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How to Remove Plasti Dip

Plasti dip became a popular way to give a new design to different objects, tools, and even cars. Over time, it became more common than traditional paint. This is due to its qualities of adding color and protecting the objects against dirt or water. But sometimes, how to remove plasti dip can become a challenge. Removing plasti dip, especially from large objects like your car, is not always an easy task.

The secret is to be applied properly in the first place. If the plasti dip is applied correctly and professionally, it should come off relatively easy. But there are some steps that you need to consider when you start removing it. Let’s see the steps to take when you want to know how to remove plasti dip easy and safely!

The WD-40 Method

WD-40-How to Remove Plasti Dip

The WD-40 spray is often used when it comes to removing plasti dip. Many people appreciate the efficiency of this spray, and nowadays it can be found at any store. When it comes to removing plasti dip, this spray can save you a lot of time and work. You can use this method especially if you are a beginner when it comes to removing plasti dip. Experts tend to use their hands and a towel simply. But if this is your first time doing it, the WD-40 can make a great difference.

  1. Spray the WD-40 over the plasti dip surface

The WD-40 is great for removing plasti dip, and it can be purchased at almost any general store. It might not always come in a spray bottle, but you can use any spray bottle to pour it into. This will make it easier for you to apply it and will speed up the process.

It is important to spray the WD-40 over your surface covered in plasti dip until it is soaked. If you don’t spray enough WD-40, you might not obtain the outcome that you are looking for. You might also be able to try a commercial dip or goo dissolver if you don’t have WD-40. In most cases, it works just as fine, and it is easier to find.

  1. Rub the WD-40 into the plasti dip with a cloth

After you applied the WD-40 on the surface covered in plasti dip, start rubbing it in as much as you can. You can use a microfiber cloth to do this or simply a paper towel. Results are the same if you do it right.  Make sure you use gentle movements while you do this.

If you do it right, the WD-40 should be well mixed with the plasti dip layer and start to work inside of it. When you are done, let it rest for around five or ten minutes.

  1. Wipe off the plasti dip layer

After five or ten minutes passed, you can start wiping off the plasti dip. You can use a regular microfiber cloth for this. But be careful when you wipe! Try not to add too much force to it, so you don’t damage your car’s surface in the process. The last thing you want is to scratch your car’s paint. Do it gently and observe how the plasti dip comes off with no effort. If you rush this step, you can easily damage the surface of your vehicle. So, take your time and make sure to clean the cloth or replace it when it gets too dirty.

  1. Use a plastic razor to scrap off different areas

Even if you do everything right, you might end up having some areas where the plasti dip is too stuck to come off. But there is a solution to this problem as well. You can use a plastic razor to remove the plasti dip spots. If you place the razor over any leftover plasti dip carefully, you will be able to remove it fast and safe. Just make sure you only put a light level of pressure on the plasti dip and don’t damage the surface of your car! Sweep away the plasti dip layer by gently moving the razor underneath it.

Using a plastic razor is a lot fewer works than using a metal one. Plus, it exposes your car to less risk as long as it is used properly.

  1. Wash the car immediately

When you are done, wash your car carefully and correctly. Make sure to pay attention to any possible remains of plasti dip. If you do notice some layers stuck to the car, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove them safely.

You can wash the car yourself, or you can take it to a car wash. However, it is recommended to do it yourself to observe any plasti dip areas that still need to be cleaned.

The Bare Hands Method

This method is handy for everyone. It doesn’t require any additional purchases, and it can be done easily by following these simple steps. All you will need for this method is a microfiber cloth, some soap, and isopropyl alcohol. These items can be found in almost any household, and they are not dangerous to use for you or your car. This method is the most common one because it implies a lot fewer risks. You will not risk damaging the paint on your car or hurting your hands in the process. Here are the steps that need to be followed to remove plasti dip most easily!

  1. Wash your tool or car

You might want to remove plasti dip from a small object or even your car. In both cases, washing it before you start is a good idea. If you wash your car, you will avoid potential dust or dirt to remain stuck when you remove the plasti dip. Dust or dirt can harm your car’s paint and even scratch it during the removing process. Another advantage that this step brings is that it makes the plasti dip a little moister. It will come off easier and in a better way if it is moistened beforehand.

When you wash your car simply use the soap and towels that you would normally use. Or take it to a car washing place. You don’t need to wash it in any particular way and try to avoid chemicals that are not needed.

  1. Don’t use gasoline or solvents

Gasoline or solvents will damage your plasti dip layer in a way that you don’t want to. Even if you do want to take it off, you want to do it right. Some solvents will just degrade the plasti dip and even make it stick more to the surface of your car or tool. If you spray gasoline or solvents on your plasti dip surface, you might end up with some spots where it comes off but doesn’t peel off the way you want it to.

