5 Reasons Why You Need Kayak Rack For Your Pickup Truck?

Kayak Rack For Pickup Truck

Owning a kayak means that you are an enthusiast. Whether you use it to go fishing, or for sport, you definitely want to keep it in perfect shape for your excursion. Not everyone is lucky enough to be living next to a water body. Thus for most of us transporting our crafts is just part of our day to day lives.

There are various ways to get a water craft to a river or lake. You can hire someone to carry it for you, or borrow a friend’s ride. But nothing beats the independence that you will have when you can get it there yourself.

Many kayak enthusiasts opt to have their vehicles modified with a rack to enable them to transport the craft themselves. Some craft carriers area designed so that you do not need to take them off your car ever. This way all you need to do is to load your craft whenever you are heading for the water.

Reasons for having a kayak rack for your pickup truck

  • To transport it

The basic reason for having a having this is to be able to transport your craft. You probably live away from a water body. Getting your craft there can be a tedious task if you have to rely on friends or tie it onto your truck bed.

It would thus be wise to set aside some money to get yourself a water craft carrier. Having a pickup track means that you have great options when it comes to these carriers. Your vehicle has the potential to carry about four crafts when fitted with appropriate racks.

There are many good ones that you can choose from. Make a decision to get these additions and you will not have a reason to keep away from the water.

Kayak Rack For Tacoma

  • To extend the truck bed

The truck bed of your pick up is functional and can carry much already. However when you have a craft rack added onto it, you can do much more. For example, the TMS T-NS Hitch Bed extender adds to the capacity of your pickup bed.

The increased capacity allows you to carry a distributed weight of 750 lbs which you could not carry before. This can be the weight of a kayak or two, camping gear, and even tools that you need for an outdoor excursion.

  • To carry other stuff

For most people, water crafts are a hobby that they enjoy participating in over weekends and holidays.  Many people will thus use these racks for other purposes.

The TMS-T-NS model accommodates vertical adjustments which add the capacity of the pickup by thirty inches and increased the width by 7 feet. This is a large space with which to carry things around.

When you work as a carpenter and are hauling wooden planks all the time, the extender will certainly make your work easier. Tools especially long ones can be accommodated well with the extender without scratching the sides of your pickup.

  • To protect your craft

Some canoes are foldable and can be carried in a pickup without racks. Not all of them are this way. Your preferred make may be a long vessel which you would love to protect. When carrying it with an unfitted pickup, about half of it will be sticking out the back unprotected. You can be hit from the back and have your canoe damaged.

However when you install a carrier to your track, you will be able to secure your craft. You will either carry it on your roof extension or the bed extension. With these extensions the craft will be secure and you will drive with your mind at peace.

  • To utilize your truck’s potential

Pickup trucks can do a lot. Many of them are built with off road performance features. They allow you to go where most vehicles will not go. In addition, they are sturdier than most other vehicles. Having a truck sets you apart from most other drivers.

However there is still more potential in your vehicle. When fitted with craft carriers it can carry so much more than a sedan would. Fitting pick up carriers will allow you to carry not one, but four trucks.

Thus you may want to fit them onto your vehicle to take advantage of this. Everyone knows that sports are best enjoyed together.  If you are a water sport kind of person, you will also have the chance to carry your friends’ crafts as well as your own. You can then car pool and enjoy the water together.

There are thus numerous reasons why you should fit your vehicle with these carriers. Choosing the right one will depend on what you want them to do. The checklist below will guide you on your decision.

Kayak Rack For Your Pickup Truck

  • Price

For something that will last you a long time, you may want to save up for a quality brand. If money is no object go for the name brands. However there are good quality carriers within a low price range.

  • Capacity

The capacity that you want can also be your guide. Many carriers will give you a distributed capacity of between 750 lbs and 800 lbs. This will allow you to carry more than one craft and even other equipment.

  • Adjustments

Some carriers allow you to adjust the width and the height. This is awesome for the extenders when you need to raise the back when reversing up a slope.  If this is something that you want, you will definitely find it.

  • Endurance

This can come from both the strength of the carrier as well as the resistance to rust. You may be using a salt water body for your water sports and this will make the equipment prone to rust. Thus either pick a carrier that is rust resistant, or buy one and coat it yourself.

The reason you may want to coat it yourself is that some good quality carriers don’t have this coating. You should not skip them because of a minor detail that you can correct.

With these many reasons to get a kayak rack you should start looking for one. Amazon has a great variety of carriers to choose from. You will find one that works for you.

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3 Easy Steps to Help You Choose the Best Kayak Rack for Your Subaru


Kayak Rack for Your Subaru

Choosing a kayak rack for your Subaru is a task that can be accomplished with a little planning and with a few considerations.  The goal is to find something that meets your requirements and works out well. There are a few things to consider when choosing your craft carrier.

These three things should be clear in your mind before choosing a carrier. Know the price range that you want. Be clear on the convenience that you want and also what you are willing to compromise on.  Also know what your model of vehicle requires.

  • Money

Your budget will dictate what type of rack you get. For some people, a budget makes no difference.  Money is no object and they can purchase whichever carrier they want. However this is not the case for most of us.

A good quality carrier that will serve you for years to come will require some substantial cash outlay on your part. If you need to, save up for this purpose. In order to make your goal clearer, do some research on the prices of the carrier that you would want.

