How to Use Hand Vacuum for Car

How to Use Hand Vacuum for Car

How to Use Hand Vacuum for Car

It is essential to know the right way how to use hand vacuum for car. Dirty interior makes your car looks weird. Some people may already have the hand vacuum for car. However, only a few of them who know the right way to use it. Especially, when it comes to clean up the specific dirt in a specific area. Cleaning up car’s interior properly will not only produce healthier environment but also prevent the dust and pollen. In this article, you are going to learn the proper technique to clean up car’s interior using 20-Volt Black&Decker Vacuum Cleaner (it is the best car vacuum cleaner). These will cover step by step guide from preparation until the proper process of cleaning.

1. Select the Suitable Vacuum Cleaner Used Only For Vehicle

Vacuum cleaner mostly showed up in your home for cleaning the dirty carpet or floor. It usually has large nozzle to cover large area for optimized floor cleaning. As a result, cleaning something wide like floors, carpets, and other plain surface will be quicker. However, This theory doesn’t apply for the car’s interior.

This is because car interiors are smaller. Typically, it also has some edges which collected dust and dirt. This requires smaller nozzle which can easily and effectively reach that part. That is why Black&Decker produces a handheld vacuum cleaner with platypus-like nozzle. Ability to mobile easily also benefits the user for reaching every edge of the interior easily without moving a dust bin.  20-Volt Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum will be a solid choice for your car interior cleaning.

2. Remove Large Pieces of Trash Inside The Car

Sometimes, there is a plastic bottle, pieces of papers, tissue, snack packages and many other small things spread inside the car. Removing them before cleaning is an essential thing. This action allows you to gain larger for cleaning.

Moreover, small things like paper pieces, tissues, or even your pen’s cap can ruin the vacuum cleaner machine if suctioned. Make sure the interior is free from those small yet annoying parts.

3. Pull Out the Floor Mats and Clean Them Outside

Pulling out the mats out of the car ensures you that there is no small particles left while cleaning with vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, you can find small stuff you have lost previously like small notes, pen, pencil, memory card, etc.

After pulling the mats out, shake them over a garbage. This will lose dirt and heavier dust. However, you will definitely find dirt or dust stuck on the mats. Use hand vacuum for car to handle this purpose is a smart solution. The particles will be removed effectively without rinsing water as long as the dirt is dry.

4. Vacuum the car’s floor

Vacuum the car's floor and car's seatYou have got the mats, now it’s time to vacuum uncovered car’s floor. At this step, you will usually find other small particles left when you were pulling out the mats. Those are like dust, small rocks, or other particles which left smells.

Keep in mind that you clean up the difficult part as well like under the car’s seat. In this case, fold the car’s seat if you are able to do it. This will help you to cover more area and ensure the uncovered floor is clean.

By cleaning the uncovered car’s floor, you should use wider nozzle to siphon the dirt areas. Usually, handheld Vacuum cleaner like Black&Decker have customizable nozzle part. Thus, use the suitable large as your needs. Practically, wider nozzle will cover larger area with faster result.

5. Use Smaller Attachment to Reach These Areas

The platypus-like nozzle in Black&Decker benefits you to reach smaller areas and edges. Especially, when it comes to clean up floor pedals, the areas situated between seats and the consoles. Those areas usually manifest dust seamlessly.

The most effective way to clean them up is by using smaller and flat nozzle. This will effectively put away the dust and stuck particles on the narrow areas. Don’t forget to prioritize the edges. Those areas usually collect dust the most.

6. Check The Carpet To Find Out Stains and Heavily Soiled Surface

Sometimes, liquid dirt is irremovable with vacuum cleaner. That is why, it is suggested to spray a liquid cleaner and sweep them up using tissue or other soft fabrics. After that, remove the cleaner liquid left using vacuum cleaner.

The option to dry the areas naturally is also good. However, the cleaner liquid usually evaporates and remains dirt as well. Thus, it is wise to directly vacuum the waste of cleaner liquid before drying them up. Repeat the process if necessary.

7. Soft Attachment For These Areas

Vacuum cleaner is effective for cleaning the dust on the car’s floor and edges. However, it is not for dashboard, doors, and visors. Those areas require soft brush attachment to achieve better cleaning performance.

In this case, you can absolutely use vacuum cleaner first for the dust. Yet, you must clean those area for the second time using soft fabric to brush stuck particles and liquid. For visors, it is better to use liquid cleaner to ensure the visor is free of dirt. Dirty visors are not only annoying, it also endangers person who drives the car.

8. Soft Brush for Cleaning The Car’s Seat

The soft brush attachment is a nice choice when you are going to clean up the seat. Car’s seat usually made from elastic rubber or leather. Vacuum attachment can possibly produce scratch if you are not careful.

The brush is needed especially for removing the debris. That usually exists between the seat and the back side. Those are forgotten parts of people’s attention when cleaning the interior part.

9. Cleaning the Trunk

After cleaning all those parts, the last part to come up with is car’s trunk. The reason to clean this part in the end is because the part is the easiest area to clean up. Trunk has no many edges and narrow areas people must pay attention to.

However, you must pulling out the carpet inside the trunk if any. Then, repeat the carpet cleaning instructions on the step number 3. You should also clean the uncovered floor of the trunk for optimized cleaning.

10. Removing Unpleasant Carpet Smell

Sometimes, even when the dirt removed, it remains a smell. This condition happens especially when there is someone who has vomited inside the car. It remains unpleasant odor for sure. Therefore, you can use any freshener or baking soda to eliminate the smell.

Allowing baking soda powder to sit longer on the carpet is also helpful. Keep them on for several minutes to eliminate the smell much effectively. At last, vacuum the carpet again to remove the powder.

Maintain the Car’s Hygiene

Well, you have done the job for cleaning up the whole car’s interior. The next step you should do is to maintain the hygiene inside the car. That means, keep the interior clean the whole time you need to use car.

At this step, you can definitely rely to use hand vacuum for car again. However, the action to keep the car clean is not as complicated as the previous step. You will never need to remove stuff away from your car. Here are what you need to do:

  • Pick any personal stuff on the dashboard and swap that out using soft fabric
  • In case you need a liquid cleanser, you can use vacuum cleaner to dry up the trace
  • Clean the area around pedals and brakes, those collect the most of dust
  • Vacuum the backside of car seat, that part is mostly forgotten
  • Don’t forget to keep the visors clean as it will ensure the safety of your drive
  • Always remove big particles before using vacuum eg. Pen’s tube, pencil, etc…

For the optimal result, do the action above about 2 – 3 times a week. That would keep your car in a perfect condition, especially for the inside appearance. Keeping the interior clean not only makes your car fresher, but also healthier.


Not many people know how to use hand vacuum for car properly. Hopefully, this article will help you to acknowledge the right steps before cleaning your car. Those are simple to do steps everyone can do.

Keep in mind that mostly hand vacuum machine will use battery. Make sure you have that fully charged. In order to optimize the performance of the vacuum cleaner, you should charge the vacuum cleaner in a proper way. Usually, it takes an hour, could be more or less. Ideally, look at the instruction book included.

Having hand vacuum for cleaning car’s interior will also help you to clean up your house. In fact, some people use it for cleaning the house as well. Especially, the part which is difficult to reach like bookshelf, a space under the sofa, table, etc. Yet, you can use home vacuum cleaner to clean up your car as it has no customizable nozzle.

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