Fortune Auto Coilovers Review

fortune auto coilovers review

Fortune Auto Coilovers utilize digressive piston technology that allows for rigid low-speed compression or even rebound force. It provides, even more, control of the driver inputs such as rolls, drive as well as the squat. Nevertheless, for fast stroke speed (i.e. high-speed bump) the suspensions turn into flexible in response to irregularities and bumps in the street. For the perfect drive, drivers are very much needed this device. To select the perfect one, read the following fortune auto coilovers review carefully and your desire will be fulfilled.


Fortune Auto LANCER EVO 500 Street Series Coilovers provide less hysteresis and superior control of the driver inputs. The brand-new seals are made from a specifically developed Buna plastic substance that delivers an excellent stability between dependability and performance! Because the shaft seal is usually the most crucial seal around the shock, a more powerful seal will improve quality and performance.

The capability to upgrade to two-Way remote canisters at any time makes sure that your investment is really a sound one. Modernize your shocks with no need of trading into a total new coilover system. All the 500 series dampers tend to be rebuildable completely, functional, and may be controlled at any time. For more details read the following fortune auto 500 series coilovers review.

Key Features

  • Dyno-tested
  • Monotube damper along with high-pressure nitrogen
  • 24-step adjustable shock absorber
  • Spherical bearings
  • Fortune Auto Coilovers man made 5w or perhaps 10w shock oil
  • T6 6061 solid aluminum brackets & camber plates
  • Bright dip anodized
  • Digressive piston technology
  • Modularity – Upgradeable to 2-Way Container
  • Swift suspension springs upgrade obtainable
  • 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee

4 things I like when use Fortune Auto Coilovers

1. Easy Installation

The installation is fairly smooth other than the best mount in the stock front side struts being warped. Fortune Auto includes a number you can contact with any technical queries you have, the guys at risk know very well what they are performing and can give you a hand with whatever you need.

2. Perfect Build Quality

The construction and massive size of the pistons make the coilovers look very strong and beefy. The finish on the coilovers also feels just like it must be on the 2k+ coilover not really a 1k coilover. They appear and feel like they will last the lifetime on any motor car. Both camber plates plus strut brackets are heavier than virtually any other coilover I have noticed, and I think they are made from T6 Aluminum.

3. Ride Quality

Most importantly the drivers ride efficiently and quietly for any “low-end” coilover. You can ride with this tool in the bumpy and rough roads easily. The Fortune-Auto’s absorb these types of bumps very well and traveling on them isn’t painful whatsoever.

4. Performance

I haven’t had the opportunity to take them to the monitor yet or continue any mountain streets. But from your turns I’ve taken fast, they held my car planted and company both equally at low and large speeds. The steering is sharp, and the 10k spring in the relative back helps rotate the heavy Evo X. Overall its performance is very excellent.

Pros and Cons


  • Smoother drivefortune auto coilovers review | care your car
  • 24-step rebound flexible dampers
  • Accessories are all manufactured from aircraft quality forged aluminum
  • T6 6061 Forged aluminum mounts plus camber plates
  • Mono-Tube damper along with high-stress nitrogen
  • Rebuildable and easy to install


  • It does not include Camber Plate upon the rear!
  • It does not ride as superior as KW v3.

Overall Scale

  • Street: 8/10 – Road performance is good
  • Noise: 8/10 – Noise level is relatively satisfactory
  • Quality: 9/10 – Very good and considerable price
  • Comfort and Ease: 8/10 – It is dependable on the “coilover program,” not really compare to stock
  • Adjustability: 8/10 – Could not be happier but perfect
  • Customer Support: 10/10 – Among the best and perfect customer support
  • Final Verdict

Overall I am completely pleased with these coilovers. Fortune Auto tends to be an incredible organization to cope with and making very good quality coilovers. If you want to eliminate your car or perhaps track your vehicle, the 500 series is a superb option. These coils have a more substantial size I just believe that they may be 53mm. With great cost range, good performance and maintain an excellent ride quality still, FA500 isn’t a poor choice. This device is only for you. So we think the above fortune auto coilovers review will be very much perfect to select the right product for your cars.

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