Some name brands such as Thule and Yakima will be of the higher price category.  However there are others like the TMS brands, ROLA and universal brands that do not need much saving.

Also when considering the price it is good to remember that some quality carriers will require some work on your part. Some may require that you repaint them with rust-resistant paint. Others will require that you replace a bolt or two. These will be more affordable than the name brands and will fall in the lower price range.

  • Convenience

Consider convenience when selecting the rack. Loading and unloading your kayak onto your vehicle can be cumbersome if you choose the wrong type of rack. Some racks come with the added benefit of being able to slide them onto the roof of the vehicle from the back. This will help you to load it especially if you are alone. It eliminates the need to lift the craft above your head which may be an impossible task for some.

In order to protect your car during loading, you can buy an anti-slide mat to place between the car and the craft. This ensures that the craft slides in easily while your car does not get scratched. The top part is slippery while the bottom of the mat is tack which allows it to stick to the vehicle without rubbing off paint.

  • The model of Subaru you have

Subaru has a line of great cars each coming with unique features. The Subaru Crosstrek comes with side bars but does not have inbuilt cross bars. Therefore when you choose a craft carrier for this vehicle, you will also want to budget for cross bars. Cross bars can be purchased online from Amazon or from a local store which stocks them.

For the Subaru Outback, the cross bars come inbuilt. All you need to do is detach them from the side bars and lock them across onto the other sidebar. Therefore you will not need to factor in this cost. The 2016 model of the Outback also comes with tie downs for securing whatever you are carrying on the carrier.

The same goes for the Subaru Forester. It also has inbuilt cross bars and you will not need to factor them into your budget.

Best Kayak Rack for Your Subaru

Steps to Help You Choose the Best Kayak Rack for Your Subaru

  • Scout the market

You can look at what is available online through sites such as Amazon and eBay if you are shopping on a budget. If money is no object you can go directly to the name brand sites such as Thule and Yakima.

For budget shoppers, go through the list of the products online noting the ones which offer something extra. This could be replacement parts, technical help, lift assistance and other extras.

Also ensure that what you are looking for is actually suitable for your model of Subaru. Ask for clarity on this from the seller. Sometimes sellers especially those online selling unknown brands may tell you yes just to make a sale. You can verify this by visiting your local dealer and finding out from them.

  • Go through the customer reviews

Customer reviews on sites like Amazon are the best. They sometimes can be brutally honest. If something is not what it says it is, this is the place where you will find out the truth. The best thing about these reviews is that the writers can edit them in future as they continue to interact with the product.

Thus updates can be made on quality, how rust resistant the product actually is, the strength of the material, the quality of hardware, what needed to be replaced, and what broke within no time. This way you can tell what you’re getting yourself into when you make a purchase.

Reviewers will also go on about the awesome qualities in some products. You will find that good products have numerous positive reviews and very few critical ones. Go for such products.

  • Make the purchase and install it

Once you are satisfied with a product that you have researched on, go ahead and buy it. The product will come with a list of the items contained in it. The first thing you should do is to go through this list to make sure everything is there.

Most of these products will come with installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully and assemble the carrier. If the instructions are unclear or not there at all, go back to the product reviews. Many times previous customers who noted this went and wrote down instructions on installation. Just follow these instructions and install the carrier.

Load your kayak and see how well it holds and if something needs tightening then do so.

Choosing your kayak carrier is thus something that can be done by following these three steps. Take your time and buy what ultimately fits your needs.

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Best Kayak Rack For Your Subaru


Thule Aeroblade arb53 Reviews

Thule Aeroblade arb53

The Thule Aeroblade arb53 comes in five parts made up of the aluminium bar, the rubber spacer, aerodynamic spacer, end cap and the numbered spacer that goes into the bottom.

It is an aerodynamic aluminium bar that reduces any cabin noise. It is also strong and fits most vehicles though different accessories must be bought to fit the particular vehicle.

This bar has a built-in T-slot which enables you to mount other accessories you wish to have. It has a wind-diffuser surface which helps to reduce wing noise by having a rough texture. This diffuser surface is located on the T-slot cover.

In order to access the T-slot there is an end cap provided. You just swing it open and pull it out.  There is also a measurement system to enable quick installation without the need for a tape measure.

1. Positive reviews – Thule Aeroblade arb53

Thule Aeroblade arb53 reviews

  • The construction of these load bars makes them some of the strongest in the market. There is a cross-section of separate compartments all along the length of the bars. These bars have separate load-bearing vertical sections which add to the strength of the bars. The bars have a capacity of 800 lbs.
  • They are very quiet. These bars have been built to precision. When you select the correct ones for your vehicle, you will notice that there is no noise resulting from them. Many other bars produce some noise but these ones are very quiet.
  • You do not need a tape measure when using these bars. The bars come with a SmartSlide feature enables you to install the feet without a tape measure. This is a band which has measurements embedded on the exterior. It helps when cutting the T-strips and the wind diffuser.
  • When purchasing them you can visit the Thule website and select the precise ones that will fit your motor vehicle. Thule has a feature that allows you to input the make of your car, the model and the year of manufacture. This way you are sure that you have purchased the correct ones.
  • When you have the correct bars and install them properly, you will find that your fuel efficiency improves.
  • The bars come slightly arched. This allows them to contour to the roof of your motor vehicle better than square bars do.
  • The colour is very appealing. Some places also have the bars being sold with a black powder coating.
  • They are very sturdy and they can carry a craft over a long journey. There is no wobble as they are very strong and firm.