This is a great tip to follow at all times when your car is covered with a plasti dip layer. But it is more important when you want to remove that layer. If such substances reach the surface of your car, the plasti dip layer might be stuck on it and even harder to peel. It can increase the risk of damaging your paint layer on your car permanently.

  1. Don’t attempt to remove it until it is perfectly dry

The idea of washing your car before removing the plasti dip is mostly for the safety of your car. But for that to work in your favor, you need to let it dry completely before attempting to remove the plasti dip layer. You can wait several days or even more, to make sure all the plasti dip layers are dry enough.

Most cars will be dry in a few hours, but this is not just a normal car wash. It is an important step in the removing of the plasti dip process. Therefore, giving it more time is a great idea!

  1. Peel the plasti dip off to remove it

All you need for this step is your hand. You can start peeling the plasti dip layer off your car or another object by using your hands and patience. Start peeling it off at the edge of your car but don’t pull it off your surface immediately. You can lift it slowly and then attempt to pull off a bigger surface. It will protect the paint of your car in the process. Also, it will make the peeling off process a lot easier.

If you do pull it off in small pieces instead of a wider sheet, you take the risk of having areas in which the plasti dip remains stuck. And it is a lot harder to remove the plasti dip from these areas later. Plus, the best way is to make sure you pull off big sheets that way you finish faster and with less damage to the surface of your car.

  1. Use a microfiber cloth

Sometimes, you will end up with small pieces of plasti dip that need to be removed. It is almost impossible to remove the entire plasti dip layer at once. However, the small pieces of plasti dip that remain on your car will be more difficult to remove. This is because you can scratch your car’s surface or even damage it worse in the process. To avoid all these issues try using a microfiber cloth.

Make sure to wipe even in less accessible places such as the edges of the hood or car doors. The thin strips of plasti dips from such areas will come off easy if you use a good cloth and remain patient. A microfiber cloth will not allow your car to be scratched in the process. Also, it will protect your hands in case you are not using any gloves.

  1. Wash off plasti dip remains with isopropyl alcohol

And even if you did everything right up to this point, you might still have some areas covered in plasti dip. Isopropyl alcohol will help a lot in such situations. To apply the alcohol easier, you can pour it into a spray bottle. Simply spray it over the areas where there are still plasti dip spots and try to reach under the edge of the layers as well. Give it a few seconds to dry and start peeling the plasti dip layers off slowly. Ideally, you should peel each area at a time without breaking the plasti dip layer. Repeat this for all the small areas that are still covered in plasti dip.

Isopropyl alcohol is a great secret that you can use when removing plasti dip from your car. It will save you from a lot of additional work and stress. Plus, it will reduce the risks of damaging your car in the process of doing so.

  1. Clean the car completely

This step is very important when it comes to how to remove plasti dip from your car. Your main concern is not only removing the plasti dip but also protecting the paint of your vehicle. Cleaning your car immediately with soap and water will make sure to remove all the remained parts of plasti dip and isopropyl alcohol. Don’t forget to dry your car with microfiber towels when you are done.

Final Word

No matter which method you choose to remove the plasti dip layer. Make sure to have time and patience for it. There are unexpected problems that could come up during the process. It is more likely to happen if you are not an expert at this type of task. But if you apply these steps correctly chances are it will be easier than you expected. Paying attention to what you are doing will help you prevent additional damage that might appear. When it comes to how to remove plasti dip, these two methods seem to be the most efficient ones. Also, they imply a reduced investment and sometimes even no investment.

So if you are contended with this post, just share it with your friends and comment below.

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Plasti Dip Your Car, Tips and Tricks

Plasti Dip Your Car

Plasti dips provide a smooth, even and sexy look out of your car exterior. While this product is air dry, it sets quickly and can be used with ease by any beginner. While plasti dips are quite common in the market today, there are those that are simply unaware how to make the most out of it. Also, there are those that are still not familiar with the right way of using it. In this article, we will share with you some plasti dip your car, tips, and tricks.

Things to Consider When Buying Plasti Dips

Let’s start off by knowing the things to consider when buying the plasti dip. By knowing the things to consider, you will be able to ensure that your plasti dip is the best option for your purpose.

Mode of application

Most of the time plasti dips are applied using spray. If this is the case, make sure that your plasti dip is compatible with spray mediums and equipment. Make sure that it cannot clog or create bubbles when used in spray cans and bottles.

Fast setting

Fast setting plasti dip allows you to use the surface right away after application

Easy to remove

Some plasti dips stick too much on the surface and can be hard to remove after use. Make sure yours is easy to remove and does not leave a mess.


