air Freshener For the Car

Blunt Power

The cool water scent that comes from the BluntPOwer glass bottle oil freshener will create a fresh feeling in your car. This is thanks to the high concentration that comes in this spray bottle. This is an oil-based compound so it should be safe to use without the risk of it heating up far too much.

It takes about three sprays of this to make it work. As it spreads around your car, it will feel more comfortable and easier for the right scents to move around.

Carall Glare Fine Air Freshener

Carall | Best Air Freshener For the Car


Carall refers to this particular air freshener as a car cologne of sorts. This is thanks to how the cologne is made with a comfortable material that creates an airy feel that is light and not all that intense. This establishes a better feeling within the car as it is used properly.

This is made in a glass bottle and has a few holes to let the air for freshener to come out carefully. You can always close it up when not in used as well, thus letting you secure a bit of this for future use. As a result, the odds of this wearing out all that quickly will not be all that great.

This does not contain any potentially dangerous chemicals or other harmful substances either. Therefore, it should be safe to use and will not put your body at risk of harm in any particular manner.

D Blue Magic NA223

Blue Magic | Best Air Freshener For the Car

Blue Magic

The name for this air freshener sounds unusual but this D Blue Magic model contains a fresh mix of apple and cinnamon oils. This generates a natural scent and does not even contain any aerosol ingredients. As a result, it should be very easy for you to get this to work well for keeping a comfortable setup going in your car.

This works with a simple spray feature that makes it easier for the air freshener to work all around the car. This has to be shaken before each use so you can prime it up well enough. Still, it does not have any substantially harmful chemicals, thus ensuring that it will stay functional and comfortable for all sorts of uses.

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener

Air Wick | Best Air Freshener For the Car

Air Wick

The need to generate a consistent amount of air out of an air freshener is important. The Air Wick Freshmatic spray is a dispenser that generates crisp and comfortable scented air on a regular basis. The dispenser will identify the odor particles in the car and say out a proper scent when needed. This works particularly well in areas that might be prone to such problems.

This air freshener comes in a variety of different scents. The Cool Linen scent is the most popular one thanks to how it can create a comfortable texture.

Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Scent Air Freshener

Air Spencer | Best Air Freshener For the Car

Air Spencer

The Air Spencer CS-X3 air freshener is a refillable model. It works with a series of small cartridges that can be added into the unit to generate one of many different scents. This can work for about four weeks when a single cartridge is used.

This can be placed on most any spot in a car. It can be secured on a dashboard or other flat surface thanks to the adhesive material on the backing of the freshener. This will keep the material on the surface affixed properly without risking it coming apart.

The scent that comes out of this is a little strong at first. It will eventually become a little lighter and easier for the senses to tolerate. However, it should not be too hard to use if managed the right way.

You may even save some money over time when you use this. It costs less to get replacement cartridges for this than it does for you to get a totally new air freshener. You can always move the freshener base around the car as well so you can quickly get this to work well in certain spaces inside your car.

Earth-Air Premium Auto Ionizer

Earth-Air | Best Air Freshener For the Car


A great ionizer can be added into the proper power outlet in your vehicle. This will offer enough energy to help take in sounds and other particles in the air. This is to help you keep the air in a spot comfortable at a continuous rate.

The Earth-Air ionizer can quickly plug in to your car and can work for weeks or months at end depending on how often it is used. This will help you clear out difficult air particles so you will have more control.

KubeScent Car Air Freshener

KubeScent Car Air Freshener


The KubeScent freshener is named for how it contains the proper freshener material in a cube material. This can be placed around any spot in your car and can especially work well in wide open spots. The scent is kept clean in a crisp cube to keep the air in your car comfortable.

This is made with no chemical substances. The smell that comes out of it will also last for a while it can work for up to ninety days depending on how it is used. This should be enough for helping you keep the scent in an area from being overly rough.

Febreze Car Vent-Clips

Febreze | Best Air Freshener For the Car


Febreze has become an amazingly popular name in the world of air fresheners so it is no surprise there is a car version of the product. The Febreze Car Vent-Clips system works with a variety of clips that can be attached to different surfaces on a car. Four of these clips are in a single package so you can place them around each corner of the car.

The clips themselves emit fresh air that is not as strong as what might be found in a larger model. However, this is done to keep the air from being irritating or rough on one’s senses. The ability of the clips to be placed in more spots especially makes it so the clips can generate enough comfortable air as evenly as possible without overwhelming any particular spaces in the car.

M Goodees Car and Home Purifier and Ionizer

M GOODEES | Best Air Freshener For the Car


The M Goodees ionizer uses an air purifier and ionizer to clear out odors. It takes in odor particles and neutralizes them as ions that cause odors to develop are cleared out. This uses ozone air to clear out odors and even uses a light indicator to show when it is active and when it is operating under normal circumstances.

Ozium Smoke and Odors Eliminator Gel

Best Air Freshener For the Car

A gel-based product may last for a longer time as it does not dissipate as quickly as a more traditional spray option would. The Ozium Smoke and Odors Eliminator Gel uses a thick compound that offers a wood-like scent that evokes the feeling of a comfortable lake. This works quickly to clear out odors that might persist and will last for a longer time than what comes out of other materials. This particularly works best in cars that have odors from cigarette smoke.

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Purggo works passively as an odor absorber. The manufacturer claims that Purggo consisit only natural components which passively absorb unpleasant odor inside the car. It doesn’t give any aromatherapy fragrance or any kind of chemical perfume.

The product purely absorbs and traps the odor particles on the surface inside. Unlike common freshener, the placement is unique. You should tie down on the car’s seat, right on the back side. The absorption power will last for about a year. Therefore, this product is good for those who hate buying refills each month.

Purggo made from Bamboo and hemp. The natural components ensure the comfortability of use. It’s not a spray a gel, or a scent-bomb. Even the ionizer technology for purring the air is quite popular, the product gives you the great value of traditional odor absorber which is free of chemicals and plastic.

Things We Liked

  • Unique design and easy to hang;
  • No need of electricity;
  • Natural freshener;
  • Last in a very long time.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It seems like you will not meet the refill, you should buy the new one when it doesn’t function properly;
  • The fabric container is easy to get dirt.

Chemical Guys AIR10116 New Car Smell Freshener

Chemical Guys | Best Air Freshener For the Car

Chemical Guys

That new car smell that you always hear about comes from how it’s a spot that is crisp and clean with no prior odors. You can get back to that comfortable scent with this sprayable air freshener option from Chemical Guys.

This uses a spray bottle feature to allow this to be administered to any spots in the car including spots that might be tough for a traditional air freshener to reach. This especially works well with cigarette odors.

However, the compound in the bottle is highly concentrated. You will have to add some water to it to keep the material from being overly concentrated. Fortunately, there is the option to add as much water as one needs to create a desired concentration, thus keeping the user from struggling with something that might be far too strong to handle.

In addition, this is available in 16-ounce or one-gallon bottles. You can always add up to two gallons of distilled water to it to dilute the compound properly. This ensures that you will have enough coverage but you should look carefully to see that product is diluted properly enough without risking it adding more pressure than needed.

All options listed here are ideal choices for you to have as you are looking for a quality air freshener for your car. Feel free to compare each option based on its scent and how you apply it among other points. You will be amazed at what you could find.

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