Best Wax For Black Cars

Best Wax For Black CarsOwning a black car is awesome; they are sleek, look really good on the road and with the proper care and maintenance, they are quite pretty. However, as most owners of black cars might know by now, taking care of these cars is not easy. For example, you need to make sure you get the best wax for black cars if you are to effectively do the detailing on the car.

The thing about black cars, if anything happens to the surface, it is almost impossible to hide it. Therefore, you have to be very careful about the kind of wax that you are getting for it. Choose the right option so that you are able to use only the finest of the wax available to take care of your vehicle.

Top The Best Wax For Black Cars

1. Meguiar’s G6207 Black Wax Paste

Meguiar's G6207 | Best Wax For Black Cars

Meguiar’s G6207

This wax is made of a special formula, which helps you get the deep reflection and gloss that should come naturally to your black car. It works perfectly for other dark colored vehicles too.

It does not use colorants or dyes, but a special blend of polishing oils, micro polishing agents and polymers, to help you achieve an impressive gloss on your car. Other than that, this formula is also responsible for the deep, swirl free rich finish.

The following are some of the main reasons why you will be best served with this particular product:

  • It is specially designed for dark and black colors;
  • Delivers incredible depth by polishing while you wax;
  • The protection for your car will last for months;
  • You get an applicator pad with the package;
  • You can apply it with a dual action polisher or by hand.

This product also has synthetic polymers, which help by protecting your car, and offering a longer lasting durable gloss.

You no longer need to guess when it comes to waxing your car. Longer lasting protection has never been this affordable, and easy to access.

Take note that for the best results, you should apply this wax only to a car that has just been washed, and dried. Also, make sure that while applying, the vehicle is in a shaded, cool place and as far from heat or the sun as possible.

2. Surf City Garage 922 Black Edge Carnauba Wax

Surf City Garage 922 | Best Wax For Black Cars

Surf City Garage 922

When it comes to long lasting protection and shine, Black Edge offers just that. It has a special formula that makes your dark and in particular black paint glossy and shining for longer.

Here are some of the main features that you get with this product:

  • Brings a wet, deep shine to your car
  • Has special pigmentations that conceal the scratches and swirl marks on your car
  • Delivers a sleek shine thanks to the carnauba polymer protection
  • Creates an artificial layer that offers protection for your paint.

When using Black Edge, another thing that you will never have to worry about is chalky residue from the detailing job. With this product, all you have is clear, sleek and clean results.

3. Migliore Primo Carnauba Wax

Migliore | Best Wax For Black Cars

Migliore Primo Carnauba Wax

This is one of the premium wax blends, designed with almost 50% carnauba wax on each jar you purchase. For concours-style waxing, this is one of the best options around so far.

When you need phenomenal perfection and a paint finish that drips with gloss when you are done, this is one option that you should consider.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Does not stain the plastic surfaces or trim
  • Extremely high concentration of carnauba, up to 50% in each container
  • Protects the interior surfaces, including plastic areas

4. Car Guys Spray Wax

Car Guys Spray Wax | Best Wax For Black Cars

Car Guys Spray Wax

Car Guys’ products usually boast one of the most innovative detailing companies and a team of professionals, backing the good quality of products that they deliver.

According to the manufacturers, it offers the best protection thanks to advanced nano polymer technology. This helps with longevity for the sealant, while also protecting your car.

This wax product also follows the same trend that most of the products in the market do at the moment, with carnauba wax enrichment, which delivers that deep and longer lasting shine on your car.

Here are some of the main features of this product:

  • Does not leave behind streak or white residue on the car surface
  • Gets rid of bird poop, dust, bugs and so much more
  • Can be used between washes to prolong the life of the sealant you are currently using
  • Quick and easy to use, can clean the whole car in under 15 minutes
  • Leaves a hydrophobic barrier to keep the car clean for longer
  • Has no dangerous additives like coloring or deep scents

Choosing The Best Wax For Black Cars

Maintenance is one of the key issues that you have to look into when you have a black car. It does not matter how classy the headboard looks or the neatness of the windshield, each vehicle needs to be maintained regularly.

Waxing is of utmost importance towards achieving that classy look you need. The exterior has to be maintained to help you improve the value of the vehicle if you were to resell it, or increase the vehicle’s lifespan.

Most if not all of the best waxes for your car will need elbow grease, time and patience to work properly on your car. The results will depend on the following factors:

  • The size of the vehicle
  • How fast you can work
  • How thorough you are
  • The kind of product you buy

For a decent job, you can at least expect to spend an hour working on your vehicle. Take note that products that are labeled as cleaner wax are actually abrasive and will in some cases remove the paint form parts of your vehicle’s surface.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Wax for Black Cars

Due to the presence of so many options to choose from in the market, the following are some of the important things that should guide your purchase when you are looking for the best wax for your black car:

  • The abrasiveness of the product
  • The age of your car
  • The plastic content in the car

How old is your car?

The age of your car is also another issue that you need to take into consideration when choosing the best wax for black cars. For cars that are less than two years old and still have a good finish, all you need is a good easy spray wax and you will be good to go.

However, you have to remember that most of these products usually wear out very fast. They are also recommended for weekly application or only for special occasions.

In as much as this quick spray wax option will get you the results you want and freshen up the appearance of your vehicle, remember that there is no wax in the market that will improve the shine of your old vehicle to make it look new. Be very careful with misleading advertisements.

Just in case replacing the vehicle is not on your mind for some time, waxing will be a good way to preserve the finish for longer. For older cars whose finish is already oxidizing or those that have grime stuck, you should use a product that can bring back and also maintain the finish. For this purpose, liquid wax cleaners are the best option you have so far.

Pay attention to abrasion

Waxes are generally designed to be abrasive. Other than that, the particles on your car and the wax content or any harsh chemicals around will leave some scratches on your car, or hazing. Remember that vehicles that are dark colored often show more signs of scratching than the lighter colored vehicles.

The abrasiveness that makes these waxes deliver the good results that you want is also the same that can make the surface of your vehicle look cloudy, making the paint duller than it was even before you waxed it.

While looking to purchase one of these products, make sure that you read the packaging, because they often indicate whether the product you are buying is safe for clear coat finishes.

How much plastic is on your car?

Most waxes will often leave a residue that is visible, especially on surfaces that are not glossy, and made of porous plastic. Some of these surfaces include the door trim, the plastic body panel and bumpers.

Most of the new cars today have these parts, and quite a number of them are grey in color or black. If your car belongs to this category, choose a waxing product that is compatible with plastic. In the event that wax gets onto these surfaces accidentally, you might have to get a commercial plastic cleaner to remove it.

Choosing the right type of wax

While shopping around for the right wax for your black car, always make sure that you match the product you are purchasing with the immediate needs of your car. There are three types of car wax available in the market at the moment:

  • Liquid wax
  • Paste wax
  • Spray wax

Paste waxes are generally easier to work with than liquid waxes. On the other hand, liquid wax is known to clean better than the others.

Spray wax is the easiest wax to use, and it also leaves the least stains on the plastic parts of your car. However, unlike the others, spray wax does not last so long.

Liquid wax

Liquid was is predominantly the best option for a durable, glossy cleaning job on your car. The challenge with this type of wax however is that it is difficult to apply properly and to buff out. You therefore have to be very patient when using it.

When using liquid wax, you must also pay attention because they usually dry out in a minute or so, depending on other factors like the thickness of the application, presence of the sun and wind.

Paste wax

If you are looking for a product that is easy to apply, paste wax is the ideal option. However, it does not perform as good as the liquid wax does.

It can also be really difficult to get rid of wax from the container, especially when it is almost getting finished. While in use, they often dry out to a haze in around 30 seconds.

Spray wax

If you have a new car with an excellent finish, spray waxes will work well for you. In fact, it is compatible with plastic, and highly convenient for use. Spray wax also comes in handy for spot waxing.

They are easy to apply, and you can wipe off most of the brands before drying. In terms of durability, this is not an ideal option.

Useful tips for using the best wax for black cars

The following is a checklist of things that you need to do when you are planning on using some wax on your black car.

  • Always wash and thoroughly dry your car before you start waxing
  • Never do the waxing job when your car is under direct sunlight
  • Make sure you use the best quality mitts and applicator pads/microfiber towels
  • Be careful with synthetic fabrics because they usually scratch the surface of your car
  • Always wax your car from the top going down. The lower surfaces are usually the dirtiest, and the contaminants here can easily make your mitt dirty, hence a higher risk for the other surfaces.


Eventually, the choice you make will come down to perhaps what you have seen a lot of people you know using, or what you can afford. However, this should not be the basis for your decision making.

With a black car, you need nothing but the best wax for black cars. You need to make sure that you consider all the options you have before you, and choose wisely.

It usually helps to learn a bit about the products that are available in your locality, and know about some of the ones that come highly recommended for black cars. With this information, it will be much easier for you to protect your car.

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Best Rim Wheel Cleaner

best rim wheel cleaner

Best Rim Wheel Cleaner

Getting your alloys sparkling is one thing, keeping them sparkling for a long time is a whole different story altogether. Most car owners would love to make sure that they can at least get the perfect shine on their wheels each and every time they have their cars cleaned. You should look for the best rim wheel cleaner to help you get good results for this purpose.

It is very easy for you to flatter your wheel cleaner with a good brush, or some fine jet washer. Wheel cleaning is in fact one of the places where most people have a difficult time. You can clean the car body and buff it all you want, but if the wheels do not get their fair share of cleaning, all your efforts will be a waste.

Regular cleaning of the tires and wheels is not just a matter of appearance, but it is also a good preventive maintenance method that you should be carrying out on your car.