2. Critical reviews – Thule Aeroblade arb53

Thule Aeroblade arb53 reviews | Care Your Car

  • It has poor installation instructions which consist of pictures without wording or labelling. The installation instructions fail in several ways:
  • Rubber foot pads are provided but they are not symmetrical. They are designed this way on purpose and fitting them incorrectly will result in a faulty installation. The thicker, longer foot pad should be installed on the downward slope of the contour of your roof and the thinner one on the upward slope.
  • The importance of the tubing to cover openings is not emphasized. Leaving these openings uncovered will result in noise (caused by interrupting laminar flow of air) and less than desirable performance.
  • The instructions do not tell you that you will need extra parts to mount anything on the racks. Thus when purchasing these bars, ask about all the other parts that you will need to make them functional. This will give you an estimate of just how much you will need to spend before you can use them.
  • The ruler feature does not help much. You may be better off using your eyes to guide you on correct placement.
  • The aluminium colour will show any dirt that you drive through on your trip. This includes any bugs that you hit on the way. Some places do sell these with a black rubber coating. You may want to coat yours after purchase.
  • It can be tedious to keep removing the rubber stripping every time you need to use the T-slot. You will have to rip it out and the press it back in.
  • They do not come with mounting brackets. You must purchase these and any other accessory necessary to carry your craft, bike or luggage.
  • The price can be a deterrent. They do not come cheap. In addition to the price of the bar there will still be some cash outlay for a fit kit in order to make the product useable.
  • The bars scratch easily and so the finish will not last very long. This ahs especially been noted on the black powder coated bars.
  • The aerodynamic plastic cap that is supposed to lock down the bar in place is not tight. It will be tight at the start but it frequently comes up. It may thus be a good idea to purchase the four locks that Thule offers as an extra purchase. This will ensure the safety of your bars when you have to park in a public spot.
  • The rubber covering on the bar can wear out with one trip when carrying a heavy item such as a canoe. The company does not make replacement parts. Thus you may need some padding to protect the bars when carrying heavy items.
  • If you have Thule fairings, please note that they will not fit the aeroblade. They were made to reduce noise on the square bars and are actually not necessary on this bar.

3. Frequently bought together

3.1. Thule Roof Rack Fit Kits

Thule Roof Rack Fit Kits

Important when install: When you look at the foot pads, you’ll notice the foot pads have differing edges to them; one side will be thicker and one side will be thinner. Insure the thicker side is installed on the downward slope of the roof of your car and the thinner edge is on the upward slope (The edges should make up the difference in the rooftop curvature). This insures maximum contact of rubber to the car for the proper secure fit.

3.2. Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack, How To Install

Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack

An AcuTight tensioning tool lets you know when the rack is in place so that you can add your Thule Aero bars.

How To  Install (Source: Amazon.com)

The Thule Aeroblade arb53 is a very strong bar. It aerodynamic system is compatible with more vehicles than any other system in the market. Its SmartSlide feature and the wind diffuser make it a very quiet system to have. It comes in a silver anodized colour and recently in black as well.

Remember to keep all the instruction manuals that come with various parts.  All measurements that Thule gives are very specific. You must adhere to them to make the product work perfectly.  The instructions may not be great, but the product definitely is. Once it is in place it will serve you for a long time.

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How to Install Thule AeroBlade Edge 7503 – Step by Step

Thule AeroBlade Edge 7503

Thule AeroBlade Edge 7503 is a system that is known to be reliable and that is built to perform while eliminating noise from the wind. It offers a selection of mounting and accessory products.  They come in matt black colours which is powder coated to protect it. This colour matches well with all vehicle colours and gives them an elegant look.

There are four lengths on offer with these bars. These are the 7501, 7502, 7503 and the 7504 bar. Thule has a fit guide which enables you to ascertain the length for your vehicle.

For Subaru vehicles with fixed point roof type, the 750x series will not be a good fit. However for the vehicles with roof railing or factory installed crossbars, this system will be compatible.

This system is designed for the cars that already have raised rails. The edge tower has a spring rolling mechanism on which it is mounted on.  This provides a tight fit no matter the distance from one rail to the other.

This bar integrates the bar and foot in a pre-assembled design which makes it easier for you to install it.  It has incorporated technology for wind diffusion which reduces the drag on your vehicle and makes it less noisy.

The set has been designed with box beam load bars which are some of the strongest load bars available in the market. It has also been made compatible for T-track mounting. You may however have to purchase the Thule Xadapt for this with some vehicles.

