How to Clean Your Car’s Interior With a Vacuum Cleaner

clean your car’s interior with a vacuum cleaner

No one wants to have an unsightly car, particularly the interior. Proper maintenance practices can help keep your vehicle looking good for a really long time. For someone who would perhaps wish to sell the vehicle at a later date, having an interior that looks newer helps you fetch an awesome price for the car. Other than that, think about the healthier environment you will be driving in, including a limited amount of dust, pollen or any other allergens that might be in your car, and you will appreciate the need for you to regularly vacuum your car.

The following is a brief guide that will make it easier for you to learn how to clean your car’s interior with a vacuum cleaner. Remember that this is something that you can easily do at home, so you do not need to spend on professional cleaning services.

Clean Your Car’s Interior With a Vacuum Cleaner

Get the right vacuum cleaner

Choose the best car vacuum cleaner

Best car vacuum cleaner

When you buy the right vacuum cleaner, you have a better chance of getting good results. It should basically be an equipment that can help you clean all the parts of your car’s interior that you need to clean.

The attachments on the cleaner are supposed to be soft, narrow and in some cases wide enough to work effectively. For the best results, handheld cleaners are recommended. These are easy to use, and are compact in size.

Assuming you do not have any power outlet for your vacuum cleaner, get a cordless vacuum cleaner instead.

Having obtained the right cleaner, next you need to remove all the personal items that you have in the car. These will impede your cleaning efficiency, so removing them will help you access a wider area when you are going about the cleaning process.

Deal with the mats

Deal with the matsYou will then need to get all the mats out of the car, then clean them. When you do this you open up the rest of the car for a better cleaning experience. To get rid of the loose rocks and dirt, shake off the mats.

After that, lay down the mats and use the vacuum cleaner to suck off all the particles that might have remained. Make sure you vacuum the entire floor.

Under the seats

Under the seatsWhile you are vacuuming the floor, there is a good chance that you will easily fail to get all of the dirt, especially those that are under the seats. For this reason, pull the seats all the way to the front and clean under them. After that, pull them all the way back to make sure that you do not miss a spot.

In case you are unable to get all the way under the seats, try and use the extender on your vacuum cleaner.

Under the pedals

This is also another place that easily gets skipped, or those who clean the pedals do not really go a good job while at it.

For the pedals, get a smaller/narrower attachment. This will help you go under the pedals, and reach some of the hard to access regions, like the console and the sections just between the seats.

Stubborn stains

You might be able to clean the carpet, but there are stains that will be hard to get rid of. The same applies to the parts of the carpet that are heavily soiled. For such sections, use upholstery cleaner or carpet cleaner. Spray it on the affected areas. Be sure to follow instructions as advised on the container depending on the amount of cleaner you want to use, and how long it should stay on your upholstery.

Having done that, spend a few minutes to vacuum the section again, and get rid of the cleaner. If you feel there is still need for more cleaning, repeat the procedure.

Cleaning the delicate areas

These are areas that do not need too much abrasive action. Such areas include the dashboard, the visors and the inner side of the doors.

Your seats also need attention use a soft brush attachment for this. You need something that will get rid of the dirt without being too harsh on the fabric.

These simple steps will help you learn all you need to clean your car’s interior with a vacuum cleaner. Over time, you will get used to it, and the process will become more fulfilling in the long run.

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