Best Car Interior Protectant

Best Car Interior Protectant

The vehicle is constantly exposed to a lot of dirt, grime and so many other harmful elements from time to time. Even oxidation and UV rays pose a lot of challenges for the interior of your vehicle. Considering the kind of electrical equipment, appliances, upholstery in the vehicle cabin, you need to make sure that you have the best protectant to keep your vehicle clean and safe. This is why you need only the Best Car Interior Protectant for your vehicle.

For most people, cleaning the car’s interior is a daunting task that they would rather do without. However, by the end of the day, the benefits of cleaning the interior by far outweigh the challenge of a daunting task.

At the moment there are quite a number of products in the market. You have to choose wisely when looking for the right protectant. For most people the cost consideration usually limits their options in terms of the variety available.

Blackfire Interior Protectant is one of the most highly recommended interior protectants in the market at the moment. This is a technologically advanced leather and vinyl conditioner for your car’s interior.

With the polycharger boost in the formula, you can be assured of superior protection for the interior, keeping the effects looking as good as new.

Blackfire Interior Protectant | Top The Best Car Interior Protectant

Blackfire Interior Protectant | Best Car Interior Protectant

Blackfire Interior Protectant

This product has a new formula that makes it last longer on your vehicle, and dry much faster than before. It is also designed with a fresh tropical fragrance which makes the interior of your vehicle feel so relaxing.

It is realy the Best Car Interior Protectant. One of the main reasons why this product is in fact an ideal option for you is because they effectively combined a vinyl protectant and a leather conditioner in one bottle. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will help you maintain your soft vinyl upholstery and the leather feel this is the product you need to find.

For best results, we recommend getting Blackfire Interior Protectant alongside Blackfire Interior Cleaner. These two products complement one another, and deliver the best result for your cabin.

Key Features

So, what really makes Blackfire Interior Protectant one of the best in the market? The following are some of the features that make it stand out from the competition:

  • Water based – Not only is this protectant water based, but it also makes use of micro-engineered polymers. These are easy on vinyl and leather upholstery, so you do not have to worry about unpleasant reactions.
  • No harmful components – Unlike other protectants, Blackfire does not have petroleum distillates, silicones or oils. Because of this reason, you can use it to get that natural looking, deep, satin finish for your car interior surfaces.
  • Protection and enhancement – This protectant is designed to enhance and protect vinyl surfaces, while at the same time moisturizing and protecting the leather surfaces. Even the wooden accent strips, the plastic panels, polished satin metals and cup holders are protected.
  • 100% water based formula – Since this is a water based protectant, you do not have to worry about oils, alcohol or petroleum distillates that will dry out the leather interior, and as a result cause deterioration in the stitching.
  • pH balanced – Blackfire Interior protectant is perfectly pH balanced. This way you are guaranteed that it matches the pH requirements for using leather. After using it in your vehicle, it leaves a fine micro moisture barrier on your surfaces, which helps in keeping the surface free of perspiration stains. This is also an important feature, as it prevents fading as a result of exposure to UV rays.

What surfaces is it for?

This interior protectant is in fact recommended for naturally faced and vinyl faced leather interiors. The satin finish that comes with it does not generate glare on the dashboard, and in fact it perfectly complements the matte vinyl finish that is currently a common feature on so many dashboards.

We recommend this protectant for most of the vehicle models that are in the market today. This is because most of the leather interior surfaces are often topped with a layer of clear vinyl for better protection.

From time to time, car owners have mistakenly treated such interiors with leather-specific conditioners, assuming that they are pure leather. However, this is not the case, and this is not the treatment you should use. Those who use leather-specific conditioners only end up with a greasy film in the long run, because the vinyl topping is designed to prevent the oils from penetration.

Back in the day, there were so many products that were marketed and sold for leather and vinyl, which had petroleum solvents or oils for the purpose of moisturizing the leather interior. However, the oils only remained on the surface of the vinyl since they were unable to penetrate, and instead created a greasy finish, in the long run attracting dust and other substances.