Thule AeroBlade Edge

Installation instructions Thule AeroBlade Edge 7503

  • Determine the outside diameter of your raised rails. You will find a measuring guide provide with the installation guide that comes with the package. It is the last page of the manual.
  • There is a table on the instructions showing you what hole your mounting strap will be attached to depending on your diameter. The mounting strap is a rubber coated steel strap with holes in it.
  • Once you have determined the hole to use, slide the mounting strap through the edge tower. Then let the required hole be caught on the tiny hook at the base of the tower.
  • Position the crossbar on your raised rails and let the strap come below the rails. You will want to align the crossbar on both rails. Measuring with the distance from the end with a tape measure will help with this.
  • There is a pair of vertical posts at the end of the edge tower. Turn the strap up over the rails and then pass it through the edge tower so that the holes at the end of the strap come down on the vertical posts. Press the strap down firmly so that it is secured.
  • There is a recess bolt directly behind the posts on the edge tower. When the strap is in place, use the wrench provided to reach this bolt and then tighten it. Continue tightening until you hear a noise from the edge tower and the wrench.
  • By this time the mounting strap should be stretched tight. The inner side of the edge tower should be firmly pressed against the existing rails. The cross bar should be
  • There will be some rubber strips provided in the package for filling in any channel spaces that may be left on your cross bars. All you need to do is to press it firmly against the bar to fill in these spaces.
  • If you want to add other accessories on the bar, you can custom cut the rubber strip at the required areas. Once you have placed the strip on the bar, cut off any overhanging part to achieve a neat finish.
  • You may want to install your cross bars with lock cylinders. This will come at an extra cost. The cross bar will sit firmly in place without this but you can purchase them for security purposes. To install these, place the plastic cover onto the crossbar and hold it firmly down. Then press the cylinder down into the hole as you rotate it. Now lock it and remove the key.
  • The set will however come with plastic cylinders which you can install to keep the cover in place.

Install Thule AeroBlade Edge 7503

Advantages of Thule AeroBlade Edge 7503

  • The edge is very attractive and looks superb on any vehicle on which it is installed.
  • It is made to be very strong and does not wobble. It is ideal for a long journey when you want to transport something over a long distance.
  • They have a tight fit when installed. The plastic ends are also quite strong.
  • They do not emit any additional noise and so you will have a smooth quiet ride when using them.
  • The arched bar is designed to follow the curves on the roof of your car. This greatly complements your vehicle


  • They interfere with the sunroof on a vehicle. You may find that you can no longer open the sunroof once you install these bars.
  • The rubber parts may wear out very quickly. They are not very resistant to heat and may require to be replaced.
  • It is sold as one bar per pack. You will therefore have to get two.

This is the first rack system in the market to incorporate an aerodynamic design within a strong rack. It creates the highest carrying capacity of any aftermarket rack that there is. It is generally a great bar to have for carrying your watercraft, bicycle, or any other luggage.

Do a fit check on the Thule website to ensure that the bar you get is the recommended fit for your vehicle.  This will save you both time and money. You can also take your car to the local dealer to get the correct recommendation.

Generally Thule makes very strong products. This is one of their best products in the market. The price may be a bit higher than other bars, but the quality probably is too.

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5 Most Suitable Kayak Rack for Tacoma Pickup Truck

Kayak Rack For Tacoma

The Tacoma pickup truck is an excellent vehicle for kayaking fans. It is great for off road trips to water spots that provide that much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.  The Tacoma has superb features allowing these road trips such as the button selection for off road settings.

Pairing your truck with the best racks for transporting your craft is a task that needs to be under taken carefully. There are various things to consider when making a selection

  • Frequency of use

How frequently will you use these carriers to carry your craft around? If you hit the water regularly, then you will need something that is long lasting. Reviews can tell you how long people have had their carriers and how they have performed.

  • Strength

You will want to have the carrier made of strong material especially if you are hauling more than one craft. Strong carriers also allow you to carry other gear together with your craft. This could be camping-gear or other equipment. Strong materials such as steel will last you a long time.

  • Endurance

Most people will use their crafts on salty water bodies. You thus want your carrier to be rust-resistant. Otherwise your gear will wear off pretty fast. This requirement can be overlooked if the gear is strong and comes at a cheap price. You could always paint the carrier over with anti-rust paint.

  • Price

Carriers for pickup trucks are many and the price may range from very highly priced name brands to low priced brands. Your budget will determine what you get.

This is not to say that you will get poor quality for low prices. Sometimes something of high quality may lack a strong bolt which you can replace at a small price. When you compare the total cost of replacing the bolt and the price of the carrier, it will still be much lower than some brands.

  • Adjustments

It is a good to have adjustable bars which allow you to raise the gear you are carrying or lower it. This is necessary when negotiating sloping areas especially on reverse.

With these considerations in mind, consider the following carriers for your Tacoma truck.

5 Most Suitable Kayak Rack for Tacoma Pickup

#1. ROLA 59742 Haul-Your-Might Removable Truck Bed Rack

ROLA 59742 | Best Kayak Rack For Tacoma


If you have not installed bed rail systems on your Tacoma, then this is a good alternative to consider. This carrier is not only beautiful on a Tacoma truck, but it also comes with anti-theft features for the lock cover and for the T-bolt applications.


  • It comes with an installation manual to ease the process. This is especially handy when you have never installed one before.
  • This carrier is quite strong as it is made of steel material and it can haul several water crafts.
  • The colour goes well with all the colours of Tacoma trucks.


  • The alignment may be off. This will require you to drill some holes yourself in order to secure it.

#2. TracRac 27000-01 TracOne Universal Truck Rack

TracRac 27000-01 | Kayak Rack For Tacoma

This carrier comes in a strong aluminium make which has a superb look due to its dual stage powder coating. It weighs 50 lbs and has a distributed capacity of 800 lbs.  This makes it handy for carrying more than one craft as well as other stuff along with it.

It also comes with single-axis mounting clamps for securing it as well as composite loop tie-downs which are adjustable.