Allowing brake dust to stay on the wheels for a long time is not a good idea. This dust will slowly eat into the coating if you have some, and in the long run this will cause pitting on the metal. Brake dust is designed from carbon fibers and adhesive which come off the brake pad when you are applying the brakes constantly.

The friction and intense heat from the wheels will usually make this mixture corrosive. Since you drive the car each and every day, there is brake dust constantly accumulating on your wheels, making them less effective, and this affects the reaction time when you are on the road.

Best Rim Wheel Cleaner Options

To keep your wheels safe therefore, regular cleaning should be on your schedule. There are a number of alternatives in the market that you can consider so far, including the following:

  • Meguiars
  • Black Diamond alloy shine
  • Griot’s Garage
  • Mothers
  • Pinnacle
  • McKee’s 37

The choice of these that you make will depend on what you are comfortable spending, and perhaps the brand that you have been accustomed to using over time.

Meguiar's G9524 Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner

Meguiar's G9524 | Best Rim Wheel cleaner

Meguiar’s G9524

One of the reasons why this is an all-time favorite for most users is because this particular cleaner was a pioneer in the industry. They were the pioneers of the purple cleaners, which normally change color when you are cleaning the wheels.

Back in the day they had challenges like the bad egg odor, which has since given way to a fruity smell, thanks to innovative developments

This product also works much faster than it used to before. You only need to apply it and leave it be for 5 minutes. One thing that the company has maintained over the years and through a series of developments, is the effectiveness.

It perfectly shifts the grime off the wheels without you having to use a brush.

Black Diamond alloy shine

BLACK DIAMOND | Best Rim Wheel Cleaner


This one of the best rim wheel cleaner old-timers that has been around long enough. While a lot of products are being redesigned to follow the purple cleaner trend, Black Diamond has stuck with the acid based cleaning formula.

Because of the acid based formula, this product is recommended for specific surfaces. In particular, if you have chrome wheels it will be a good option for delivering the delicate finish.

In terms of performance, it delivers effectively for rinsing and brushing the wheels, and is in fact a better performer than a number of the expensive products in stores.

Using the Best Rim Cleaner

It would be pointless for you to have the best rim cleaner, and not know how to work with it. We will therefore show you a step by step guide on how to use this effectively.

  • Step 1: Wash the wheels

When washing the vehicle, always start by washing the wheels and tires. This is important so that you do not accidentally spread the grime or overspray from splattering on to the panels that you have already cleaned.

In the event that you would love to use soap and water to clean the tires, make sure you use a different wash and rinse bucket, and a soft bristle brush for the job.

  • Step 2: Use the right cleanser

Choose your cleaner based on the type of wheels that you have. Take note that roughcast chrome and aluminum wheels are able to withstand the pressure of stronger cleaners than the painted, anodized or coated wheels.

When purchasing the cleaner, read the label and you will see what surface the manufacturer recommends it should be used on.

Products like Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner for example, can work on any type of coated wheels, but if you choose their Chrome/Wire cleaner, this is not recommended for use on coated wheels.

Just in case you are unsure about the choice you need to make, find cleaners that are safe for all wheel types. We actually recommend finding a cleaner that will work on the tires and wheels also; this way you get so much more value for your money.

  • Step 3: Clean the wheels

Always make sure you clean the wheels and tires one set at a time, so that the cleaner does not dry off while you are still working on the other set. Before you move to the next set of tires, wash and rinse the pair you are working on with a strong water jet.

  • Step 4: Drying the wheels

Wheels too need to be dried. For this you will need a good all-purpose wheel detailing towel. If you cannot get it, you can also use a terry cloth towel for the task. Make sure the towel you use is not going to be used on any other part of the vehicle later on though.

Drying is important so that your wheels do not have water spots on them while they dry off, and will also help you get rid of brake dust.

  • Step 5: Waxing

Even the wheels too need to be waxed. After they have been cleaned and dried off, use good quality protectant to help seal the surface. The protectant works just in the same way that it works on the car surface, just that this one is specific for the wheels.

Use an applicator pad to apply the protectant, then buff your wheels. With the best protectant, you can have your wheels looking shiny for longer, and prevent the adhesion of brake dust.

These products are supposed to be reapplied at least on a weekly basis, and it is in fact a better alternative for those who do not have the luxury of time, than having to scrub the wheels every two days or so.

Pro Tip: If you use the right wheel wax as per the recommendations, all you will ever need to clean the wheels between waxing sessions is water.

Coating the Wheels

One of the other options that will help you take good care of the wheels is to apply coating on them. There are a number of products like Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel coating, which will form a blanket around the wheels.

This blanket offers protection for the wheels from road salt, oil, tar or ferrous brake dust particles. With the right coating formula, cleaning the wheels is going to be less laborious than it normally is.

The thick surface that offers protection also prevents the build-up of brake dust. Some of the best coating products in the market can last for up to one and a half years.


  • Ensure your car is not exposed to direct sunlight, and the surface is cool. Feel it on your hands
  • Clean each wheel properly
  • Use high quality cleansing polish for the wheels
  • Spray the wheel coating on a finger pocked and distribute it evenly on the wheels
  • Carefully work the coating into the surface and only stop when it disappears
  • Buff the wheels with a lint free, soft microfiber towel


While you will be working hard to keep your vehicle looking as good as new for longer, do not forget to pay attention to the wheels. Get the right products for proper care and maintenance of the wheels, and learn the necessary procedure that you need to follow.

It would be unwise for you to have the best rim wheel cleaner products with you, and not know how to effectively use them.

You will come to realize that most of these cleaners are really affordable, so choosing from the variety available is not supposed to be a challenge.

In case you are unable to choose, always go for the all-purpose wheel cleaners, which are safe for pretty much any kind of wheel and rim. More importantly, for the keen car owner, understand your vehicle, know the kind of wheels that you own. This will help you find the best rim wheel cleaner that is particularly effective and unique for your wheels.

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Best Car Wash Soap

Best Car Wash Soap

Best Car Wash Soap

You have probably thought about it for some time, whether you are using the best car wash soap or not. Whether you need to change your soap for a better alternative, or if you should stick with the one you are currently using.

It is a fact that these are common questions that run through the minds of most car owners. It might appear to be something simple, but that is far from the truth. Just before you get to the finer elements of car detailing, like waxing and polishing, you need to wash the car first.

Because of this reason, it is imperative that you at least know the best soap that you can use for the task. When it comes to washing your car, there are a few tools that you need to make sure you have. One of the most important of them all is the best car wash soap.

By now you might have noticed that there is quite some variety in the market, and choosing one might be a problem. A lot of people basically choose the car wash soap that they used to see their parents or someone close to them use while they were growing up.

Owing to the fact that there are so many options available, we will try and highlight the main choices that you have in the market, instead of narrowing down to a single option.

The Best Car Wash Soap

To be clear, there are so many soaps available in the market. There are just as many opinions on these soaps also, educated and uneducated guesses and opinions alike. While someone might prefer to use Hyper Wash for example, another will be fine with CG Pink super suds or some other brand. These are in fact two of the most prominent brands in the market so far, but they might still not be what everyone goes for.

1. Meguiar’s G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

Meguiar's G7164 | Best Car Wash Soap

Meguiar’s G7164

Weighing only 64 pounds, this is one of the best car wash soaps that you can purchase in the market so far. The following are the key features of this product:

  • It combines an ultra-rich conditioner and cleaner
  • The lubrication quality is awesome
  • Very easy to use
  • It uses and advanced cleaning formula, leaving your wax protection intact
  • Easily removes road grime, contaminants and tough dirt

In as far as your cleaning standards are concerned, this is a premium product that will help you uphold the same. Its foam powder will effectively help you get rid of unwanted particles from the car, delivering an amazing finish, without losing the shine you would love to have.

This soap is safe for use with clear coats, and there are no polishing materials or wax in the formula. However, we do not recommend using it for waterless application. For the best results, the traditional 2 bucket method is a good idea, just as is the case with most of the other soaps and conditioners.

2. Mothers 05632 California Gold Car Wash

Mothers 05632 | Best Car Wash Soap

Mothers 05632

The following are the key features that you can look forward to when you purchase this car wash soap:

  • Power cleaning function for dull paint
  • Complement your wax coating
  • Shines your car without removing the wax
  • It has a balanced pH formula
  • It is designed to resist water spots

This soap is ideal for protecting the wax work on your car, while still allowing you the perfect shine. It is in fact recommended for use between waxes, so that you protect your car paint from dulling.

The soap suds remain packed with water to get rid of the grim on your vehicle, thanks to the balanced pH formula. It works by softening the grim, making it easy for you to wash it away.

3. Griot’s Garage 11102 Car Wash

Griot's Garage 11102 | Best Car Wash Soap

Griot’s Garage 11102

Griot’s has been a hit with so many car owners over the years, primarily because of the fact that it works with all types of paint finishes. The following are some of its key features:

  • All paint type compatibility
  • Has an easy pour spout to reduce wastage
  • Presence of a unique measuring scale
  • Protects the finishing by lifting off contaminants
  • It is biodegradable
  • You end up with a glossy, rich finish

The main concept when you go for this soap is preservation. The soap lathers very easily, so your car will be looking bright through the day.

The fact that it is safe for the environment makes it a good option for the environment conscious driver. Hybrid drivers, this one is for you.

On the feel of it, it is quite slippery, which is a good thing. The slippery nature means that it prevents you from causing minor scratches to your car while washing it. Most of the mild scratches that you will find on the car will often occur as a result of the wiping motion when cleaning your car.

With good soap like this one however, you can reduce the chances of scratches on your vehicle during this process.

