Choosing the Best Car Polishers For Your Needs

Best Car Polishers

Best Car Polishers

Your car needs to be kept beautiful if you want it to stand out. After all, it’s an investment that you will have on your hands for years to come. The Best Car Polishers products can help you get the most out of your vehicle when trying to make it look its best.

A car polisher will help you apply wax and other materials onto the outside surface of your car. It can be a challenge to find a great one because so many of these look similar to each other. As you will see in this guide, there are some car polishers that are much greater than what you might find elsewhere.

Product Summary

Polisher Your CarWhen looking for the best car polishers, it helps to take a look at the choices that are available for use. The options that are available for your demands include plenty of choices that are suitable for an extended variety of requirements.

The Black & Decker WP900 has a good design that offers a gentle setup that is easy to hold. However, the DeWalt DWP849X has more options in terms of handling different polishing heads and speeds. The Makita 9237CX3 goes one step further to offer a gentle starting setup that won’t work too quickly as it starts up.

The Neiko 10671A has plenty of polishing options and can also work well with a strong handle. Also, the Porter Cable 7346SP is suitable for coarse and light surfaces alike.

The options that you will have to choose from are rather valuable and appealing Let us take a closer look at the options that you have to work with when finding great items for your use when polishing your car.

Reviews of the Best Car Polishers

1. Black & Decker WP900

The Black and Decker WP900 is a six-inch random orbit waxer and polisher. It uses a foam applicator bonnet and two separate bonnets for polishing needs.

Black & Decker WP900 | Best Car Polishers

Black & Decker WP900

This offers two handles on its sides. The user can hold the polisher on both sides to glide it along the body of a car. It may also work on motorcycles if necessary.

This runs with a random orbit at a speed of 4,400 orbits per minute. The finish is consistent and does not generate any swirling effects.

The polisher was designed for faster detailing jobs. The fast speed on this model especially keeps swirl marks from being visible while also keeping the manual work required when using this from being more of a problem.

Users of this car polisher say that this model polishes rather easily and that it works rather quickly. They love how the polisher works fast and how they can easily hold onto this quite well.

Some customers also say that the pads can tear apart when they are trying to buffer the surface. However, those customers have found that it’s easy for this polisher to work with separate replacement pads from other companies that might be a little stronger.

Things We Liked

  • Weighs only 5.3 pounds;
  • Easy to switch between bonnets;
  • The motor runs quietly.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The pads can easily tear apart;
  • Power switch is in an unusual position;
  • The 10-foot cord is too short.

2. DeWalt DWP849X

The DeWalt DWP849X uses both seven and nine-inch polishing heads. It has a 180mm Velcro packing bad to secure the polishing or waxing head.

DeWalt DWP849X | Best Car Polishers

DeWalt DWP849X

The handles include a standard grip on the end and a bail side handle. The user may use both handles at the same time to keep a strong hold on the buffer.

The electronic speed adjuster controls how quickly the polisher will work. It operates at speeds of up to 600/3500 rpm. The user could control the speed based on the intensity of the polishing job or for how deep the polishing materials are to move into the car.

Customers are heralding the polisher for how it uses a simple handling interface. They like how this is light in weight and has all the controls in places that are easy for them to reach.

Wool ingestion shields are added to control how the wool polishing heads operate. It blocks wool particles from getting into the motor. DeWalt says that this is used to extend the life of the product.

Customers also say that it is easy to move between the seven-inch and nine-inch polishing heads. They have been using the latch and connection system to remove the polishing head.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to adjust the speed;
  • Handles are carefully organized in convenient spots;
  • Wool shields protect this from wearing out quickly.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May potentially bounce too much;
  • The pads that come with it are not as strong as what third party options have to offer;
  • The cord for power is short.

3. Neiko 10671A

The Neiko 10671A is a 7-inch polisher that uses a 1,300-watt motor. It is made with a die cast aluminum head.

Neiko 10671A | Best Car Polishers

Neiko 10671A

Six speed settings are featured on the 10671A. It operates from 1,000 to 3,000 RPM. This should be suitable for a majority of surfaces.

The Velcro backing pad allows the user to apply different polishing heads onto the unit. This is for smooth and coarse polishing discs alike.

Most surfaces are supported by the polisher. This should be appropriate for use on harder surface and may work for spots where rust has become a problem. It may smooth out surfaces where rust is present so a proper coat of paint might be added later on depending on what the user wants.

Customers who have bought this say that the polisher is easy to carry around and handle. They especially love how they can use the wheel knob on the polisher to adjust its speeds.