With Blackfire interior protectant however, this does not happen. The protectant is designed to dry off so fast, and it leaves a satin finish that is non greasy, hence does not attract dust at all.

Meet the Competition

For those who are unable to get Blackfire interior protectant, there are other protectants available in the market that you can consider.

Armor All

Armor All | Best Car Interior Protectant

Armor All

Armor All, like most of the other protectants, promise to take good care of your vehicle’s interior, leaving it looking as good as the day you bought it. According to the manufacturers, Armor All is designed with proprietary protectant formula that meets the highest standards so far.

Armor All boasts of offering more than just interior protection, they also offer the following benefits:

  • Cleaning away debris, dust and dirt from your vehicle’s interior
  • Prevent fading and cracking of the interior
  • Prevent discoloration and premature aging inside the vehicle
  • Maintain a rich, deep beautiful look that keeps the vehicle shining
  • Helps you revitalize and renew plastic, rubber and vinyl appearance in your vehicle

Armor All is designed for use on the dashboard, bumpers, tires and trim, door panels, consoles and vinyl seats.

While it is effective for use in the sections mentioned, the manufacturer also issues a warning that it should not be used on the floor, cycle or bench seats, brake drums, steering wheel, pedals, grips and other vehicle control units.

In short, it should not be used on any surface where slipperiness might be dangerous. It is also not supposed to be used on or near glass or plastic surfaces because it could smear. Armor All also should not be used on or near fabric, paint or woven material.

To get the best results with Armor All, you need to use it on untreated surfaces, and apply only three applications. Any excess should be wiped off.

Mothers Interior Care

Mothers Interior Care | Best Car Interior Protectant

Mothers Interior Care

For regular maintenance and protection, using Mothers® Interior care products will help you take good care of your vehicle’s cabin. Mothers® Protectant is one of many products that the company has in the market, that guarantee you top protection and care for your vehicle.

This product should protect and preserve your interior for up to 30 days. It is effective on rubber, plastic, vinyl and fiberglass, blocking UV penetration in the process.

It is also designed to offer reconditioning for the interior, and at the same time maintain the original condition and appearance of your trim, bumpers, dashboard and any other part that it is used.

This protectant is not an oil based surface coating film, but an ozone friendly, smog resisting UV shielding penetrant. This preservation technique makes it a good option for any rubber or uncoated plastic surfaces. Do not use this type for vinyl coating like this Best Vinyl Wrap For Cars? post on this blog.

303 Aerospace Interior Protectant

303 Aerospace Interior Protectant | Best Car Interior Protectant

303 Aerospace Interior Protectant

303 Aerospace Protectant was initially engineered for aviation and aerospace application. However, innovative improvements over the years has seen this protectant find its way to a number of household uses, sports equipment and for day-to-day use in vehicles.

Aerospace is designed not to leave behind greasy residue, to dry with a matte clear finish, and without leaving any oil traces behind. It is also a water based protectant, meaning that it is safe for use on most of the vehicle products. For the same reason, it is recommended for use with internal engine parts, leather seats or even paint detailing work.

If you are looking for a premium alternative to Blackfire for surface treatment, this is one of the best options you can consider.

It will protect your vehicle’s interior surface against discoloration, fading or cracking in the face of UV rays. It also keeps away stains and dust.

For application, you simply need to spray the protectant on the vehicle, and wipe it dry until you have the beautiful matte finish that you need. This product does keep your vehicle safe for a number of months, keeping your vehicle looking as good as new for years.

Final words

Always make sure you use the protectant on clean surfaces only. For the best results with any protectant, try and have a drop cloth just underneath the cleaner. This will help you get any overspray before it causes any damage to the car or glass. If you are applying on leather surfaces, allow the protectant at least a minute or two so that it can penetrate into the surface.

Make sure you use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the surface clean. If overspray accidentally lands on the glass surfaces, use any glass cleaner to wipe it off. Most of the protectants in the market today do dry out so fast, so you can drive the vehicle almost immediately without worrying about staining.

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