4. Chemical Guys CWS_301 – Citrus Wash & Gloss Concentrated Car Wash

Chemical Guys CWS_301 | Best Car Wash Soap

Chemical Guys CWS_301

Chemical Guys is one of the other products that you should consider. The following are the key features:

  • Formulated with a citrus base for the best waxing results
  • An ideal soap for those who use foam guns
  • At high concentration, it can effectively remove previous protection coats
  • Biodegradable product
  • 100% surface friendly

if you want to remove the previous wax work that was done on the vehicle before applying a fresh coat, this soap offers this alternative.

The cleaning action is awesome, and with traditional ingredients and a gloss enhancer, it delivers the best results for all cars, irrespective of the color.

If your car has not been maintained or waxed for a long time, or if you do not do this on a regular basis, this soap will help you out.

5. Meguiar’s G17748 Ultimate Wash and Wax


Looking for an affordable yet effective soap for washing your car? Meguiar has exactly the right ingredients for your vehicle. These days there are lots of products in the market so you do not have an excuse for not taking good care of it.

Meguiar's G17748 | Best Car Wash Soap

Meguiar’s G17748

Meguiar soap stands out for the following features:

  • lifts grime and dirt off the surface through an incredible suds action
  • Provides shine and gloss while you are washing
  • Has a protective formula blend of synthetic polymers and carnauba wax
  • Good alternative for use between regular waxing sessions

One of the main reasons why this specific soap comes highly recommended is because it maintains a glossy coat on your car rather easily.

If you are shopping for a good wash and wax solution, this is what you need to get. For this purpose, it in fact offers you good value for your money.

Meguiar ultimate wash and wax is an ideal soap for your car, because it will boost protection for your vehicle, shine it and make it glossy. Besides, it is compatible with all the other Meguiar products (waxes and washes).

Typically, most of the traditional wax and wash products are normally ineffective when it comes to protection, suds and shining your car. However, with this soap, the hybrid blend of carnauba and synthetic polymer will work just fine.

Car Wash Soap Buyers Guide

Important Points to Note

Before we get to the selection of soap that you can use, let’s spend some time and address some basics that will guide you, particularly for those who are just getting used to car care and maintenance.

Even before you start thinking about the best option for cleaning your car, you need to know the procedure, and process that you should follow. You should generally have a routine for washing your car. Consider a weekly or bi-weekly schedule for cleaning the vehicle, and if you have not been doing this, it is time you set aside some time in your schedule for this.

This is not just about cleaning the car, but the value goes beyond what you might know already. The following are some of the reasons why you should keep your car cleaned regularly:

  • Cleaning keeps the finish lasting longer
  • Your car will look good all the time
  • You get to understand how your car should be washed

The main objective here is to encourage you to form a habit of learning through trial and error. It would be useless for you to spend a lot of time looking for and actually buying the best car wash soap, when you do not even know how to wash the car in the first place, or you do not know the best way to clean your car.

Before we advance any further, remember that it is unacceptable to use household products to clean your car. For the best results, you should find a product that is specifically designed for washing cars, something that is mild and compliments the paint on your car. Otherwise, you might end up with something that cleans your car, but damages the paint work.

The following are some of the items that you will often need when cleaning your car:

  • Sponge (have a separate one for the wheels)
  • Microfiber towel for drying the car
  • Buckets
  • Grit guard
  • Power washer or water hose


To keep your car clean, you need the right combination of products. From the best car wash soap to the products that you will use for waxing, it is important that you make your purchase decisions wisely.

One of the other challenges that most people have is that they could be in possession of the best washing materials, but they do not know the procedure, or the order in which to use them. This is also a recipe for disaster because you will be doing the right thing but in the wrong way, hence causing more damage to the car.

We have discussed some of the top car soap brands that are available in the market at the moment. This will help you make up your mind when you are looking for the right soap to clean your car. The following is a recap of some of the key issues that we have realized so far, which you should consider when looking to purchase car soap:

  • Look for a product that enhances the shine on your vehicle;
  • The soap should be non-streaking and leave no spots on your car;
  • Consider the pH content. Non-acidic soaps usually do not remove the wax, or cause the paint to dry out;
  • Soaps that have a rich and stable foam will in most cases deliver awesome performance;
  • For a beginner, find soaps that are available in measuring/metered varieties;
  • Choose a soap that will work for your ideal method; foam gun use or two bucket car wash;
  • Find soaps that rinse clean without leaving any residue.

The soaps that we have discussed in here actually enjoy favorable reviews on most of the prominent networks where they are available, such as Amazon. You can always get in touch with your local auto spares store to find out whether they stock some of them, or find an online retailer that can deliver to your address.

Remember that if you take good care of your vehicle, it will also take good care of you. Do not just focus on the mechanical elements of maintenance and ignore the need to clean your car. Get the right soap for this job, buy good quality mitt or sponge for cleaning, and spare enough time to clean your car.

Do not be in a hurry, do the cleaning when you really have time, so that you can be as detailed as possible in the way you handle the cleaning.

As long as you know what to do, having the best car soap will be the best thing for you and your car. Not only will you be able to clean it properly, you will also manage to keep the shine lasting longer.

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Best Car Wash Mitt

Best Car Wash MittThose who are enthusiastic about cars will admit that washing the car can be a therapeutic experience, especially when you have the best car wash mitt. For most people, this is the one time when you truly get to bond with your car, know it better inside-out. Of course other than the time when you got the pedal to the metal, car wash times are moments that most car owners cherish.

When washing your car, it is important that you have and use the best washing tools available so far. You should choose the best car wash mitt to help you give your vehicle that gentle and effective cleaning experience. A good one will make it very easy for you to remove the dirt and grime off your car.

One thing that we cannot take away from car wash mitts is the fact that these products have really transformed the process of car washing. Their microfiber noodles are designed to specifically protect the body of the car from scratching. Other than that, they also are kind on your hands, making the cleaning work much less painless for you, especially during the winter.

Choosing The Best Car Wash Mitt

There are quite a number of these products available in the market at the moment. You will therefore need to consider some factors before choosing one that will work well for you. For those who have been using the normal sponge for cleaning purposes, it is time you switched to something more effective, some good quality mitt.

The following are two of the main factors that you will need to consider when choosing the ideal car wash mitt:

  • Type of material
  • How much will it cost?

Type of Material

In terms of the type of material, in most cases the choice comes down to natural wool mitt or the microfiber mitt. There are however other materials that are available in the market, so your choice will come down to what you prefer. The options you have in the market so far are as follows:

  • Pure wool mitt
  • Microfiber mitt
  • Synthetic mitt

Microfiber of Synthetic mitt vs. Wool mitt

Topist | Best Car Wash MittWhen we consider all the mitts that are available in the market today, those made of pure wool usually have softer, longer fiber, and for this reason they are relatively gentler on the paint work for the car than the others. For the same reason, these mitts are also effective at keeping away grime and dirt from your car.

The problem with this particular option is that they are not as effective as the microfiber mitts. Considering that they are made from natural products, they also do not usually last so long.

Remember that if you get a good quality mitt, and take good care of it, it is supposed to last you a number of seasons.

For the microfiber mitts, including the noodle model, the problem is that the fibers are really short, and because of this some of the particles that the noodles pick up will often make contact with your car’s paint work.

Synthetic wool mitts are also a good option that you can consider. Their fibers are longer and they are more affordable than the pure woolen type, but they are not as gentle on the body of the car.

Cost consideration

When it comes to the cost, you need to think about your budget. Most of these mitts are relatively affordable items off the shelves, so you should not have a difficult time with this.

With all these considerations, someone might wonder why not just get the car to an automated car wash and spare yourself all the trouble? Well, it will be faster and you will have a lot of time on your hands, but rest assured that automated car wash systems will almost certainly leave scratches on the paint.

Hand washing your vehicle is therefore one of the only ways that you can truly take good care of your vehicle. If you are using mitt that is made of 100% microfiber material, you will see a significant reduction in the scratches and swirl marks you get from washing the car.

The following are some of the best options in the market that we can recommend you use at the moment:

  • RouteGurus MicroCareful Car Wash Mitt
  • Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt
  • Chemical Guys MIC493 Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt
  • BlueCare Automotive Premium Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Review 4 Best Car Wash Mitt for You

1. RouteGurus MicroCareful Car Wash Mitt

RouteGurus MicroCareful  | Best Car Wash Mitt

RouteGurus MicroCareful

This is one of the products in the market that will allow you to clean your car much faster. The package includes the following:

  • Microfiber drying towel
  • Microfiber wash mitt
  • Mini finger microfiber mitt

The mini finger microfiber mitt is specifically aimed at helping you clean areas that are difficult to reach with the larger mitt, but your fingers can reach them.

With some good soap and a grit guard, you will easily get rid of collected dirt, and wash your car properly without spreading the dirt around unintentionally.

2. Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt

Relentless Drive Ultimate | Best Car Wash Mitt

Relentless Drive Ultimate

This product offers sheer value for money. It is one of the best glove styled mitts in the market, that is designed from 100% microfiber material.

It easily picks up the dirt and releases them off your car. With a bucket of soapy water, you simply need to work back and forth on the car while cleaning.

You also need to have a grit guard, on which you can agitate the mitt to release the dust and dirt particles that have been trapped. If you do not do this, you could end up causing swirl marks on the car as you keep washing it.

When it is dry, the product is plush and it is designed to be easily wearable on most hands. If you want to reduce the scratches and swirl marks on your car while washing, you should consider Relentless Drive Ultimate car wash mitt.

3. Chemical Guys MIC493 Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Chemical Guys | Best Car Wash Mitt

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys is one product that has undergone innovative changes in the past, making it one of the appealing products for the mass market today. The microfiber premium car wash mitt has a simple design, but does the work very well.

When you get this product, you will be getting the following benefits when you clean your car:

  • Lint free
  • Scratch free
  • Swirl free

For those who prefer the 2 bucket system for cleaning their cars, this mitt will be an excellent companion.