One thing to bear in mind when considering the price is that the quality usually comes with the price. Also, the price is under the additional features and the volume of the content. If you have a specified budget, then it comes easily to sort out the price of your options.


Make sure that the smell or scent of the paint does not sting or set off a smell that causes discomfort to the nose.

Benefits of Using Plasti Dip for Car

Using Plasti Dip for Car

The primary benefit of using plasti dip over the car is that it provides a temporary coating. With the temporary coating, users can quickly modify the exterior or aesthetics. Plasti dips can also be used for other applications such as for home use and garden use. With its moisture-resistant property, it can be used to seal off dirt and rust from metal surfaces. Lastly, plasti dip is a more cost-effective and convenient solution for any paint jobs.

Maintenance Instructions for Plasti Dip

The best thing about using plasti dip for coating and paint jobs is that they require very less maintenance. It keeps off dust and moist away from entering the surface. Thus, dirt and moist only accumulates on the surface which can be wiped off using a damp cloth. The surface can also be washed however should not be in contact with any rough surface.


The use of plasti dip as an alternative to the traditional paint used on cars is an excellent choice. Not only can one be able to reduce costs but also working time as well as effort. Since it is a temporary paint, users can modify the aesthetics and look of a car in no time without professional help.

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How To Choose The Best Vinyl Wrap For Cars?

Vinyl wrapping is also known as car wrapping or vehicle wrapping. It is used to transform a car or any other vehicle and give it a completely new look and feel. It changes the color scheme and even texture of the car depending on which type of Vinyl Wrap for car. For Vinyl Wrapping, large sheets of Vinyl film is put on the surfaces of the car as required. It is very important to know how to remove plasti dip as well whenever you wish to change the look of your car.

Applying a vinyl sheet on your car

In order to apply a Vinyl film on the surface, extreme precision is required. It is usually done only by experts who are trained in doing this. This process has to be done very carefully as there are high chances with even the best vinyl films, there are chances that there are bubbles and creases. There might be a difference in the color schemes while applying the film.

Best vinyl sheets to choose from

Talking about the best Vinyl films to choose from, one should always opt for a 3M vinyl film with black carbon fiber which is flexible. You should ensure that the vinyl you choose gives you proper coverage. The key idea over choosing the best vinyl wrap depends on what you are actually looking for. You should keep in mind the kind of finish you are looking for. A lot of people apply a rubberised look vinyl which also acts as a protective layer for the surface it is used upon.

A good vinyl wrapping is such which will mold into the surface such that it looks like the paint itself. It is at times chosen over painting the car as a whole as it can be removed in contrast to the paints which are rather permanent. It is also cheaper than getting your whole vehicle sprayed on. It gives you a lot of options on terms of color, texture, finish, shine e.t.c. While removing the vinyl film, of done carefully, there is no damage at all to the paint underneath. You should always consider this factor for choosing the best vinyl wrap for your car. One of the other aspects of importance of Vinyl wrap is that it does not affect the value of your car and maintains it as is.

Vinyl Customizations

There are a lot of colors options available. Along with this, there are even vinyl wrap with special effects available. Companies use Vinyl wrap on their vehicles to advertise their banners

Also, the best vinyl wraps are those which are water resistant and have UV ray inhibitors to keep your car looking fresh and good as new.

Even if you purchase one of the best vinyl wraps, it all comes down to how well you apply it. The finish is what matters in the end. To buy the best vinyl wraps, always consult the experts for the type of surface you have and what suits the best for you.


5 Reasons Why You Need Kayak Rack For Your Pickup Truck?

Kayak Rack For Pickup Truck

Owning a kayak means that you are an enthusiast. Whether you use it to go fishing, or for sport, you definitely want to keep it in perfect shape for your excursion. Not everyone is lucky enough to be living next to a water body. Thus for most of us transporting our crafts is just part of our day to day lives.

There are various ways to get a water craft to a river or lake. You can hire someone to carry it for you, or borrow a friend’s ride. But nothing beats the independence that you will have when you can get it there yourself.

Many kayak enthusiasts opt to have their vehicles modified with a rack to enable them to transport the craft themselves. Some craft carriers area designed so that you do not need to take them off your car ever. This way all you need to do is to load your craft whenever you are heading for the water.

Reasons for having a kayak rack for your pickup truck

  • To transport it

The basic reason for having a having this is to be able to transport your craft. You probably live away from a water body. Getting your craft there can be a tedious task if you have to rely on friends or tie it onto your truck bed.

It would thus be wise to set aside some money to get yourself a water craft carrier. Having a pickup track means that you have great options when it comes to these carriers. Your vehicle has the potential to carry about four crafts when fitted with appropriate racks.