  • You are able to haul several crafts with this carrier. It makes it possible for you to carpool with a few friends.
  • The colour is very appealing and goes well with all Tacoma colours.


  • While the colour works well, the material is susceptible to scraping especially when it comes in touch with anything else.  Thus bumpy roads which are no problem for your truck may create scratches on the carrier.
  • The extender bolts are not very strong. It is a good idea to replace them immediately so that when you install the carrier, you won’t need to take it off again.

#3. Darby Extend-A-Truck 944 4-Feet Truck Bed Extender

Darby Extend-A-Truck 944 4-Feet | Kayak Rack For Tacoma

The Darby allows you to either carry your craft above or behind your truck. You can extend the bed to allow you to carry the craft behind. This would be great when you are driving on wide roads which are not too steep. Carrying the craft from above is great as it allows you to drive on any road without worrying about the craft.

The height of this carrier is adjustable and it comes with width support of 4 inches.


  • The assembling of this carrier is easy and can be performed even by first-timers fairly easily.
  • The hardware is of good quality and will support more than one craft.


  • The packaging is not ideal and you may find the parts to be dusty when they arrive. They come in a plastic bag which is not very good at protecting them over the long shipping trip.
  • You will need to have or buy a strap for tying the bow of the craft to the front as this carrier does not come with straps.

#4. TMS T-NS-HITCH-BED-EXTENDER Heavy Duty Pickup Truck Bed Hitch Mounted Extender Rack Ladder Canoe Boat


This is a bed extender with a capacity of 750 lbs distributed weight. The arms adjust both horizontally and vertically at 28.25-48.75 inches and 4-10 inches respectively. The side arms can also be folded to form a work table.


  • The vertical and horizontal adjustments enable you to have great ground clearance.
  • You can fit the carrier inside the track when you are not using it and then close the tail gate.


  • The fitting is not tight and you may need to correct this to avoid a wobble effect.

#5. TMS 800 LB Adjustable Fit 2 Bars Utility Ladder Truck Pick up Rack Kayak Contractor Lumber Utility

TMS 800 LB | Kayak Rack For Tacoma

This is a carrier that can have multiple functions. It can carry your craft as well as loads of other gear. It has strong frames with a carrying capacity of 800 lbs. Widths can be adjusted between 5-7 feet. Thus longer crafts can be carried.


  • You can adjust it and carry more than one craft.
  • It is fairly easy to put together even for a novice.


  • You will need to paint the parts with rust resistant paint.
  • The poor packaging that the parts come in causes paint damage.

These are just a few of the kayak racks out there in the market for Tacoma pickup trucks. These are priced reasonably and the few fixes that they may require will not cost you much. However they will last you a long time.

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Michelin Stealth Wiper Blades Review

Michelin stealth wiper blades review

Michelin stealth wiper blades come in a wide variety.  You can choose from the various models depending on whether they are compatible with your vehicle.  Some are all-weather blades which work well in stormy weather and winter conditions.

The designs in some of them allow them to adapt to your windshield, providing better performance and a very clean wipe. Other features that they offer include durability and keeping off dirt, ice and snow. Consider the models explained below.

Michelin Stealth Wiper Blades Review (Top 5)

#1. Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Flex Design, 22″

Michelin stealth wiper blades review | Michelin 8022

These are some of the best performing blades in the industry. They have been tested and found to exceed the performance of all their competitors even after 300,000 wipe cycles.

These wipers are designed with smart flex technology which makes it possible for them to adapt to the curve of the windshield. The independent suspension allows for strong contact with the windshield from one end to the other. They can thus perform well in all harsh weather conditions.

They also come with a smooth aerodynamic cover that protects them in all conditions. In this way there is no accumulation of snow, ice or debris.

They weigh only 7.4 oz and have product dimensions of 28.6 x 1 x 3.1 inches. They do not fold.


  • They adapt to the shape of your windshield and hold down from end to end. They will thus provide excellent performance in harsh weather conditions.
  • They also will not leave streaks and smearing and will definitely not have a squeaking sound when doing their job.
  • They are easy to install and to take off.


  • They may not fit on all vehicles and sometimes may wobble.

#2. Michelin 8526 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology, 26″ 

Michelin stealth wiper blades review | Michelin 8526

This Michelin stealth wiper has been tested and found to outperform all blades in the market. It has excellent features including the smart hinge which causes the wiper to grip the windshield securely.

The independent suspension at the end of the blade enables it to conform to the shape of the windshield so that the entire wiper grips the surface. There is a smart hinge cover that keeps the wiper from accumulating dirt, ice and snow.

The blades are easy to install and also to replace with the EZ-Lok connector that they come with. Their dimensions are 30.8 x 3 x 1 inches and they weigh 10.4 oz.


  • The wipers are protected from dirt, ice and snow. This enables you to drive more safely in harsh conditions.
  • They do not streak.


  • They may not hold up well in winter climates especially when they are not new. However they work well for heavy rain conditions.
  • They may not be compatible with all vehicles. It is good to inquire about this before making the purchase.

#3. Michelin 9514 Rear Windshield Wiper Blade – New and Improved, 14″

Michelin stealth wiper blades review | Michelin 9514

This is a strong product that is built to last for a long time. It is easy to install and it comes with easy fit connectors. It is a rear wiper that fits specific vehicles and so you will need to confirm that it fits your before purchase.