One thing that sponges do not usually do so well is clinging on to the dirt from the car, and at the same time release this dirt when they are adjusted with a grit guard.

While using this mitt, you can throw it into the washing machine after use, and get it ready for the next car washing session.

4. BlueCare Automotive Premium Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

BlueCare Automotive | Best Car Wash Mitt

BlueCare Automotive

BlueCare products are well-known as excellent products to help you with cleaning solutions for your car, with minimal scratches.

With this product, you get a two mitt combo, which allows you to clean the top part of the vehicle, while cleaning the bottom with the other. Each of these mitts is lint free, dries off so fast, and you can easily get rid of the embedded dirt from the car surface.

Some of the other popular mitts that you can consider when shopping around include the following:

  • Viking Pile Wash Microfiber Sponge;
  • Uxcell Colored Car Wash Sponge;
  • Mothers Genuine Lambswool Car Wash Mitt.


For a fact there are so many options that you have in the market. Your choice could therefore be inspired by different things. There are those whose decision to purchase a given mitt will be based on the cost, while others will consider a product that has been used in their family over the years.

By the end of the day what matters most is that you have something that can deliver good results for you with minimal effort.

Remember that most of these car wash mitts promise you minimal scratches and swirls, which is realistic. It is almost impossible to wash the car for so long, without experiencing swirls or scratches. We are humans and we cannot be 100% perfect at what we do.

The basics still matter a lot; get the right soap or shampoo for cleaning your car, make sure you are using clean water and so forth. With these in check, the mitt will be the perfect icing on the cake for this job.

However, if you choose one of the best products in the market, chances are high that you will enjoy cleaning your vehicle for so long, without having to worry about scratches or swirls on the car. Even with the best car wash mitt so far, you still need to know how to effectively clean your car, of you will not get the results you desire.

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Best Car Leather Cleaner

 Best Car Leather CleanerOne of the most important parts of car upholstery maintenance is protecting and taking good care of the leather in your car. Leather is one of those materials that is really awesome to look at, feel and appreciate, but if not properly taken care of, it is very delicate and the damage will cost you a lot in repairs. This is why you need to get the best car leather cleaner to take care of your car’s leather interior.

For most professional auto detailers, the procedure and necessary equipment for cleaning leather seats are some of the most common questions that they come across. There has been a lot of misleading advertisements and bad information all over the place, which a lot of people interestingly enough tend to rely on. As a result of this, most people do not really know what to do if they need to clean their leather interior.

From professional experience, we have also noted that a lot of people are usually eager to skip the basic requirements of proper leather cleaning, and go into protection and leather conditioning. There is also the misconception that when you use the right car leather conditioner, you will almost immediately transform terrible leather into good leather.

There are three main reasons why a lot of people tend to struggle with leaning the leather surfaces in their vehicles:

  • You are using the wrong leather cleaners
  • The techniques you use are ineffective
  • You are working with bad or outdated information

The Best Car Leather Cleaners in the Market

By now you probably know there are so many products available. You can therefore choose from the variety, that which will work best for you.

Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

Leather Honey | Best Car Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

Leather Honey’s Leather Cleaner is perhaps one of the most versatile cleaners you will come across in stores today. Other than just helping you clean your car, it is also effective for other tasks, such as cleaning saddles, furniture, faux leather, and so many others.

For its versatile nature, it works well with finished and unfinished leather. It is designed from natural ingredients, meaning that it will not harm your skin or any of your leather surfaces. If you worry about color change, it will also not cause change in color, or the texture of your upholstery.

So, what makes it a good option for your car? The following are some of the key reasons why you should consider this product.

  • Premium concentrated formula;
  • Made of non-toxic ingredients;
  • Delivers 32 ounces of cleaner;
  • Good customer reviews since 1968.

The premium concentrated formula from which it is made is designed to help you get rid of oil, dirt, grime and stains fast and effectively. Other than this, the non-toxic ingredients also ensure that when in use, you do not need to worry about discoloration of your upholstery.

In the event that you are not sure of the best leather cleaner for your car, this is perhaps the safest alternative for you. That being said however, you still need to make sure you dilute the cleaner with water before applying it on to the car’s leather interior.

The small bottle can yield up to 32 ounces of cleaning liquid for your upholstery, which means that you can actually use it for years, hence an incredible value for your money.

Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

When it comes to car detailing and conditioning, Meg’s products usually are rated top of the pack by a lot of car owners. Thanks to the UV ray inhibitors, this product is particularly awesome for your car’s interior. However, you can also use it for other leather surfaces in the house.

Some of the highlights for recommending this product are as follows:

  • Prevent premature damage to your leather;
  • Protect the leather from aging;
  • Has an awesome smell;
  • One-step protection.
Meguiar's | Best Car Leather Cleaner


When you get this product, you will enjoy the one-step protection, which cleans, protects and conditions your leather upholstery, all in one step. You only need to spray it on the leather, wipe it and you will be good to go.

This also makes it very good value for your money, it offers all the benefits you desire, without necessarily having to purchase two different products (cleaner and conditioner).

The cleaner has an aloe spray formula, which gives it the feel and texture of a conditioner. Therefore, it will not leave any greasy residue or streaks on your car’s interior. Other than that, it has an awesome smell that will last all through the day.

Leather Nova Leather Cleaner

Leather Nova | Best Car Leather Cleaner

Leather Nova

This is another product that is known for its versatility. You can use it on so many leather surfaces other than your car’s interior, including furniture, shoes and bags.

It is designed to be safe from all plastic, leather and vinyl products, and there are no dangerous ingredients or detergents in the formula.

It can easily penetrate the pores of your leather, to remove the oil, grime or dirt that might have set in. According to manufacturer specifications, it can also get rid of the stains that are left behind by other cleaners – must be some cleaner this one, right?

You do not need to worry about discoloration or dullness on your leather surfaces from time to time. If your leather upholstery is treated with essential oils, it will not interfere with those either.

You do not need to worry either about soapy residue, or oily residue that often remains on the seats after you are done cleaning.

The following are the key features that you will notice about this product:

  • It dries quickly;
  • It is a no-rinse cleaner;
  • Has a balanced pH formula;
  • No harsh ingredients present.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner

Dodo Juice | Best Car Leather Cleaner

Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice, unlike other cleaners, does not promise to moisturize your leather. However, it offers an awesome protective finish, which repels water droplets.

There is no sticky surface either when or after you are done using it. The leather feels smooth and soft.

In terms of the cleaning capacity, it gets rid of most of the grime on the leather surface. Even for everyday stains like ballpoint pen ink, it clears such very easily. Therefore, this is one cleaner that will definitely meet the needs of the everyday driver.

There are so many other affordable options that you can chose from, particularly if you are conscious about the amount you need to spend on your leather cleaner. 

Some of the options you can look into include:

  • Angelwax Heaven for Leather;
  • Wonder Wheels Leather Clean & Feed;
  • Nielsen Leather Maintainer;
  • Leather Milk Natural Leather Care Liniment No. 1

Cleaning 7 Year old Car Leather Amazing Results

Car Leather Cleaning Tips

Depending on how dirty your car leather is, there are some recommendations that will help you get through the cleaning process effectively. As the leather surfaces that you have in your car age, they will lose the original protectants that are infused into them in the course of the manufacturing process. Because of this reason, the leather will become easily affected by oils, dirt and more importantly damage as a result of exposure to UV rays.

It is often tempting to make the assumption that since your leather upholstery seems to be tougher than the normal fabric, it does not need to be looked after. What most of us do not realize is that this leather material should also be nourished and properly maintained for it to stay looking as good as new for longer.

There are two important things that you need to do in order to keep your leather looking and feeling good:

  • Clean it
  • Replace the moisture and protection that has been lost

Two Step Cleaning Solution

Just like the two bucket procedure for cleaning your car, there is a two-step cleaning solution that you can use with the best car leather cleaner. You should use a pure cleaner, one that is free of silicone oils, gloss agents or petroleum solvents.

Use a microfiber applicator pad to help with this, or a scrub brush that is gentle on your upholstery. Remember, when you are working on this leather, you are not supposed to scrub, but agitate the fabric.

Agitation is important because it allows dirt and other body oils to come to the surface of the leather, by opening up its pores. Once this is done, you can then wipe them away easily.

After cleansing thoroughly, we move to step two, applying good quality conditioner on the leather. Make sure you use good quality conditioner. Market leading conditioners are designed to moisturize and nourish the leather.

Look for conditioners that are engineered at molecule level, specifically designed to absorb into the fiber cells. Through this action, the fibers will be able to maintain their resilience, hence preventing premature aging. With the right conditioning, the fibers will maintain their softness and flexibility.

Careful Note

If you are the type of car owner who goes after the inexpensive brands in the market, you have to be very keen. Most of these leather conditioners usually have petroleum distillates, silicone oils or silicone itself, and some gloss agents.

These will cling on to the surface of your upholstery and are transferred to your clothes. They will therefore leave you with a terrible greasy finish. To be on the safe side, always make sure you choose a conditioner that is water based, and has a balanced pH rating.

Useful Points to Remember

When you are looking to purchase the best car leather cleaner, the following are some points that you need to remember at all times:

  • Have a regular interior maintenance schedule
  • You can use the one-step cleaners available in the market
  • Choose dedicated cleaning products
  • Stay away from vinyl cleaners, or cleaners that have petroleum-based solvents
  • Avoid lotion-based cleaners if your interior is made of perforated leather
  • Always read the manufacturer instructions before use.


If your leather is to remain as beautiful as it is, or was when you bought the car, it has to be cared for. Cleaning and conditioning are some of the most important things that you will need to pay attention to.