There are many good ones that you can choose from. Make a decision to get these additions and you will not have a reason to keep away from the water.

Kayak Rack For Tacoma

  • To extend the truck bed

The truck bed of your pick up is functional and can carry much already. However when you have a craft rack added onto it, you can do much more. For example, the TMS T-NS Hitch Bed extender adds to the capacity of your pickup bed.

The increased capacity allows you to carry a distributed weight of 750 lbs which you could not carry before. This can be the weight of a kayak or two, camping gear, and even tools that you need for an outdoor excursion.

  • To carry other stuff

For most people, water crafts are a hobby that they enjoy participating in over weekends and holidays.  Many people will thus use these racks for other purposes.

The TMS-T-NS model accommodates vertical adjustments which add the capacity of the pickup by thirty inches and increased the width by 7 feet. This is a large space with which to carry things around.

When you work as a carpenter and are hauling wooden planks all the time, the extender will certainly make your work easier. Tools especially long ones can be accommodated well with the extender without scratching the sides of your pickup.

  • To protect your craft

Some canoes are foldable and can be carried in a pickup without racks. Not all of them are this way. Your preferred make may be a long vessel which you would love to protect. When carrying it with an unfitted pickup, about half of it will be sticking out the back unprotected. You can be hit from the back and have your canoe damaged.

However when you install a carrier to your track, you will be able to secure your craft. You will either carry it on your roof extension or the bed extension. With these extensions the craft will be secure and you will drive with your mind at peace.

  • To utilize your truck’s potential

Pickup trucks can do a lot. Many of them are built with off road performance features. They allow you to go where most vehicles will not go. In addition, they are sturdier than most other vehicles. Having a truck sets you apart from most other drivers.

However there is still more potential in your vehicle. When fitted with craft carriers it can carry so much more than a sedan would. Fitting pick up carriers will allow you to carry not one, but four trucks.

Thus you may want to fit them onto your vehicle to take advantage of this. Everyone knows that sports are best enjoyed together.  If you are a water sport kind of person, you will also have the chance to carry your friends’ crafts as well as your own. You can then car pool and enjoy the water together.

There are thus numerous reasons why you should fit your vehicle with these carriers. Choosing the right one will depend on what you want them to do. The checklist below will guide you on your decision.

Kayak Rack For Your Pickup Truck

  • Price

For something that will last you a long time, you may want to save up for a quality brand. If money is no object go for the name brands. However there are good quality carriers within a low price range.

  • Capacity

The capacity that you want can also be your guide. Many carriers will give you a distributed capacity of between 750 lbs and 800 lbs. This will allow you to carry more than one craft and even other equipment.

  • Adjustments

Some carriers allow you to adjust the width and the height. This is awesome for the extenders when you need to raise the back when reversing up a slope.  If this is something that you want, you will definitely find it.

  • Endurance

This can come from both the strength of the carrier as well as the resistance to rust. You may be using a salt water body for your water sports and this will make the equipment prone to rust. Thus either pick a carrier that is rust resistant, or buy one and coat it yourself.

The reason you may want to coat it yourself is that some good quality carriers don’t have this coating. You should not skip them because of a minor detail that you can correct.

With these many reasons to get a kayak rack you should start looking for one. Amazon has a great variety of carriers to choose from. You will find one that works for you.

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3 Easy Steps to Help You Choose the Best Kayak Rack for Your Subaru


Kayak Rack for Your Subaru

Choosing a kayak rack for your Subaru is a task that can be accomplished with a little planning and with a few considerations.  The goal is to find something that meets your requirements and works out well. There are a few things to consider when choosing your craft carrier.

These three things should be clear in your mind before choosing a carrier. Know the price range that you want. Be clear on the convenience that you want and also what you are willing to compromise on.  Also know what your model of vehicle requires.

  • Money

Your budget will dictate what type of rack you get. For some people, a budget makes no difference.  Money is no object and they can purchase whichever carrier they want. However this is not the case for most of us.

A good quality carrier that will serve you for years to come will require some substantial cash outlay on your part. If you need to, save up for this purpose. In order to make your goal clearer, do some research on the prices of the carrier that you would want.

Some name brands such as Thule and Yakima will be of the higher price category.  However there are others like the TMS brands, ROLA and universal brands that do not need much saving.

Also when considering the price it is good to remember that some quality carriers will require some work on your part. Some may require that you repaint them with rust-resistant paint. Others will require that you replace a bolt or two. These will be more affordable than the name brands and will fall in the lower price range.

