Badlands 12000 Winch Review

badlands 12000 winch review

Badlands 12000 Winch is an excellent invention for the modern off-road vehicles. Harbor Shipping offers the Badland wide-ranging channel winch mount plate for the 12,000 pound winch. It is perfect for off-road vehicles, and it provides your vehicles’ safety. It works with most SUVs and trucks if the vehicle producer specifies suitability. So why are you late? Just read the following badlands 12000 winch review and purchase the best product.

Badlands 12000 winch overview

The Badlands 12000 Winch bolted to where in fact the old 10000 winch mounted. It added extra thermal safety in the type of an extra ground wire, and a bunch of 3 breakers connects straight to the positive terminal lead. It is manufactured from heavy gauge works and steel with 12,000 pounds off-road vehicle winches equipped with automatic load-holding brake systems.

This tool is a great winch with zero operational complications. It comes with trimmed 20 ft off cable to make sure it would never happen. It is really a good winch. I don’t think the fair-lead has organized as well although it is just a little bent up and offers some wire gauges. It is long lasting and also has many pulls under its belt.

This kind of winch is great for individuals who require a winch nonetheless don’t have a large budget. It is a little cheaper then warns and also other winches and offer a large amount of recovery muscle, but it can be sacrificed range speed intended for the price. For more details just continue reading the following badlands 12000 lb winch review.

Key Features:

  • Model: Badlands 12,000-pound winch;
  • Motor: 6HP series-wound engine (12VDC);
  • Duty cycle ranking: 5%
  • Ratio: 3 planetary/265:1
  • Brake: Automatic load-holding 8. 8 × 2.5-inches drum
  • Cable: 0. 375-inches diameter, 100 feet
  • Cable nominal power: 14,400 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 6.4 x 8.3 inches
  • Mounting Design: 10.0 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 86. 8 Lbs


  • 12 feet ergonomic handy remote control;
  • Automatic load- keeping braking system for optimum safety;
  • Three-stage planetary gear method for quick line velocity;
  • Free of charge spooling for fast line-out;
  • Cable tensioner to avoid cable tangling;
  • Aircraft quality wire rope included;
  • Comes with roller fairlead;
  • Series-wound motor remains cooler during long drags.


  • Well constructed;
  • Acceptable line speed;
  • Extremely cost effective;
  • Easy-to-install;
  • Low ampere usage.


  • It does not include synthetic rope;
  • It pulls a little bit slow.

Recommend: Personally, I thought it is a dedicated tool for the automobiles. To get a much better quality device, created by an off-road organization, with very good customer support, Badlands 12000 Winch is perfect for your automobiles. I understand money is certainly money. So you can purchase this tool without any hesitation.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Lubrication

  1. Before every use, inspect the overall condition of the winch. Check for the loose hardware, binding or misalignment of shifting parts, broken or cracked parts, damaged electric wiring, loose or corroded terminals, and any additional state that may impact its secure operation. Analyze the cable rope. Usually don’t utilize the winch if the wire rope is normally frayed, damaged or kinked.
  2. After use, clean external areas of the winch with clean fabric.
  3. Lubricate the cable rope with light oil occasionally.
  4. The winch’s internal mechanism is lubricated. Usually, don’t open the casing. Nevertheless, if the winch is immersed, it must be opened up, dried, and re-lubricated by a qualified technician as early as possible to prevent corrosion.

Final Verdict

Badlands 12000 Winch is well suited and affordable tool for the off- road vehicles. It’s automatic load-holding brake provides you a great safety. It can restore a trapped automobile; haul load or timber a boat along with this dominant auto winch. The series-wound engine remains cool as the 3-stage terrestrial gear program provides quickly line velocity. Featuring an automated load-holding brake intended for security, this kind of electric winch can be vital for the next off-road adventure. Finally, this product is only for you. So read the Badlands 12000 winch review attentively and select the best tool for the reasonable price.

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