The design allows for even and quiet performance of the wipers as they are made of compression-moulded rubber. They also have an aerodynamic design.

They are built to last long as they have a durable powder coat finish.  They also have a tough hard-moulded frame with a steel insert which works to increase their strength.

These blades weigh 4.8 oz and have dimensions of 22.5 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches.


  • They operate quietly and smoothly.
  • They do not leave streaks and will provide you with a clear view through your rear mirror whatever the weather may be.
  • They are strongly built to ensure that they last long.


  • It does not fit all makes of vehicles and even some of the ones specified by the manufacturer.

#4. Michelin 5022 Stealth Wiper Blade, 22″

Michelin stealth wiper blades review | Michelin 5022

This is a blade designed to provide quality performance in all weather conditions. This 22 inch blade is built with stealth technology to adjust to windshield contours and arm pressure.  This allows it to give a clean wipe in any weather conditions.

This blade does not clog with ice or snow and it works without chattering. It has a pre-installed connector to enable you to install it easily and it.


  • They work quite well in harsh winter conditions. they are pretty strong and can endure these conditions.
  • They apply pressure uniformly across windshield so that you get a clean wipe. They also do not leave streaks and smears.


  • They have been reported by a few drives to have scratched their windshields especially during the first try.
  • They may not fit some vehicles including some that have been listed as compatible with these.
  • The hard plastic cover may break during cold and icy conditions.
  • They may streak during light rain and when it is misty.

#5. Michelin 3715 Rain Force All Weather Performance Windshield Wiper Blade, 15″ 

Michelin stealth wiper blades review | Michelin 3715

These 15 inch blades are made of compression-moulded natural rubber. They come coated with a special formula called M-Guard.  The frame which is of an Aero Vented design is all metal and made of heavy duty steel.

The performance of the wiper is greatly enhanced by the powder coat finish.  It also ensures that it lasts for a long time. Installation is fast and easy as the wipers come with an Ez-Lok connector system.


  • They provide a very clean wipe which is streak-free.
  • They are built to endure through rough weather and last a long time.


  • It may not fit all vehicle types and you will need to confirm with the seller before making a purchase.
  • They have squeak noises.

Michelin stealth wiper blades thus come in a wide variety. They all come in a pack of one and thus you will need to buy two if replacing both wipers.  Take your time when going through the reviews and checking out whether the particular brand is compatible with your vehicle. Michelin has some of the best wipers and you will not go wrong with them.

By careyoucars.com

Fortune Auto Coilovers Review

fortune auto coilovers review

Fortune Auto Coilovers utilize digressive piston technology that allows for rigid low-speed compression or even rebound force. It provides, even more, control of the driver inputs such as rolls, drive as well as the squat. Nevertheless, for fast stroke speed (i.e. high-speed bump) the suspensions turn into flexible in response to irregularities and bumps in the street. For the perfect drive, drivers are very much needed this device. To select the perfect one, read the following fortune auto coilovers review carefully and your desire will be fulfilled.


Fortune Auto LANCER EVO 500 Street Series Coilovers provide less hysteresis and superior control of the driver inputs. The brand-new seals are made from a specifically developed Buna plastic substance that delivers an excellent stability between dependability and performance! Because the shaft seal is usually the most crucial seal around the shock, a more powerful seal will improve quality and performance.

The capability to upgrade to two-Way remote canisters at any time makes sure that your investment is really a sound one. Modernize your shocks with no need of trading into a total new coilover system. All the 500 series dampers tend to be rebuildable completely, functional, and may be controlled at any time. For more details read the following fortune auto 500 series coilovers review.

Key Features

  • Dyno-tested
  • Monotube damper along with high-pressure nitrogen
  • 24-step adjustable shock absorber
  • Spherical bearings
  • Fortune Auto Coilovers man made 5w or perhaps 10w shock oil
  • T6 6061 solid aluminum brackets & camber plates
  • Bright dip anodized
  • Digressive piston technology
  • Modularity – Upgradeable to 2-Way Container
  • Swift suspension springs upgrade obtainable
  • 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee

4 things I like when use Fortune Auto Coilovers

1. Easy Installation

The installation is fairly smooth other than the best mount in the stock front side struts being warped. Fortune Auto includes a number you can contact with any technical queries you have, the guys at risk know very well what they are performing and can give you a hand with whatever you need.

2. Perfect Build Quality

The construction and massive size of the pistons make the coilovers look very strong and beefy. The finish on the coilovers also feels just like it must be on the 2k+ coilover not really a 1k coilover. They appear and feel like they will last the lifetime on any motor car. Both camber plates plus strut brackets are heavier than virtually any other coilover I have noticed, and I think they are made from T6 Aluminum.

3. Ride Quality

Most importantly the drivers ride efficiently and quietly for any “low-end” coilover. You can ride with this tool in the bumpy and rough roads easily. The Fortune-Auto’s absorb these types of bumps very well and traveling on them isn’t painful whatsoever.

4. Performance

I haven’t had the opportunity to take them to the monitor yet or continue any mountain streets. But from your turns I’ve taken fast, they held my car planted and company both equally at low and large speeds. The steering is sharp, and the 10k spring in the relative back helps rotate the heavy Evo X. Overall its performance is very excellent.

