How To Choose The Right Polisher For Your Car

How to choose the right polisher for your car

How to choose the right polisher for your car

Reading through this guide will help you learn how to choose the right polisher for your car detailing needs. There are different polishers for different tasks, from correction to maintenance, so it might be necessary for you to at least own more than one type of polisher for your car.

Waxing and polishing the car is not as simple as choosing between one product or the other. You have to think about things like whether to use paste or liquid, using a machine or use the polisher by hand, low priced products or premium products and so forth.

In terms of consumer experience, not all the products that are premium priced are usually better than the budget priced polishers. There are some abrasive polishers that could actually damage the paint finish on your car, particularly for the dark colored vehicles.

In order to help you choose the right polisher that will give your car a glossy smooth perfect finish without causing damage to the paint job, the tips herein will guide you accordingly:

How to Choose The Right Polisher

Know the main differences

For car polish and waxing, some manufacturers often use these two terms interchangeably with their products. However, each of these products is different from the other. They are also supposed to do different things for your car.

While wax acts as a protective layer, polishers on the other hand have corrective properties, remove scrapes, grime and grease. So, the next time you are thinking of purchasing one of these, and you find yourself unable to choose between wax and polisher, think about what you want to achieve on your car, then make the right choice.

How old is your car?

In the event that you have a new car, or one that is relatively new, experts usually recommend spray waxing your car on a weekly basis. The main reason for this is to prevent the spray wax on your car from wearing out faster.

On the other hand, when you compare pastes and spray waxes, spray wax is not as durable as paste. If you have had your car for quite some time, or if it is not a new one, liquid polishers will be a good choice for you. They are perfect not just for cleaning, but they are also durable.

Give it a test

Do not just purchase some polisher and start using it on your car. You might end up with undesirable results, which could set you back financially in restoration costs. It is often advisable that you try out the new polisher on some unnoticeable parts of your car. This way, you can see what the outcome will be, and either proceed with it on the rest of the car, or consider other viable alternatives.

The handle variation

With different brands available in the market, you have to be keen when you want to pick the right car polisher machine. Consider what will work well for you, not someone else. There are machines in the market with a D style handle. This type sets your hand over the upper side of the head of the machine.

Another model that is available is the type that has a reversible side handle. However, this might not really count for much at times, because a lot of people barely use the handles. Irrespective of the one you choose, the machines will work just as well if you hold the top part directly and go about the detailing job.

How do you want to polish?

The choice between machine polishing and hand polishing is one that car owners have to grapple with from time to time. Machine polishing is actually a safe alternative. Other than the safety, it is also more effective since you will get even work done on your car.

If you can, you should get the variable six speed dual-action polisher (DA style polisher). This particular model allows you to remove scratches, water spots and oxidation from the body. It is also a good selection for the following purposes:

  • Someone who is just learning to polish
  • If you are looking for a safer but powerful polisher as compared to the orbital buffer
  • Someone who looks after their car on their own
  • Someone who runs a detailing business

On the other hand, you can also get the polisher with an ordinary rag, or perhaps some pad, but this will mean at least an hour working on your car to get the perfection you desire. For those who drive larger cars, or if you own a stretch limo, well, you will spend far longer than someone with an ordinary sedan or crossover SUV.

To save some time, one of the best alternatives you can consider is cutting polish, to increase the gloss and depth just after a paint job, or compound for cars that have been neglected for a while. Finally, some finishing polish to get rid of the holograms, micro-marring and any other imperfection on your car.

Just in case you do not have much time on your hands, but you still need your car detailing done, get car shampoo that will protect the paint job on your vehicle, while still delivering the attractive and stunning shine you desire. If possible, choose car shampoo that has surface active ingredients.

Consider the ergonomics

Over the years, different polisher brands have made significant improvements on the ergonomic design of their polishers. For most people, when they want to pick the right car polisher machine, they look for something that is trim and slim, for convenience.

Some of the features that you should also consider in terms of convenience include the following:

  • Lightweight options like the dual head polishers
  • Well-balanced polisher for easy grasp and control
  • Versatile polisher

A versatile polisher is in fact a brilliant idea, because you should be able to remove the rubber pad holders and replace them with whichever brush you want to use. Some of the brush alternatives that you have include:

  • Carpet cleaning brush
  • Upholstery brush
  • Fabric brush
  • Leather brush
  • Tile and grout brush

If you are using a car polisher like the Porter Cable models, you will realize that they have the speed dial on the upper side of the polisher. This is a good concept because you are able to change the speed as you wish.

The size and weight

Most of the polishers, in particular the dual-action polishers usually look larger in pictures than they really are. A good number weigh roughly 6 pounds, and measure almost 10 inches. They also come with a pad and backing plate attached.

Pro-consumer dual action polishers are therefore really easy to work with, unlike the rotary polishers which are used by professionals, and can actually weigh two times the weight of the pro-consumer polisher.

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Choose The Right Polisher For Your CarIt is very easy to get carried away with the specifics of the polishers when looking to pick the right car polisher machine, and forget about common sense. When you want to purchase any of these machines, it is advisable that you also pay attention to the warranty period.

Consider the duration that is being offered, and the terms of the warranty. Most manufactures offer a year’s warranty with their products. There are others who go the extra mile, and offer you some months’ free service contract with your purchase.

Other than that, simple things like satisfaction guarantee or risk free product guarantee should help you choose effectively if you are torn between two options.


Before you learn how to choose the right polisher, you might go through a number of the options available in the market, and barely get the results you want. By going through this article however, we have made it easier for you to get all the necessary information you need in one place.

The points we have discussed in here should act as your checklist the next time you need a polisher that can meet your needs accordingly.

In most cases, you will also have to consider your budget when making some of these decisions. Take some time and search around the internet or your local stores, talk to people you know, and learn as much as you can from them. You could find out a great deal of information by sharing ideas with other people around you.

You will also need to consider your body size with some polishers. Take the rotary buffer for example, which needs the most upper body strength. This is because to use it, you will be imposing a lot of strain on your stomach, back, shoulders, arms, hands and in some cases even your leg muscles.

In this guide, you will find all the information you need to know on how to choose the right polisher, and take good care of your car, with some shining results in the long run. With the information in here, you should be able to pick the right car polisher machine, and give your car the fine detailing it deserves.

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