It is in fact easier and cost effective for you to spend some time conditioning and protecting your leather upholstery, than having to spend more money and energy on the salvage process.

You no longer have to worry about leather that remains dried, looks to have aged prematurely, or cracked. If you do not offer the appropriate care for your leather, it will soon lose its luster and flexibility.

Take note that the deterioration process is usually faster in areas where the climate is warmer. However, with the best car leather cleaner for regular cleaning and conditioning, you are able to keep your car’s leather soft, supple and looking fresh for a very long time.

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How To Choose The Right Polisher For Your Car

How to choose the right polisher for your car

How to choose the right polisher for your car

Reading through this guide will help you learn how to choose the right polisher for your car detailing needs. There are different polishers for different tasks, from correction to maintenance, so it might be necessary for you to at least own more than one type of polisher for your car.

Waxing and polishing the car is not as simple as choosing between one product or the other. You have to think about things like whether to use paste or liquid, using a machine or use the polisher by hand, low priced products or premium products and so forth.

In terms of consumer experience, not all the products that are premium priced are usually better than the budget priced polishers. There are some abrasive polishers that could actually damage the paint finish on your car, particularly for the dark colored vehicles.

In order to help you choose the right polisher that will give your car a glossy smooth perfect finish without causing damage to the paint job, the tips herein will guide you accordingly: Continue reading

Best Car Interior Protectant

Best Car Interior Protectant

The vehicle is constantly exposed to a lot of dirt, grime and so many other harmful elements from time to time. Even oxidation and UV rays pose a lot of challenges for the interior of your vehicle. Considering the kind of electrical equipment, appliances, upholstery in the vehicle cabin, you need to make sure that you have the best protectant to keep your vehicle clean and safe. This is why you need only the Best Car Interior Protectant for your vehicle.

For most people, cleaning the car’s interior is a daunting task that they would rather do without. However, by the end of the day, the benefits of cleaning the interior by far outweigh the challenge of a daunting task.

At the moment there are quite a number of products in the market. You have to choose wisely when looking for the right protectant. For most people the cost consideration usually limits their options in terms of the variety available.

Blackfire Interior Protectant is one of the most highly recommended interior protectants in the market at the moment. This is a technologically advanced leather and vinyl conditioner for your car’s interior.

With the polycharger boost in the formula, you can be assured of superior protection for the interior, keeping the effects looking as good as new.

Blackfire Interior Protectant | Top The Best Car Interior Protectant

Blackfire Interior Protectant | Best Car Interior Protectant

Blackfire Interior Protectant

This product has a new formula that makes it last longer on your vehicle, and dry much faster than before. It is also designed with a fresh tropical fragrance which makes the interior of your vehicle feel so relaxing.

It is realy the Best Car Interior Protectant. One of the main reasons why this product is in fact an ideal option for you is because they effectively combined a vinyl protectant and a leather conditioner in one bottle. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will help you maintain your soft vinyl upholstery and the leather feel this is the product you need to find.

For best results, we recommend getting Blackfire Interior Protectant alongside Blackfire Interior Cleaner. These two products complement one another, and deliver the best result for your cabin.

Key Features

So, what really makes Blackfire Interior Protectant one of the best in the market? The following are some of the features that make it stand out from the competition:

  • Water based – Not only is this protectant water based, but it also makes use of micro-engineered polymers. These are easy on vinyl and leather upholstery, so you do not have to worry about unpleasant reactions.
  • No harmful components – Unlike other protectants, Blackfire does not have petroleum distillates, silicones or oils. Because of this reason, you can use it to get that natural looking, deep, satin finish for your car interior surfaces.
  • Protection and enhancement – This protectant is designed to enhance and protect vinyl surfaces, while at the same time moisturizing and protecting the leather surfaces. Even the wooden accent strips, the plastic panels, polished satin metals and cup holders are protected.
  • 100% water based formula – Since this is a water based protectant, you do not have to worry about oils, alcohol or petroleum distillates that will dry out the leather interior, and as a result cause deterioration in the stitching.
  • pH balanced – Blackfire Interior protectant is perfectly pH balanced. This way you are guaranteed that it matches the pH requirements for using leather. After using it in your vehicle, it leaves a fine micro moisture barrier on your surfaces, which helps in keeping the surface free of perspiration stains. This is also an important feature, as it prevents fading as a result of exposure to UV rays.

What surfaces is it for?

This interior protectant is in fact recommended for naturally faced and vinyl faced leather interiors. The satin finish that comes with it does not generate glare on the dashboard, and in fact it perfectly complements the matte vinyl finish that is currently a common feature on so many dashboards.

We recommend this protectant for most of the vehicle models that are in the market today. This is because most of the leather interior surfaces are often topped with a layer of clear vinyl for better protection.

From time to time, car owners have mistakenly treated such interiors with leather-specific conditioners, assuming that they are pure leather. However, this is not the case, and this is not the treatment you should use. Those who use leather-specific conditioners only end up with a greasy film in the long run, because the vinyl topping is designed to prevent the oils from penetration.

Back in the day, there were so many products that were marketed and sold for leather and vinyl, which had petroleum solvents or oils for the purpose of moisturizing the leather interior. However, the oils only remained on the surface of the vinyl since they were unable to penetrate, and instead created a greasy finish, in the long run attracting dust and other substances.

With Blackfire interior protectant however, this does not happen. The protectant is designed to dry off so fast, and it leaves a satin finish that is non greasy, hence does not attract dust at all.

Meet the Competition

For those who are unable to get Blackfire interior protectant, there are other protectants available in the market that you can consider.

Armor All

Armor All | Best Car Interior Protectant

Armor All

Armor All, like most of the other protectants, promise to take good care of your vehicle’s interior, leaving it looking as good as the day you bought it. According to the manufacturers, Armor All is designed with proprietary protectant formula that meets the highest standards so far.

Armor All boasts of offering more than just interior protection, they also offer the following benefits:

  • Cleaning away debris, dust and dirt from your vehicle’s interior
  • Prevent fading and cracking of the interior
  • Prevent discoloration and premature aging inside the vehicle
  • Maintain a rich, deep beautiful look that keeps the vehicle shining
  • Helps you revitalize and renew plastic, rubber and vinyl appearance in your vehicle

Armor All is designed for use on the dashboard, bumpers, tires and trim, door panels, consoles and vinyl seats.

While it is effective for use in the sections mentioned, the manufacturer also issues a warning that it should not be used on the floor, cycle or bench seats, brake drums, steering wheel, pedals, grips and other vehicle control units.

In short, it should not be used on any surface where slipperiness might be dangerous. It is also not supposed to be used on or near glass or plastic surfaces because it could smear. Armor All also should not be used on or near fabric, paint or woven material.

To get the best results with Armor All, you need to use it on untreated surfaces, and apply only three applications. Any excess should be wiped off.

Mothers Interior Care

Mothers Interior Care | Best Car Interior Protectant

Mothers Interior Care

For regular maintenance and protection, using Mothers® Interior care products will help you take good care of your vehicle’s cabin. Mothers® Protectant is one of many products that the company has in the market, that guarantee you top protection and care for your vehicle.

This product should protect and preserve your interior for up to 30 days. It is effective on rubber, plastic, vinyl and fiberglass, blocking UV penetration in the process.

It is also designed to offer reconditioning for the interior, and at the same time maintain the original condition and appearance of your trim, bumpers, dashboard and any other part that it is used.

This protectant is not an oil based surface coating film, but an ozone friendly, smog resisting UV shielding penetrant. This preservation technique makes it a good option for any rubber or uncoated plastic surfaces. Do not use this type for vinyl coating like this Best Vinyl Wrap For Cars? post on this blog.

303 Aerospace Interior Protectant

303 Aerospace Interior Protectant | Best Car Interior Protectant

303 Aerospace Interior Protectant

303 Aerospace Protectant was initially engineered for aviation and aerospace application. However, innovative improvements over the years has seen this protectant find its way to a number of household uses, sports equipment and for day-to-day use in vehicles.

Aerospace is designed not to leave behind greasy residue, to dry with a matte clear finish, and without leaving any oil traces behind. It is also a water based protectant, meaning that it is safe for use on most of the vehicle products. For the same reason, it is recommended for use with internal engine parts, leather seats or even paint detailing work.

If you are looking for a premium alternative to Blackfire for surface treatment, this is one of the best options you can consider.

It will protect your vehicle’s interior surface against discoloration, fading or cracking in the face of UV rays. It also keeps away stains and dust.

For application, you simply need to spray the protectant on the vehicle, and wipe it dry until you have the beautiful matte finish that you need. This product does keep your vehicle safe for a number of months, keeping your vehicle looking as good as new for years.

Final words

Always make sure you use the protectant on clean surfaces only. For the best results with any protectant, try and have a drop cloth just underneath the cleaner. This will help you get any overspray before it causes any damage to the car or glass. If you are applying on leather surfaces, allow the protectant at least a minute or two so that it can penetrate into the surface.

Make sure you use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the surface clean. If overspray accidentally lands on the glass surfaces, use any glass cleaner to wipe it off. Most of the protectants in the market today do dry out so fast, so you can drive the vehicle almost immediately without worrying about staining.

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Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

black and decker 20v vacuum	| Best car vacuum cleaner

black and decker vacuum

In order to keep your car’s interior in a perfect condition, you should have the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner on the market. However, obtaining those which called by “the best” today is not easy. Some manufacturer even only sell the promotion and forget the last long quality. This fact results to a fragile product which only last for a few month. The best that I recomend here is black and decker 20v vacuum.

Keep in mind that the reviews below will focus to discuss the best vacuum cleaner for car. Though, it is still possible for you to use them for other purpose like cleaning home interior, furniture, and carpets. The clear contrast made is in their flexibility. Yes, you are right, those product has better mobility if you want to bring it somewhere. Mostly are light-weight, yet still powerful.