  • Convenience

Consider convenience when selecting the rack. Loading and unloading your kayak onto your vehicle can be cumbersome if you choose the wrong type of rack. Some racks come with the added benefit of being able to slide them onto the roof of the vehicle from the back. This will help you to load it especially if you are alone. It eliminates the need to lift the craft above your head which may be an impossible task for some.

In order to protect your car during loading, you can buy an anti-slide mat to place between the car and the craft. This ensures that the craft slides in easily while your car does not get scratched. The top part is slippery while the bottom of the mat is tack which allows it to stick to the vehicle without rubbing off paint.

  • The model of Subaru you have

Subaru has a line of great cars each coming with unique features. The Subaru Crosstrek comes with side bars but does not have inbuilt cross bars. Therefore when you choose a craft carrier for this vehicle, you will also want to budget for cross bars. Cross bars can be purchased online from Amazon or from a local store which stocks them.

For the Subaru Outback, the cross bars come inbuilt. All you need to do is detach them from the side bars and lock them across onto the other sidebar. Therefore you will not need to factor in this cost. The 2016 model of the Outback also comes with tie downs for securing whatever you are carrying on the carrier.

The same goes for the Subaru Forester. It also has inbuilt cross bars and you will not need to factor them into your budget.

Best Kayak Rack for Your Subaru

Steps to Help You Choose the Best Kayak Rack for Your Subaru

  • Scout the market

You can look at what is available online through sites such as Amazon and eBay if you are shopping on a budget. If money is no object you can go directly to the name brand sites such as Thule and Yakima.

For budget shoppers, go through the list of the products online noting the ones which offer something extra. This could be replacement parts, technical help, lift assistance and other extras.

Also ensure that what you are looking for is actually suitable for your model of Subaru. Ask for clarity on this from the seller. Sometimes sellers especially those online selling unknown brands may tell you yes just to make a sale. You can verify this by visiting your local dealer and finding out from them.

  • Go through the customer reviews

Customer reviews on sites like Amazon are the best. They sometimes can be brutally honest. If something is not what it says it is, this is the place where you will find out the truth. The best thing about these reviews is that the writers can edit them in future as they continue to interact with the product.

Thus updates can be made on quality, how rust resistant the product actually is, the strength of the material, the quality of hardware, what needed to be replaced, and what broke within no time. This way you can tell what you’re getting yourself into when you make a purchase.

Reviewers will also go on about the awesome qualities in some products. You will find that good products have numerous positive reviews and very few critical ones. Go for such products.

  • Make the purchase and install it

Once you are satisfied with a product that you have researched on, go ahead and buy it. The product will come with a list of the items contained in it. The first thing you should do is to go through this list to make sure everything is there.

Most of these products will come with installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully and assemble the carrier. If the instructions are unclear or not there at all, go back to the product reviews. Many times previous customers who noted this went and wrote down instructions on installation. Just follow these instructions and install the carrier.

Load your kayak and see how well it holds and if something needs tightening then do so.

Choosing your kayak carrier is thus something that can be done by following these three steps. Take your time and buy what ultimately fits your needs.

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Best Kayak Rack For Your Subaru

5 Most Suitable Kayak Rack for Tacoma Pickup Truck

Kayak Rack For Tacoma

The Tacoma pickup truck is an excellent vehicle for kayaking fans. It is great for off road trips to water spots that provide that much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.  The Tacoma has superb features allowing these road trips such as the button selection for off road settings.

Pairing your truck with the best racks for transporting your craft is a task that needs to be under taken carefully. There are various things to consider when making a selection

  • Frequency of use

How frequently will you use these carriers to carry your craft around? If you hit the water regularly, then you will need something that is long lasting. Reviews can tell you how long people have had their carriers and how they have performed.

  • Strength

You will want to have the carrier made of strong material especially if you are hauling more than one craft. Strong carriers also allow you to carry other gear together with your craft. This could be camping-gear or other equipment. Strong materials such as steel will last you a long time.

  • Endurance

Most people will use their crafts on salty water bodies. You thus want your carrier to be rust-resistant. Otherwise your gear will wear off pretty fast. This requirement can be overlooked if the gear is strong and comes at a cheap price. You could always paint the carrier over with anti-rust paint.

  • Price

Carriers for pickup trucks are many and the price may range from very highly priced name brands to low priced brands. Your budget will determine what you get.

This is not to say that you will get poor quality for low prices. Sometimes something of high quality may lack a strong bolt which you can replace at a small price. When you compare the total cost of replacing the bolt and the price of the carrier, it will still be much lower than some brands.

  • Adjustments

It is a good to have adjustable bars which allow you to raise the gear you are carrying or lower it. This is necessary when negotiating sloping areas especially on reverse.