The synthetic wool pad that this comes with has been criticized by some people though. They feel that the pad can work with one car at a time and that more heavy duty pads need to be added. Users have been pleased over how the polisher operates.

Things We Liked

  • The aluminum head works for a long period of time;
  • The ball-bearing mechanism keeps this running fast;
  • It is easy to adjust speeds;
  • Velcro backing pad supports more pads;
  • Not too heavy.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only six speeds;
  • The handles are awkwardly placed;
  • Requires an extension cord to go around the entire car.

4. Makita 9237CX3

The next option for use, the 9237CX3 is a seven-inch variable speed polisher from Makita. It has a rubber loop handle. The gear is also contained within a rubberized space.

Makita 9237CX3 | Best Car Polishers

Makita 9237CX3

The intake has a dense wire mesh cover. This was added to protect the inside parts from wool fibers that may move into the device.

The seven-inch backing pad holds most wool and synthetic polishing pads. The user should spend only a few moments to get a pad replaced or cleared out as necessary.

A soft start is used to gently allow the polisher to run quickly. The polisher will progressively move its speed to a proper preset option based on what the user chose on the speed dial. This was added as a safety feature.

Customers say that the polisher does not vibrate much. They also like how the soft start keeps the polisher from running too hard as it starts working.

Customers also love that the polisher is easy to hold onto and move around even when it runs at its fastest possible speed. Users also say that the drive gears work well enough to keep the speed consistent as this is being utilized, thus improving how it functions all around the car.

Things We Liked

  • It is easy to adjust the speed;
  • Rubber handle has a careful and comfortable grip;
  • Speed remains consistent while in use.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Does not work well as a sander;
  • Can be noisy at times;
  • The rubber handle can become warm.

5. Porter Cable 7346SP

Designed with a six-inch head, the Porter Cable 7346SP is a random orbit polisher. Designed to support both polishing and sanding functions, this offers a swirl-free motion to keep streaks from appearing on the car as this is used.

Porter Cable 7346SP | Best Car Polishers

Porter Cable 7346SP

The electronic variable speed feature is found on the top part of the polisher. It controls the polisher with speeds from 2,500 to 6,800 OPM. This should be easy to adjust with individual settings. The handles on the left and right are made with grooved indentations. The handle may be added or removed onto either side of the polisher. Users may also choose to add the handles onto both sides of the polisher. It also operates with a series of added attachments. It supports sanding pads and polishing discs alike with different adapters. The reviews that customers have been giving to this product suggest that it is a powerful unit. Customers have particularly stated that the drive shaft works quickly and effortlessly. They also like how this may be switched between different parts. Customers have also stated that they like to use this on a variety of car surfaces. They especially like how it cuts through the toughest surfaces to improve how well it works.

Things We Liked

  • Handles work quickly;
  • Easy to adjust speeds;
  • Works on a variety of textures;
  • Easy to swap discs.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some counter weights might be required;
  • Some pads may burn off too fast;
  • Small cable for power.

How to Choose a Car Polisher

The options that you’ve got for your car polishing needs are certainly vast. However, you have to look carefully to see what’s available when compared with what you require. There are several things to do when it comes to choosing the right car polisher for your requirements. You have to look at many points in a polisher relating to how it might work and what it can do for your vehicle.

  • Look for a polisher with a simple head system that covers enough space. A typical polisher head will be from six to ten inches in size. Some models may even let you switch between options.
  • Look for a choice that has an easy to handle body and lets you use it quickly and effortlessly.
  • The speeds of the polisher should be reviewed based on how well they work. It helps to find a choice that allows you to quickly adjust the speed of your polisher.
  • Find a rotary option that uses a circular head with a simple motion. This should get through some of the most stubborn materials that you are trying to buff out. It may also reduce the likelihood of streaks.
  • Foam and wool pads are the most common options to use although some synthetic pads may also be available. Choose a car polisher that supports more options so you will have a more versatile choice.
  • Anything that has shields over the mechanisms will help. These include dense shields that keep the wool and other components and items in a space from moving into the polisher and causing it to possibly wear out and weaken.

These points can be influential when you are trying to find an effective polisher. You must be cautious when finding a good choice so you will have an option that is not too complicated. This is especially given how such units have different variables attached to them.

Choosing the right Machine Polisher for your car


When choosing the best car polishers, you have to find an option that fits in well with your demands. You need a choice that will provide you with enough support for your car in terms of keeping it looking its best.

Based on what we have seen, we found the DeWalt DWP849X to be the best car polisher for anyone’s use. We feel that the easy to use setup on this polisher, its adjustable speed settings and the ability to use a variety of polishing heads make it the best choice to find when looking for a great polisher that you can use for your car.

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