Top Selection Products - Top 5 Best car vacuum for you

1. Black+Decker BDH2000PL - 20 Volt

The model black and decker 20v vacuum presented by MAX Lithium Pivot is simply what you need while in travel. It is suitable for those who keeps moving and need a quick cleaning for their cars. The size of tis vacuum isn’t too much big, the size is similar to a medium thermos. This costs you a little space only to store.

Best Car Vacuum | Black+Decker BDH2000PL

Black+Decker BDH2000PL

The cool thing you can find is its battery life. Mostly, handheld car vacuum will last quickly with a weak suction power. However, since it has up to 20V electricity power. It can perform above the average. The lithium battery also ensures the user to get long-life battery life.

At a glance, you will see the nozzle is something unique here. It can be folded easily down when it is stored. It sounds cool, but you need to ensure the dust is well-suctioned into the machine. This is because some people complain the dust sometimes comes out of the nozzle when it is folded.

The compact model benefits you with small storage needs. Furthermore, the size and flat ends part enables you for standing battery charge. The cable provided is also quite long. This possibly can make you charge and keep cleaning when it comes to a car interior’s whole-cleaning activity.

Main Features

  • Easy To Use and Clean

The pivot comes with crevice tools and brush to handle any dirty mess. If you find a dirt which is stick on its place, the brush will be helpful to eliminate them out. Especially, it is good for cleaning a dry mud and dust particles.

Inside the vacuum, users can easily open without a hard work. The only thing user should understand is not to clean the dust tube rarely. Meaning that, you keep the dust inside until it has been full and empty once a year. It doesn’t work like that. Handheld vacuum like this can hold dust inside for too long. You can clean the dust tube and nozzle using both soft fabric and water. The essential thing here is to ensure there is no dirt stuck on the plastic. Anyway, the bowl is easily removed and washable.

In many case, the dust leaked and causes motor’s problem. It makes your cleaning activity stressful afterwards. Moreover, the dust possibly ruins the turbine and makes the suctioning power slow.

  • Standard All in One Cleaning System

This vacuum equips the standard handheld cleaning needs. Inside, you will meet high performance motor, cyclonic actions that put dust and debris away from filter, and 3-stage of filtration system.

Logically, the dust will not leak using because of the cyclonic action. However, heavy particles are usually more difficult to follow the cyclonic moves. That is why, you need to make sure the heavy particle is dry so it will not stuck.


  • Lightweight design;
  • Strong suction with up to 20 volt;
  • Exclusive rotating nozzle;
  • Easy to clean device.


  • The filter sometimes doesn’t work well;
  • Few customers claimed the product’s durability is low (last for a month or less);
  • Sometimes noisy.

2. Black+Decker CHV1410L Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vacuum | 16 Volt

Best Car Vauum | BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L


The second choice after the black and decker 20v vacuum is lower electricity power (16 Volt) than previous vacuum doesn’t simply make Cordless Dust Buster worse. The fact is, every vacuum works in its own way. Having its own benefit and negative sides. However, the long and slim nozzle here will benefit you very much.

If you experience the extreme difficulty while cleaning the narrow space, this is going to be your solution. The product is ideal for the quick pick. Anytime you need an instant action of cleaning, this will be helpful.

The long nozzle produced to reach the narrow areas which your hand cannot enter  through. However, the long equipment is still slim and comfortable in mobile use. The handle crafted very nice with few adjustment button on the upside.

Overall, it is lightweight vacuum which you can rely on for the quick pick and still performs well. It is easy to store this and no cables annoying you when performs suctioning. The battery life lasts for few hours but still enough for daily use. 

 Main Features

  • Quick-Action Ready

This tool can hold the battery life until 18months long. The lithium technology makes this possible. It makes your action on cleaning the car’s interior not interrupted. You can possibly pick this vacuum to perform a quick suctioning anytime.

Furthermore, the material is less bending. It is because it has on-board extension. Besides making you easy to store the product, it also simplifies the cleaning process (when you need to clean up the nozzle).

  • Smart Charging

This feature allows you to charge with 50% less energy. Moreover, activating the machine also costs you a little portion for the battery life. It means, you clean up the dust and dirt longer.

  • Cyclonic Action

The cyclonic system helps you to keep the filter clean and the power strong. The system will smartly separate the dust away from the turbine which mostly caused issue. It also has translucent bagless dirt bowl which is easy to empty and clean up.


  • Multi-Surface Cleaning Attachment;
  • Durable lithium battery for powerful suction;
  • Smart Charge Technology;
  • Easy to Clean.


  • The warranty process takes a long time, some even found the repair center is located quite far;
  • Not suitable for hard-work suctioning.

3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

Best Car Vacuum | Bissell Handheld Vacuum

Bissell Handheld Vacuum

For the pet lovers, this tool will be perfect for you. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser designed to suction small particles like hair, pet’s hair, soft dust, etc. Typically, it is very functional when it comes to suctioning micro particles.

Basically, this vacuum works smartly by giving you two models of nozzle. The first one is rubber contour nozzle to pick up fallen pet hairs and small particles on the car seats, sofa, floor, and stairs. The second one is hard nozzle which is very effective for handling dry mess inside a car.

There is button situated on the top (Behind your thumb when you handle the vacuum) as the on/off button. Moreover, switching between the hard nozzle and soft one is easy. You can do this by pressing down on the round nozzle-release button and snapping the new nozzle into place.

Unlike average chargeable vacuum, you need to plug this in power socket. The downside is the mobility will decrease. Yet, you can expect cleaning for a longer time, even for the whole car using this stuff without thinking to run out the battery. 

Keep in mind that Bisell manufacturer recommends the user to empty the dirt container. This will ensure best suction power. Moreover, the vacuum only has a small dirt box which you should clean up after each use. That is why this recommendation is essential


  • Multi-Layer Filtration

The filtration system is multi-layer, this ensures dust and dirt will not damage the turbine. It keeps the vacuum works well and last longer. This system usually exists in another best car vacuum cleaner as a well-known standard.

  • Include Two Specially Designed Nozzle

The nozzles available are two. The hard one is for stuck dirt and heavier cleaning action. Then, the second attachment handles soft dust and pet’s hair. Those include in buying package.

  • Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Even though this vacuum needs to be plugged in, it is still flexible and mobile. You can easily use this for quick dirt pickup. In fact, the total weight is less than pounds. Thus, it is still ok for you to bring and use it anywhere.

  • 16 Ft. Power Cord

The length of the cable is ideal. It’s not too short or too long with 16 feet. It is just perfect length. Long power cord will possibly provide you better range to clean up edges from dirt, dust, and hairs.


  • Multi-level filtration;
  • Lightweight device;
  • Performs very well for car’s seat;
  • Customizable nozzle.


  • You need to plug the cable to turn it on (less mobile);
  • The exhaust air on the end side blows dust away before it’s cleaned up;
  • Quite noisy.

4. Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac

Best Car Vacuum | Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless

Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless

If you think cordless type will ensure better convenience, this will be your next, great, and powerful choice. The 18-Volt vacuum like this will give suitable power for quick cleanup inside the car and furniture. Overall, the design is smaller and it works quitter. The difference  from black and decker 20v vacuum and this one is 12 Volt and 18 Volt vacuum only.

Other handheld pivot vacuums typically have the same model like this. It is because the design has already been a solid patent for handheld vacuum car. Having rotatable nozzle, strong suction, and standard power, this product is ideal for everyone.

Moreover, On-board brush and extendable crevice tool erase the possibility to loose additional attachment. If you want to apply that additional attachment, you can simply unlock the tool which is located around the nozzle. You have done! You can use it right away and store it back easily inside the vacuum’s body.

The dirt bowl is extremely easy to replace and washable. It takes few seconds to put away the parts and clean them without mess. Talking about the dirt bowl, Black&Decker claimed that this platypus-like vacuum can store 40% more dust than other average handheld vacuums.


  • Cordless Device

The main feature carried here is its cordless power. 18V Lithium battery has perfectly empowered the device to stay active in standard period. Though, some people claimed the power remains in a short time.

Therefore, the vacuum is going to be perfect if you put this cordless device for a quick clean, not a whole interior cleaning. Furthermore, since it uses battery, you should aware to replace this sometime. Rechargeable battery usually will last for a year or less in intensive use. If you are those who plan to use it in a long time, make sure you know where to replace the lithium battery

  • Rotatable Nozzle and On-Board Equipment

The nozzle is the most essential part of the vacuum. That would explain why the designer let this part rotatable. By rotating the nozzle, you can reach hidden or narrow areas with any angle easily without lifting your hand so much. As a result, the cleaning process done effectively.

Best of all, it has useful on-board equipment. It includes brush and crevice tools. The brush inside is helpful to eliminate stuck dirt and wet dust. On the other hand, crevice tool supports super narrow-space cleaning.

  • Easy to Store and Clean

Rotating nozzle is not useful for the cleaning purpose. In fact, it is also essential feature that enables you to save the tool efficiently. You will get the half-size when you fold the nozzle. Therefore, it doesn’t consume much space to store.

On the sides, you will find dirt bowl handle. This part will make you easier when putting out the bowl to empty the space into dustbin. It takes only few seconds to ungroup the parts and start washing them right away. Keep in mind that drying the parts is important. Wet parts may drop water to filter or machine, decreasing its suction power.  


  • On-board Brush Tool;
  • On-board Crevice Tool;
  • Equipped pivoting nozzle;
  • Rotating nozzle.


  • Short battery life;
  • The dust sometimes is not suctioned to the dirt bowl properly. As a result, when user fold the nozzle, the dust fall down;
  • The motor often becomes quite hot.

5. ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum - 2.5 gallon - 2 HP

Best Car Vacuum | Armor All 2.5 Gallon, AA255

Armor All 2.5 Gallon, AA255

We would say this last recommended product is the elite one. Why? This vacuum simply combines unbeatable suction power, mobility, and bigger dust bag capacity. Of course, it is not suitable for quick cleaning like handheld products. Yet, it is perfect to partner with for a long time.

Unlike those which use lithium battery, cord vacuum are typically more powerful. It can be used for cleaning the whole interior. Although the product is not that mobile, the 10 Ft. cord is helpful to reach the distance of power socket.

It handles both dry and wet cleaning in a powerful way. Ranges of nozzle equipment are also available in sales package. The hose, which connects removable dustbin and the nozzle, has 6 Ft. length.  This will help you a lot to reach edges perfectly.

The only downside is the tool produces hot surface around the vacuum when people use it for a long time. However, it is still normal since the turbine used is bigger and may rotate faster. As a recommendation, turning off the machine every 30 minutes will give the machine a chance to rest and works in last longer period.


  • 2-Year Warranty

For a car vacuum, finding 2-year warranty is rare. Commonly, the average device will present a year limited warranty. This is a good sign that manufacturer can guarantee the product use for a long period. The machine may work better and built-in quality should be tougher.

  • Specially Designed for a Car

Unlike other vacuum, this one is sold specially for car cleaning. Meaning that, the result given will be logically better than other dual-function vacuum. If you are planning to use it at your home, it will not give you a great result. It is because the nozzle, filtering, and turbine power is specially crafted for car’s dirt and dust.

  • Auto Shut-off

The auto shut-off feature will turn the machine off for a certain time when you leave it. Overflow suction will waste your electricity power and perhaps, the vacuum can siphon things it doesn’t have to.

  • Ranges of Accessories

As stated previously, ArmorAll equips the vacuum with several nozzle modifications. The extra accessories are nozzle with brush tool, crevice tool, deluxe car nozzle, blower nozzle, adapter with detail brush, and reusable cloth filter along with foam sleeve.


  • Wide range of nozzle customization;
  • Unquestioned performance to clean up the whole car’s interior;
  • Less noisy.


  • It has less mobility;
  • Few customers claimed the machine is quickly hot after few weeks of use. It comes out smell like a melting plastic.

Black and decker 20v vacuum, How to Use

Tips to Maintain Car Vacuum

Using car vacuum will be your daily routine if you are care about the hygiene of your drive. However, many people forget to maintain the vacuum so that it can work well and last longer. It actually doesn’t consume a lot of time. Yet, you just need to do it regularly. The recommendations below will show you how to make your own vacuum works at least one year straight without finding a serious problem.

  1. Regularly Replace the Dust Bag

The simplest thing to do to maintain the vacuum is to replace and empty the bag from any dirt and dust. However, some people are lazy to do it regularly. This will affect to the suction power. It could easily drop the power and make the machine hotter.

As a recommendation, it is best to empty the dustbin when it has been 2/3 full. This action will be also required for handheld device. It is because debris needs a space to enter the bag. In case the bag has been full (and there is no extra room available inside), there will be no room for the vacuum cleaner to pick the dirt and dust inside. Consequently, the vacuum can only siphon limited number of dust and debris.

  1. Make Sure Bag or Dirt Bowl Attached Properly

If there is a dust or debris leak, it signs that you didn’t attach the dirt container properly. It may be because you are in hurry. Another possibility is when the bag locker is already loose. In this case, make sure that the opening of bag securely attached on the nozzle. If you find there is a clip, hooks, holders, or whatever it is, make sure the properties attached firmly.

This condition will not only make debris and dust leak outside. There is a possibility of that micro particle comes to where it shouldn’t, inside the vacuum turbine. This factor makes the turbine works slower, decrease the suction power, and finally produce plastic-melt smell.

Unfortunately, once it happens, it is mostly impossible to replace the dirt which has already come inside the machine. Unless, you need to replace the whole machine to make it performs as it should.

  1. Clear Dirt Bowl in Handheld Device More Often

The dirt bowl in handheld device is multiple times smaller than the dust bag. If you should empty the dust bag in big vacuum cleaner, you should be ready to clean up the dirt bowl each time you have used the vacuum.

Things to Consider For Buying the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Whether  you are considered as new customer or knowledgeable buyers, there are some essential thing you need to consider when buying car vacuum. In this case, by knowing the criteria, you can pick the best one on the market. The best car Vacuum doesn’t always need to be expensive. These considerations might help you to find out high-quality vacuum suits your budget.

  • Top Brands

As a new customer (who mostly have no idea which one is the best), it is recommended for you to play safe by selecting the top brands. Of course there are some brands spread fulfilled the marketplace. Yet, you may still aware of which one is not strange on your ear and pretty recognizable on the market.

Choosing the popular brand at least, guarantee you to pick what people mostly buy. Those products may have already used several times by people. Popular brands usually update its their technology and invention too.

  • Features and Specs

Talking about specification, not many people know deeply about it. However, there are some basic knowledge you need to understand about the features. First of all, make sure the vacuum works with multifunctional approach. In this case, ask to yourself, “Is it possible for this to clean up dust, dirt, and debris?”

Secondly, it is better to choose the vacuum which include some attachments. They should be something like customizable nozzle, additional pipe, and sometimes brush. Additional attachment like them could help you out of multiple problems when you are cleaning the interior.

  • Suction Power

There is no doubt that when it comes to performance, suction power comes as number one in consideration. The power to siphon all dirt, dust, and annoying micro particles is extremely important.

Not only allow you to clean up the surface more effectively, enough suction power should also prevent the dust comes out again. Usually, the suction power depends on the voltage given.

Mostly, car vacuums are sold as a handheld tool. Meaning that, it has high mobility and keeps the removable battery for its life. By considering to a better battery life, you will be able to use the vacuum longer. Moreover, it unlocks the possibility to clean larger range.

  • People’s Reviews

Going to deeper analysis, acknowledge people’s review is important. Perhaps, you can find how the product performs in a real life. You can proof how the vacuum fulfilled its promise on their sales label. It is easy for you to get the honest review. Let’s say, you can simply ask your neighbor and siblings. They may use the vacuum you want to buy for your car.

Another way is by browsing the huge internet. Over there, there are some testimonials given by real people. However, it is suggested to look for the testimonial through social media or personal blog. They usually write more honest, detail, and deep review after using the product for weeks or months.

On the other hand, the testimonials placed on the store’s website sometimes are not good to trust. They sometimes are fake or the staff only put good testimonial only, disappearing the ugly opinion.

  • Design

You may ask “Why is design important?” or at least, ”Why should I consider the design too?” Well, good design usually comes with high durability. It means, good design usually gives you last longer use of the vacuum. Certain vacuum designs even allow them to connect some attachments to enhance the cleaning performance.

Moreover, great design signs that the manufacturer is serious to produce the model. It should be launched by testing it before. Perhaps, it has lighter material, slimmer design which makes it more “mobile”, and other improvements.

  • Budget

Now, talk about money. Some believe that good money buys good quality. Well, in one side, it is logically correct. However, the best one should not be the most expensive one. You should wisely choose the quality and specs above the price.

In average, sellers sold Car Vacuum in about $30 – $100. Each comes with their quality, design, and performance. For the handheld vacuum, it is still good to choose around $40 or $50. They mostly have come with additional attachments which help you  a lot in cleaning dirty part in narrow areas.

  • Warranty

No one wants his/her stuff broken. That is why warranty comes when there is something wrong exists in car vacuum. Warranty ensures you can replace, fix or maintain the car vacuum with no cost. The manufacturer takes care of it.

Usually, the warranty given is about a year. If you purchase a second-hand vacuum, the sellers offer only a month or even a few weeks of warranty. Whatever is the period, you should consider that the warranty does exists and works well when you get a problem. The more period given, the better it is.


There are plenty of choices outside. Some may be better than our recommendation. However, the choices we provide is based on deep review of previous customer. We analyze deeply the pros and cons appeared during the use. That would explain why we are able to find certain problems usually come on each product.

Choosing the best car vacuum cleaner doesn’t guarantee the last long use. In fact, it is mostly influenced by your way to maintain the product’s functionality. Some customers may have different complain. Yet, those happen mostly because they do not perform regular maintenance.

For a car vacuum purpose, you will commonly find 2 choices. They are handheld device (ex: black and decker 20v vacuum) and the bigger vacuum (ex: ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum) . The decision is still yours but in our opinion, bigger vacuum with the dustbin will last longer. Also, it suctions the dust and debris in a better way. You may find the dirt that can only be suctioned using this stuff.

On the other hand, if you need additional tool for cleaning your car’s dashboard and seat in quick pick up, then the handheld device is perfect for you. Especially, if you need to travel with the vacuum, the handheld or foldable cleaner will be suitable. Keep in mind to regularly charge the battery as it will not suction properly when the battery is low.

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Choosing the Best Car Polishers For Your Needs

Best Car Polishers

Best Car Polishers

Your car needs to be kept beautiful if you want it to stand out. After all, it’s an investment that you will have on your hands for years to come. The Best Car Polishers products can help you get the most out of your vehicle when trying to make it look its best.

A car polisher will help you apply wax and other materials onto the outside surface of your car. It can be a challenge to find a great one because so many of these look similar to each other. As you will see in this guide, there are some car polishers that are much greater than what you might find elsewhere.

Product Summary

Polisher Your CarWhen looking for the best car polishers, it helps to take a look at the choices that are available for use. The options that are available for your demands include plenty of choices that are suitable for an extended variety of requirements.