With these considerations in mind, consider the following carriers for your Tacoma truck.

5 Most Suitable Kayak Rack for Tacoma Pickup

#1. ROLA 59742 Haul-Your-Might Removable Truck Bed Rack

ROLA 59742 | Best Kayak Rack For Tacoma


If you have not installed bed rail systems on your Tacoma, then this is a good alternative to consider. This carrier is not only beautiful on a Tacoma truck, but it also comes with anti-theft features for the lock cover and for the T-bolt applications.


  • It comes with an installation manual to ease the process. This is especially handy when you have never installed one before.
  • This carrier is quite strong as it is made of steel material and it can haul several water crafts.
  • The colour goes well with all the colours of Tacoma trucks.


  • The alignment may be off. This will require you to drill some holes yourself in order to secure it.

#2. TracRac 27000-01 TracOne Universal Truck Rack

TracRac 27000-01 | Kayak Rack For Tacoma

This carrier comes in a strong aluminium make which has a superb look due to its dual stage powder coating. It weighs 50 lbs and has a distributed capacity of 800 lbs.  This makes it handy for carrying more than one craft as well as other stuff along with it.

It also comes with single-axis mounting clamps for securing it as well as composite loop tie-downs which are adjustable.


  • You are able to haul several crafts with this carrier. It makes it possible for you to carpool with a few friends.
  • The colour is very appealing and goes well with all Tacoma colours.


  • While the colour works well, the material is susceptible to scraping especially when it comes in touch with anything else.  Thus bumpy roads which are no problem for your truck may create scratches on the carrier.
  • The extender bolts are not very strong. It is a good idea to replace them immediately so that when you install the carrier, you won’t need to take it off again.

#3. Darby Extend-A-Truck 944 4-Feet Truck Bed Extender

Darby Extend-A-Truck 944 4-Feet | Kayak Rack For Tacoma

The Darby allows you to either carry your craft above or behind your truck. You can extend the bed to allow you to carry the craft behind. This would be great when you are driving on wide roads which are not too steep. Carrying the craft from above is great as it allows you to drive on any road without worrying about the craft.

The height of this carrier is adjustable and it comes with width support of 4 inches.


  • The assembling of this carrier is easy and can be performed even by first-timers fairly easily.
  • The hardware is of good quality and will support more than one craft.


  • The packaging is not ideal and you may find the parts to be dusty when they arrive. They come in a plastic bag which is not very good at protecting them over the long shipping trip.
  • You will need to have or buy a strap for tying the bow of the craft to the front as this carrier does not come with straps.

#4. TMS T-NS-HITCH-BED-EXTENDER Heavy Duty Pickup Truck Bed Hitch Mounted Extender Rack Ladder Canoe Boat


This is a bed extender with a capacity of 750 lbs distributed weight. The arms adjust both horizontally and vertically at 28.25-48.75 inches and 4-10 inches respectively. The side arms can also be folded to form a work table.


  • The vertical and horizontal adjustments enable you to have great ground clearance.
  • You can fit the carrier inside the track when you are not using it and then close the tail gate.


  • The fitting is not tight and you may need to correct this to avoid a wobble effect.

#5. TMS 800 LB Adjustable Fit 2 Bars Utility Ladder Truck Pick up Rack Kayak Contractor Lumber Utility

TMS 800 LB | Kayak Rack For Tacoma

This is a carrier that can have multiple functions. It can carry your craft as well as loads of other gear. It has strong frames with a carrying capacity of 800 lbs. Widths can be adjusted between 5-7 feet. Thus longer crafts can be carried.


  • You can adjust it and carry more than one craft.
  • It is fairly easy to put together even for a novice.


  • You will need to paint the parts with rust resistant paint.
  • The poor packaging that the parts come in causes paint damage.

These are just a few of the kayak racks out there in the market for Tacoma pickup trucks. These are priced reasonably and the few fixes that they may require will not cost you much. However they will last you a long time.

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Girly Accessories That You Can Purchase For Your Car

girly accessories for cars

All drivers who are passionate about their cars will admit to the fact that they cannot do without them. It gets to a point where the car is more or less your second home or part of you, because you go with it everywhere. For this reason, it would be wise to do all you can in order to personalize the car and make it as comfortable as you want it to be.

There are so many alternatives that you can look into when you need car accessories for your interior. The styles are immense, and most of them come in sets, so you can change them at will, or give some of them away as gifts to friends and family members.

Typically, accessories will help you maintain the quality of the car’s interior. This is also something that you have to appreciate, when you plan on selling your car at some point in the future.