Pros and Cons


  • Smoother drivefortune auto coilovers review | care your car
  • 24-step rebound flexible dampers
  • Accessories are all manufactured from aircraft quality forged aluminum
  • T6 6061 Forged aluminum mounts plus camber plates
  • Mono-Tube damper along with high-stress nitrogen
  • Rebuildable and easy to install


  • It does not include Camber Plate upon the rear!
  • It does not ride as superior as KW v3.

Overall Scale

  • Street: 8/10 – Road performance is good
  • Noise: 8/10 – Noise level is relatively satisfactory
  • Quality: 9/10 – Very good and considerable price
  • Comfort and Ease: 8/10 – It is dependable on the “coilover program,” not really compare to stock
  • Adjustability: 8/10 – Could not be happier but perfect
  • Customer Support: 10/10 – Among the best and perfect customer support
  • Final Verdict

Overall I am completely pleased with these coilovers. Fortune Auto tends to be an incredible organization to cope with and making very good quality coilovers. If you want to eliminate your car or perhaps track your vehicle, the 500 series is a superb option. These coils have a more substantial size I just believe that they may be 53mm. With great cost range, good performance and maintain an excellent ride quality still, FA500 isn’t a poor choice. This device is only for you. So we think the above fortune auto coilovers review will be very much perfect to select the right product for your cars.

Engo Winches Review

Engo winches review

E9000 – Engo Winches Review

Better be safe than sorry! Check out the top winches you can buy to always get you out of a sticky situation. They are easy to install, maintain and use. It’s literally a life-saver.

As life would have it, sometimes it’s better to be cautious than precarious. When you could literally be in a situation of saving somebody’s life, it is always handy to have a car winch which can “pull” you out.

Winches basically work as a mechanical device to wind up or wind out a rope. But, to find electronic winches of durable and resistant quality is hard, which leads us to the Engo Winch review that will help you choose the best winch to pull you out of the hole next time.

  • The Engo 77-09000S 9000 Lbs weighs only about 61 pounds with a tangent of 24*14*10 inches which helps toward pulling in for a longer distance – It also provides great resistance against any kind of weight and offers the best balance.
  • While as the ENGO SR9 utilizes it’s state of the art Series Wound motor which has a 3-stage planetary gear train and even a rugged hand remote – It comes with free spooling as well.
  • In addition to the above two, the Engo E9000 Electric Winch is one of the new additions to the E series that has a very fast recovery system to ensure efficiency – The system has a weight of about 85 pounds and a standard 4 way galvanized roller fairlead as an added benefit.

Reviews of The Best Car Winches

#1. Engo 77-09000S 9000 Lbs – Electric Winch 12 Volt With Synthetic Rope

Going off-roading can be a risky affair what with any wrong turn; you could land yourself into some sticky situations.

Engo 77-09000S 9000 Lbs | engo winches review

Engo 77-09000S 9000 Lbs | Engo Winches Review

But, the Engo Winch is muscle bound with a line pull of up to 9000 lbs., which is just about enough to pull you out of life-threatening situations.

Since it is powered by a 5.5hp wound motor, it will ensure that you are never in a situation to run out of power and slip. It can not only hold a lot of weight but also be easily carried along for long duration trips.

Few people have been impressed with the safety control feature that lets you have control over its settings with a 12’ wired remote control. Many of the engo winch reviews have mentioned that it works for hours together as well.

Things we liked

  • Durability;
  • Wired Remote Control;
  • Weight Resistant.

Things we did not like:

  • Weak ground wire box;
  • Slow Power switch.

#2. ENGO SR9

If you are the kind of person who likes to be safe rather than sorry, then this is the right product for you. It has an efficient wound motor with the added option of wire cable or synthetic rope.ENGO SR9 | engo winches review

It not only supports a 3-stage planetary gear train but also automatic load-holding brake such that you never lose control over the winch. The product also comes with stainless steel fasteners that allow for ease of use.

Many customers felt that the product was easy to install and learn from the manual. But, many also felt that it was a little on the expensive side.

Things we liked

  • 3-Stage Planetary Gear Train
  • Automatic Load and Brake
  • Wound Motor

Things we did not like

  • Expensive

#3. Engo E9000 Electric Winch

Engo E9000 Electric Winch | Engo Winches Review

Engo E9000 Electric Winch | Engo Winches Review

The winch comes pre-loaded with a 92’ of 21/64’ wire rope that is handy when you have to pull in or pull out high weights. It weighs a total of 85 pounds, which in combination with the extended wire helps to hold more weight.

The gear has a running ratio of 265:1 that ensures a fast recovery rate.

Though many reviewers feel that the system heats up very fast which can be an issue when using the winch, the company has excellent customer service that we have also vetted.

The product  with the complete set of the wired remote control and lifetime warranty.

Things we liked

  • Holds more weight
  • Fast recovery rate
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Easy to install

Things we did not like

  • Overheating
  • Heavy
  • Loud, solenoid box is chap plastic
  • Wired remote is not waterproof

What are the advantages/Benefits of using a winch?

Winches offer a range of benefits, which may not be all that obvious to us. But, risky situation or not, it is advisable to always invest in a good quality winch.

  • Winches are extremely useful for accidental situations when you need to rescue others or yourself, especially when off-roading.
  • It can be easily attached to your Wrangler, Jeep or Car.
  • The winches are durable and can even last for a lifetime.
  • With new technological advancements, winches are automatic with a very fast recovery rate and weight resistance.
  • Rescue operations are more efficient and many more sticky situations can be adversely avoided.
  • Winches can be utilized for daily use of lifting heavy-duty goods.