The Black & Decker WP900 has a good design that offers a gentle setup that is easy to hold. However, the DeWalt DWP849X has more options in terms of handling different polishing heads and speeds. The Makita 9237CX3 goes one step further to offer a gentle starting setup that won’t work too quickly as it starts up.

The Neiko 10671A has plenty of polishing options and can also work well with a strong handle. Also, the Porter Cable 7346SP is suitable for coarse and light surfaces alike.

The options that you will have to choose from are rather valuable and appealing Let us take a closer look at the options that you have to work with when finding great items for your use when polishing your car.

Reviews of the Best Car Polishers

1. Black & Decker WP900

The Black and Decker WP900 is a six-inch random orbit waxer and polisher. It uses a foam applicator bonnet and two separate bonnets for polishing needs.

Black & Decker WP900 | Best Car Polishers

Black & Decker WP900

This offers two handles on its sides. The user can hold the polisher on both sides to glide it along the body of a car. It may also work on motorcycles if necessary.

This runs with a random orbit at a speed of 4,400 orbits per minute. The finish is consistent and does not generate any swirling effects.

The polisher was designed for faster detailing jobs. The fast speed on this model especially keeps swirl marks from being visible while also keeping the manual work required when using this from being more of a problem.

Users of this car polisher say that this model polishes rather easily and that it works rather quickly. They love how the polisher works fast and how they can easily hold onto this quite well.

Some customers also say that the pads can tear apart when they are trying to buffer the surface. However, those customers have found that it’s easy for this polisher to work with separate replacement pads from other companies that might be a little stronger.

Things We Liked

  • Weighs only 5.3 pounds;
  • Easy to switch between bonnets;
  • The motor runs quietly.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The pads can easily tear apart;
  • Power switch is in an unusual position;
  • The 10-foot cord is too short.

2. DeWalt DWP849X

The DeWalt DWP849X uses both seven and nine-inch polishing heads. It has a 180mm Velcro packing bad to secure the polishing or waxing head.

DeWalt DWP849X | Best Car Polishers

DeWalt DWP849X

The handles include a standard grip on the end and a bail side handle. The user may use both handles at the same time to keep a strong hold on the buffer.

The electronic speed adjuster controls how quickly the polisher will work. It operates at speeds of up to 600/3500 rpm. The user could control the speed based on the intensity of the polishing job or for how deep the polishing materials are to move into the car.

Customers are heralding the polisher for how it uses a simple handling interface. They like how this is light in weight and has all the controls in places that are easy for them to reach.

Wool ingestion shields are added to control how the wool polishing heads operate. It blocks wool particles from getting into the motor. DeWalt says that this is used to extend the life of the product.

Customers also say that it is easy to move between the seven-inch and nine-inch polishing heads. They have been using the latch and connection system to remove the polishing head.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to adjust the speed;
  • Handles are carefully organized in convenient spots;
  • Wool shields protect this from wearing out quickly.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May potentially bounce too much;
  • The pads that come with it are not as strong as what third party options have to offer;
  • The cord for power is short.

3. Neiko 10671A

The Neiko 10671A is a 7-inch polisher that uses a 1,300-watt motor. It is made with a die cast aluminum head.

Neiko 10671A | Best Car Polishers

Neiko 10671A

Six speed settings are featured on the 10671A. It operates from 1,000 to 3,000 RPM. This should be suitable for a majority of surfaces.

The Velcro backing pad allows the user to apply different polishing heads onto the unit. This is for smooth and coarse polishing discs alike.

Most surfaces are supported by the polisher. This should be appropriate for use on harder surface and may work for spots where rust has become a problem. It may smooth out surfaces where rust is present so a proper coat of paint might be added later on depending on what the user wants.

Customers who have bought this say that the polisher is easy to carry around and handle. They especially love how they can use the wheel knob on the polisher to adjust its speeds.

The synthetic wool pad that this comes with has been criticized by some people though. They feel that the pad can work with one car at a time and that more heavy duty pads need to be added. Users have been pleased over how the polisher operates.

Things We Liked

  • The aluminum head works for a long period of time;
  • The ball-bearing mechanism keeps this running fast;
  • It is easy to adjust speeds;
  • Velcro backing pad supports more pads;
  • Not too heavy.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only six speeds;
  • The handles are awkwardly placed;
  • Requires an extension cord to go around the entire car.

4. Makita 9237CX3

The next option for use, the 9237CX3 is a seven-inch variable speed polisher from Makita. It has a rubber loop handle. The gear is also contained within a rubberized space.

Makita 9237CX3 | Best Car Polishers

Makita 9237CX3

The intake has a dense wire mesh cover. This was added to protect the inside parts from wool fibers that may move into the device.

The seven-inch backing pad holds most wool and synthetic polishing pads. The user should spend only a few moments to get a pad replaced or cleared out as necessary.

A soft start is used to gently allow the polisher to run quickly. The polisher will progressively move its speed to a proper preset option based on what the user chose on the speed dial. This was added as a safety feature.

Customers say that the polisher does not vibrate much. They also like how the soft start keeps the polisher from running too hard as it starts working.

Customers also love that the polisher is easy to hold onto and move around even when it runs at its fastest possible speed. Users also say that the drive gears work well enough to keep the speed consistent as this is being utilized, thus improving how it functions all around the car.

Things We Liked

  • It is easy to adjust the speed;
  • Rubber handle has a careful and comfortable grip;
  • Speed remains consistent while in use.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Does not work well as a sander;
  • Can be noisy at times;
  • The rubber handle can become warm.

5. Porter Cable 7346SP

Designed with a six-inch head, the Porter Cable 7346SP is a random orbit polisher. Designed to support both polishing and sanding functions, this offers a swirl-free motion to keep streaks from appearing on the car as this is used.

Porter Cable 7346SP | Best Car Polishers

Porter Cable 7346SP

The electronic variable speed feature is found on the top part of the polisher. It controls the polisher with speeds from 2,500 to 6,800 OPM. This should be easy to adjust with individual settings. The handles on the left and right are made with grooved indentations. The handle may be added or removed onto either side of the polisher. Users may also choose to add the handles onto both sides of the polisher. It also operates with a series of added attachments. It supports sanding pads and polishing discs alike with different adapters. The reviews that customers have been giving to this product suggest that it is a powerful unit. Customers have particularly stated that the drive shaft works quickly and effortlessly. They also like how this may be switched between different parts. Customers have also stated that they like to use this on a variety of car surfaces. They especially like how it cuts through the toughest surfaces to improve how well it works.

Things We Liked

  • Handles work quickly;
  • Easy to adjust speeds;
  • Works on a variety of textures;
  • Easy to swap discs.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some counter weights might be required;
  • Some pads may burn off too fast;
  • Small cable for power.

How to Choose a Car Polisher

The options that you’ve got for your car polishing needs are certainly vast. However, you have to look carefully to see what’s available when compared with what you require. There are several things to do when it comes to choosing the right car polisher for your requirements. You have to look at many points in a polisher relating to how it might work and what it can do for your vehicle.

  • Look for a polisher with a simple head system that covers enough space. A typical polisher head will be from six to ten inches in size. Some models may even let you switch between options.
  • Look for a choice that has an easy to handle body and lets you use it quickly and effortlessly.
  • The speeds of the polisher should be reviewed based on how well they work. It helps to find a choice that allows you to quickly adjust the speed of your polisher.
  • Find a rotary option that uses a circular head with a simple motion. This should get through some of the most stubborn materials that you are trying to buff out. It may also reduce the likelihood of streaks.
  • Foam and wool pads are the most common options to use although some synthetic pads may also be available. Choose a car polisher that supports more options so you will have a more versatile choice.
  • Anything that has shields over the mechanisms will help. These include dense shields that keep the wool and other components and items in a space from moving into the polisher and causing it to possibly wear out and weaken.

These points can be influential when you are trying to find an effective polisher. You must be cautious when finding a good choice so you will have an option that is not too complicated. This is especially given how such units have different variables attached to them.

Choosing the right Machine Polisher for your car


When choosing the best car polishers, you have to find an option that fits in well with your demands. You need a choice that will provide you with enough support for your car in terms of keeping it looking its best.

Based on what we have seen, we found the DeWalt DWP849X to be the best car polisher for anyone’s use. We feel that the easy to use setup on this polisher, its adjustable speed settings and the ability to use a variety of polishing heads make it the best choice to find when looking for a great polisher that you can use for your car.

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How to Use Hand Vacuum for Car

How to Use Hand Vacuum for Car

How to Use Hand Vacuum for Car

It is essential to know the right way how to use hand vacuum for car. Dirty interior makes your car looks weird. Some people may already have the hand vacuum for car. However, only a few of them who know the right way to use it. Especially, when it comes to clean up the specific dirt in a specific area. Cleaning up car’s interior properly will not only produce healthier environment but also prevent the dust and pollen. In this article, you are going to learn the proper technique to clean up car’s interior using 20-Volt Black&Decker Vacuum Cleaner (it is the best car vacuum cleaner). These will cover step by step guide from preparation until the proper process of cleaning.

1. Select the Suitable Vacuum Cleaner Used Only For Vehicle

Vacuum cleaner mostly showed up in your home for cleaning the dirty carpet or floor. It usually has large nozzle to cover large area for optimized floor cleaning. As a result, cleaning something wide like floors, carpets, and other plain surface will be quicker. However, This theory doesn’t apply for the car’s interior.

This is because car interiors are smaller. Typically, it also has some edges which collected dust and dirt. This requires smaller nozzle which can easily and effectively reach that part. That is why Black&Decker produces a handheld vacuum cleaner with platypus-like nozzle. Ability to mobile easily also benefits the user for reaching every edge of the interior easily without moving a dust bin.  20-Volt Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum will be a solid choice for your car interior cleaning. Continue reading

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