Girly accessories

There are quite a number of girly accessories that you can purchase for your car, or for someone else to use in their car as gifts. The following is a brief look at some of the best accessories: Continue reading

Best Ways To Deodorize Your Car Interiors

Deodorize Your Car Interiors

No one wants to get into their car one day and get irked by some random smell. It would be gross, particularly when you think of the fact that your car is in fact one of the places where you spend a lot of time during the day. Your family probably gets around in the car too, so you have to make sure you deodorize the interiors properly.

Nasty smells in the car can be caused by so many things. It could be the smell of gas, engine oil, or anything else that you might come across in the course of the day, which ends up in your car. Even if you spilled coffee in the interior during rush hour, if this is not cleaned out properly, the results could be some nasty smell.

Cleaning your car

There are some special tips that you can work with, which will eventually help you keep your car interior clean and habitable for everyone else.

  • Vacuum the car

Hand vacuum

Most of the odor in the car is usually trapper in the interior of the car. In order for you to have an easier experience with cleaning, vacuuming will easily eliminate the odors. You can purchase from different vacuum cleaners that you have in stores.

Most of the vacuum cleaners come with upholstery attachments, which will come in handy when cleaning the car. Make sure that you reach into all the corners, because these are the places where most of the dirt will get stuck, and smells emanate from.

  • Dealing with smoke

It is only natural that a lot of people cannot stand the smell of smoke, particularly cigarette smoke. The smell is definitely unpleasant. Other than that, smoke will usually settle anywhere in the car, including the air conditioning vents.

For smoke-induced smells, you will first need to pop open the hood and then spray deodorizer in the valves to get rid of smoke from the entire system. Take note that because of the invasive nature of smoke, basically cleaning the upholstery will not be enough.

  • Using baking soda

In terms of removing odors, baking soda is one of your best companions so far. If you had something spill on the car’s carpet floor, baking soda will help you get rid of the smell.

To do this, sprinkle some baking soda over the spillage area and let it settle for some hours. It absorbs the smells after which you can simply vacuum off the residue.

  • Using charcoal

There are so many water and air filters that use charcoal as an absorbent. It is one of the most effective absorbing agents so far. You too can use charcoal to absorb the smells in your car. Have the charcoal in the car for some days, particularly in the areas where there might have been spillages. Over time, the smells will go away, having been absorbed into the charcoal.

  • Air fresheners (natural)

Best Ways To Deodorize Your Car Interiors

Think about the scent you love most and get your preferred natural air fresheners for this job. These are usually effective in getting rid of the bar odor by masking them. Alternatively, you can also get cotton balls and put them strategically in the car.

Assuming you are the kind of person who loves their coffee, and the smell of coffee, you could have some ground coffee in a container strategically placed inside the car. This gives off a coffee smell other than the normal nasty smells from daily usage.

  • Extreme smells

While the options we have discussed are useful in getting rid of normal smells in the car, there are some extreme situations where you might need to be more careful. Some smells like that of gas will definitely require more attention other than masking.

This could mean there is a leak somewhere, which puts you at risk of fire. In such a scenario, you should definitely get a professional to look at your car.

Even for those situations where you find it hard to get some smell out of your car, even after trying different agents, it would be wise to seek professional cleaning support. It might look like an expensive option, but rest assured that in the long run, it will be well worth the investment.

5 Things You Need To Pay Attention When Maintenance Your Car

vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is a crucial issue that you have to take into consideration, especially if you use your vehicle almost every other day. This basically describes a periodic procedure where you inspect the condition of the car and its sub-systems, and replace parts and/or fluids that need to be replaced.

Maintenance can in most cases be done on your own, but in extreme situations, you can have a professional mechanic have a look under the hood. There are lots of maintenance procedures that you can handle on your own, in the process saving you a lot of money.

Most petrol heads will attest to the fact that running maintenance on their own makes it easier for them to learn so much about their cars, and in the process they get to form a stronger attachment to the car.

Regular maintenance is in fact a critical element to your safety, and the safety, comfort, longevity, reliability and drivability of the car you own. Maintenance can be done either for preventive purposes, or restorative purposes. Preventive measures are however much better, so that you can drive in confidence, and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Scheduling your maintenance

You need to have a schedule for regular vehicle maintenance purposes. For most drivers, this will depend on the time of the year (seasons), the make or model of the car, and the driver’s behavior on the road. The following are the key parameters that you need to look into when planning to schedule your vehicle’s maintenance:

  • Expected number of trips per day
  • The prevailing climatic conditions
  • The type of roads you drive on
  • Long distance driving or stop and go driving
  • Need to tow heavy loads

There are extreme service schedules and regular service schedules. Most professional mechanics will often advise you to take your vehicle for servicing in between these two schedules. The reason for this is because they will determine the need for servicing based on your attitude as a driver, the driving conditions and the behavior of the car.