Some prerequisites when using the winch

It is always advisable to go through a list of prerequisites before using any new product just to be careful.

  • Always ensure that you are carrying a pair of heavy duty gloves when handling the winch as it has wire ropes that can hurt you.
  • Carry the Clevis or D-shackles to ensure that you are able to connect the winch to the vehicle with utmost safety.
  • Ensure to never use a recovery strap for any operation as they store a lot of energy and if there is any snap, it will act exactly like a rubber band and give you a jerk which can be fatal.
  • Remember to take a step back, assess the situation and then make a pla accordingly.
  • Double check that the battery of your winch can handle the load. ( Minimum 650 is recommended)

How to choose the right winch?

The most efficient way to choose the right winch is to calculate the line pull needed for the application. This will in turn give you a brief idea of how long and big your ideal winch should be. Each additional layer pulls a decreased weight of 10%. Try to go for free spooling winches such that you don’t waste your time trying to spool your winch. A remote controlled winch is ideal as it decreases your effort hugely.

In this review, Engo 77-09000S 9000 Lbs winch is our top choice. It not only is lightweight, easy to install and weight resistant. But, it also supports free spooling in addition to a remote controlled feature that adds a cherry on the top.

It is also not on an expensive side that makes it all the more worth it for us.

Read more Badlands Winch Review and Michelin Stealth Wiper Blades Review on CareYourCars.Com


Badlands 12000 Winch Review

badlands 12000 winch review

Badlands 12000 Winch is an excellent invention for the modern off-road vehicles. Harbor Shipping offers the Badland wide-ranging channel winch mount plate for the 12,000 pound winch. It is perfect for off-road vehicles, and it provides your vehicles’ safety. It works with most SUVs and trucks if the vehicle producer specifies suitability. So why are you late? Just read the following badlands 12000 winch review and purchase the best product.

Badlands 12000 winch overview

The Badlands 12000 Winch bolted to where in fact the old 10000 winch mounted. It added extra thermal safety in the type of an extra ground wire, and a bunch of 3 breakers connects straight to the positive terminal lead. It is manufactured from heavy gauge works and steel with 12,000 pounds off-road vehicle winches equipped with automatic load-holding brake systems.

This tool is a great winch with zero operational complications. It comes with trimmed 20 ft off cable to make sure it would never happen. It is really a good winch. I don’t think the fair-lead has organized as well although it is just a little bent up and offers some wire gauges. It is long lasting and also has many pulls under its belt.

This kind of winch is great for individuals who require a winch nonetheless don’t have a large budget. It is a little cheaper then warns and also other winches and offer a large amount of recovery muscle, but it can be sacrificed range speed intended for the price. For more details just continue reading the following badlands 12000 lb winch review.

Key Features:

  • Model: Badlands 12,000-pound winch;
  • Motor: 6HP series-wound engine (12VDC);
  • Duty cycle ranking: 5%
  • Ratio: 3 planetary/265:1
  • Brake: Automatic load-holding 8. 8 × 2.5-inches drum
  • Cable: 0. 375-inches diameter, 100 feet
  • Cable nominal power: 14,400 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 6.4 x 8.3 inches
  • Mounting Design: 10.0 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 86. 8 Lbs


  • 12 feet ergonomic handy remote control;
  • Automatic load- keeping braking system for optimum safety;
  • Three-stage planetary gear method for quick line velocity;
  • Free of charge spooling for fast line-out;
  • Cable tensioner to avoid cable tangling;
  • Aircraft quality wire rope included;
  • Comes with roller fairlead;
  • Series-wound motor remains cooler during long drags.


  • Well constructed;
  • Acceptable line speed;
  • Extremely cost effective;
  • Easy-to-install;
  • Low ampere usage.


  • It does not include synthetic rope;
  • It pulls a little bit slow.

Recommend: Personally, I thought it is a dedicated tool for the automobiles. To get a much better quality device, created by an off-road organization, with very good customer support, Badlands 12000 Winch is perfect for your automobiles. I understand money is certainly money. So you can purchase this tool without any hesitation.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Lubrication

  1. Before every use, inspect the overall condition of the winch. Check for the loose hardware, binding or misalignment of shifting parts, broken or cracked parts, damaged electric wiring, loose or corroded terminals, and any additional state that may impact its secure operation. Analyze the cable rope. Usually don’t utilize the winch if the wire rope is normally frayed, damaged or kinked.
  2. After use, clean external areas of the winch with clean fabric.
  3. Lubricate the cable rope with light oil occasionally.
  4. The winch’s internal mechanism is lubricated. Usually, don’t open the casing. Nevertheless, if the winch is immersed, it must be opened up, dried, and re-lubricated by a qualified technician as early as possible to prevent corrosion.

Final Verdict

Badlands 12000 Winch is well suited and affordable tool for the off- road vehicles. It’s automatic load-holding brake provides you a great safety. It can restore a trapped automobile; haul load or timber a boat along with this dominant auto winch. The series-wound engine remains cool as the 3-stage terrestrial gear program provides quickly line velocity. Featuring an automated load-holding brake intended for security, this kind of electric winch can be vital for the next off-road adventure. Finally, this product is only for you. So read the Badlands 12000 winch review attentively and select the best tool for the reasonable price.