Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

Plasti dip glossifier review

How to do you put your plasti dip coating to the next level through a plasti dip glossifier? Plasti dip glossifier further enhances the matte finish of a plasti dip coating. While the plasti dip coating already provides elegance, it still can be further enhanced using a plasti dip glossifier. Furthermore, having glossifier as finishing on a plasti dip coating ensures long life and protection against harmful elements.  

While plastid dip glossifier is excellent for car detailing and painting applications, it also works perfectly well on other applications. It can be used for indoor use, for painting the fence, painting steel frame to make it resistant to rusting and more.

While plasti dip glossifiers are proven to be effective in enhancing color and brilliance, it can be hard to find in the market. This is because of the increasing number of sellers which can be hard to tell from legit or not. Also, with the number of options available in the market, it becomes hard to tell if it is best for a particular application.

To help you find your ideal plasti dip glossifier, now we’ll share you a detailed Plasti Dip Glossifier Review

Top 3 Plasti Dip Glossifier Review at a Glance

We’ve done all the research when it comes to the best plast dip glossifier options available in the market today. Each of these three options is carefully handpicked based on strict criteria and based on consumer reviews and recommendations.

1. Performix 11212Plasti Dip Enhancer Glossifier

Performix-11212-Plasti-Dip-Enhancer-GlossifierOne primary purpose of a plasti dip glossifier or ehancer is to put the already outstanding plasti dip coating to a better level. With Performix 11212 Plasti Dip Enhancer Glossifier, this task becomes easy. It is formulated to bring about excellent luster and shine on any surface after coating with plasti dip. This enhancer works well over any surface and with any application. It can be applied using a spray can or bottle, brush or by simply dipping.

Another great advantage of this particular product is that it dries fast and does not slide off on smooth surfaces. Instant gloss can be attained through the variety of colors available which include silver, copper, gold and metal finish. Each of these gloss colors provides shimmer and metallic finish which makes the surface shine like a jewel.

This product is available in 11-ounce variants aerosol cans. To use, simply shake well and spray over the surface. The best thing about this product is that a single spray or application already provides enough thickness. With the good amount of thickness on each spray, more areas can be covered. Seeing that this product is in demand, it is also easily available in the local market.


  • Designed specifically for plasti dip coats
  • Does not break or crack at high temperatures
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent durability
  • Ensures glossy and shimmering look on surface


  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Can be used on wheels
  • Holds well even on moist
  • Does not have a strong smell
  • Does not slide off on smooth surfaces


  • Requires reapplication
  • check
    Recommended for professionals only

2. Bundle - 7 Pieces - Plasti Dip Gloss Wheel Kit

If you’re looking for a plasti dip gloss that you can use on your wheels, then this product is a great choice. The Bundle Plasti Dip Gloss Wheel Kit is excellent for fading coloration on the wheel rim and mags. Just like the previous option in this list, this product is also air dry. Having an air dry solution allows it to dry quickly and set fast thus making painting and coating easy and quick.

A huge advantage of this product among its competitors is that it provides an extra layer of dirt, moist, and grime when applied. Using it with a plasti dip glossifier enhances the protection even further while further improving the overall finish. The best part is that while it keeps away moisture and dirt, it also restricts rusting on the metal surface. By using this product, you can ensure the life of any surface.

While this product is easy to use and apply to any surface, it is also quite easy to peel off. Many beginners make a lot of mistakes while using this product. Luckily peeling it off to change or replace is easy and effortless.


  • Provides extra layer of protection against moisture
  • Heat resistant
  • Does not crack or break
  • Rustproof
  • Easy to peel off


  • Thick coating
  • check
    Can over a large area when coating
  • check
    Excellent for coating wheels
  • check
    Water and dirt resistant
  • check
    Makes even sprays


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • check
    May require reapplication for uneven surfaces

3. Plasti Dip Rim Kit: 4 Aerosol Cans Black

Plasti Dip Rim Kit

Another plasti dip glossifier or enhancer that you can use to enhance your car paint is the Plasti Dip Rim Kit. The Plasti Dip Rim Kit comes with four Aerosol Cans with black ink formulation which is perfect for the wheels. Also, it provides a smooth finish despite uneven or rough surfaces.

This Plasti Dip Rim Kit comes available in easy to use aerosol cans that make even sprays with just a soft push of a button. One common problem when using aerosol cans is that it tires and strains the fingers or hands. With this product, however, all those problems are eliminated since it is designed with a comfortable handle and easy-press-button. Also, the nozzle ensures even spreads at a given distance to the surface.

For thicker application, simply draw the sprayer closer to the surface and farther if looking for thinner applications. Likewise, this coating provides the shine and shimmer that is comparable to the elegance of stainless steel. Furthermore, it is water resistant as well as rust and dust proof.


  • Features 4 cans in package
  • Fast setting
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Aerosol spray for easy and even applications
  • Easy-press button


  • Ready to use the package
  • check
    Covers a lot of areas
  • check
    Can be used for both thin and thick sprays
  • check
    Long lasting
  • check
    Easy to peel off


  • Not recommended to use in hot weather
  • check
    May require reapplication when looking for thicker coats

Things to Consider When Buying Plasti Dip Glossifier

Now that you know your best options in the market let’s see what other things you need to find in your ideal enhancer. Reading a Plasti dip glossifier review will not be enough without the considerations needed when buying. So to help you narrow down your choices to the ideal glossifer, we will share with your these things to consider.

The mode of application

It is important to bear in mind the kind of application which you will be using with your glossifier or enhancer. Many would prefer to use sprayers during application. However, there are also those that prefer the traditional methods. Always make sure that it matches your desired mode of application to avoid any issues or mess when coating. An example of which is using a thick enhancer using a sprayer. Thick enhancers and glossifiers can clog or initiate bubbles in the bottle or spray can. If this happens, the outcome with be either blotted or uneven sprays.

Fast drying

Another thing to consider when buying your ideal glossifier or enhancer is that it should be fast drying. There are those products that take a few hours to set or dry. While many may be willing for it to dry, there are those that want to finish their work fast to finish more.

Easy removal

Your ideal glossifier or enhancer should also be easily peeled off. Many products can be hard to remove after it has set for a long time. Also, your ideal choice should not leave any mess after removal else you will be left with more work to do.


Just like anything else that you are purchasing, you should also consider the price of your ideal enhancer or glossifier. Remember that quality usually dictates the price. So, if you want a good quality out of your glossifier, then you should be ready to shell out a good amount of cash.


Glossifiers are made of chemical ingredients which may not be very tolerable to the nose. While there are those with the potent smell, there are simply those that can be managed without the use of a mask. Also, some chemical scents can cause irritations to the skin and nose so make sure it is safe.

Benefits of Using Plasti Dip Glossifier

One of the best benefits of using a plasti dip glossifier is that it gives any surface an added protection. This protection is aimed at keeping moist, heat, as well as dirt from entering the surface. Of course, it also provides better look and aesthetics as another benefit. While using plasti dip to coat a surface already provide an added shine and sparkle, glossifiers enhance it further.

Also, the use of glossifiers is common these days seeing that it is much cheaper than traditional paints. It is also easy to apply as well as effortless to peel off.

Our Final Thoughts

So which among the options mentioned in this list is the best? In our opinion, we would go with Performix 11212 Plasti Dip Enhancer Glossifier. This is for the reason that it is easy to use and comes with a variety of colors. Also, it has more than enough content in a single can of 11 ounces for multiple applications. If you want a cheap, long-lasting and flexible plasti dip glossifier then this option could be your best bet yet. So read this Plasti dip glossifier review attentively and select the best product.

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