You can also make use of professional tips from your mechanic or any other credible source. Basically, the following are the key areas where you need to pay attention when it comes to vehicle maintenance:

  1. Tire pressure

Did you know that more than 90% of the cars you see on the road are driving with the wrong tire pressure? This is a bad idea, because it interferes with your ability to control the vehicle accordingly. A digital tire pressure gauge is the best choice.

What is vehicle maintenance?2. Engine oil

The engine oil has to be at the right level all the time. The level could drop for two reasons; either there is a leak, or regular burning oil. Either way, you have to make sure you are keen on this to prevent serious engine damage.

3. Oil and filter changes

Just because you know the required level for your engine oil, does not necessarily mean that you have done it all. You also need to ensure you change the oil as often as necessary. The filters also need to be changed.

4. Brake pads

Your brake pads have a shorter lifespan if you are a stop and go driver, or if most of your driving is done on rugged terrain, or perhaps if you haul significant weight. If you do all or most of these things, then your brake pads will last even shorter.

5. The lighting

Before you start driving, make sure you walk around the car and check to see if the lights are all working. Most people neglect this and it costs them dearly in the long run.

6. Wiper blades

The windshield wipers actually need constant inspection. The rubber will deteriorate from regular use, exposure to the ozone, direct sunlight, cold weather and so many other factors. When this happens the wiper blades will be unable to flip over or flex properly when they are being used. Other than that, they also run the risk of cracking while in use.

For someone who does not spend so much time under the hood, car maintenance can be quite the challenge at first. However, it does not have to be this way. As you get used to driving your car, there are some things that you will learn along the way.

Why Is Car Maintenance Important?

Why Is Car Maintenance Important

From the moment you decide to buy a vehicle, or even if you are given one to use at work, you should understand the importance of such ownership status. You must keep your vehicle in top shape if it is to serve you well.

Regular maintenance is mandatory, and you cannot take chances with this. Taking chances would mean taking chances with your life in general. Without proper maintenance, there is a good chance that your vehicle will be prone to minor problems from time to time, and eventually significant problems that might ground your vehicle.

Why really is car maintenance important? Why do you have to pay a lot of attention to your car and make sure it is in the best condition? Here are some good reasons that should spark your interest:

  • Cost consideration

Think about it, spending even a little sum out of your pocket from time to time in repairs eventually adds to a lot of money in the long run. These are monies that you could actually use for other credible reasons, but instead, you are wasting them on repairs.

Even if your car is covered by comprehensive insurance, if you keep having repairs and other significant works done on the car because of poor maintenance, you will soon realize that your insurance premiums will in fact go up.

Insurers will view you as a high risk case, and this will weigh down heavily on your expenses. To be on the safe side therefore, it is important for you to take good care of your car.

  • Reduce risks

Nothing is more important than risk reduction when you are driving, and you can do this through proper maintenance. Basically, every other moment you are in your car, there is always a risk of danger. This could be from other road users, or from your end.

Proper maintenance will help you take note of simple mechanical issues in good time, and deal with them effectively.

  • Improve vehicle quality

Most drivers contend that the car they are driving at the moment might not necessarily be the car that they will be driving 5 years down the line. Ideally, you will upgrade to a better class or a bigger car or for some other reason.

When the time comes for you to get a new vehicle, you have to dispose of the one you are currently driving, or pass it down to someone you love. If you are selling it, a properly maintained car will always fetch a good price in the second hand car sales market.

Do not be lazy, or ignorant to the basic maintenance concerns. Once you can keep this up, you might even sell your car at an incredible price, even after using it for quite some time.

  • Lives at stake

The problem with most drivers is that they tend to think about themselves and no one else. When you are on the road, there are so many factors that are involved. There are too many stakeholders whose lives depend on you taking good care of your vehicle.

Starting with yourself, if you maintain your car properly, it will be safe enough for you to drive it. You run less risks of self-induced carnage on the road as a result of poor maintenance if you take good care of your car.

There are also the passengers in your car, who have no idea about the maintenance record you have with your vehicle, but could end up being victims of your ignorance. You need to think about this.

Think also, about the other road users; motorists and pedestrians alike, even animals whose lives are affected by your vehicle. Assuming that your brakes are not up to par but you keep driving around, you will find it difficult to halt in an emergency.

An oncoming driver might in fact hit their brakes in good time, but yours which are not properly serviced might fail, and you end up ramming into them.

These are just some of the common reasons why you need to think about your maintenance record. More importantly, proper maintenance for your vehicle means you are looking at the welfare of others who use the road often.

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