Warn VR8000 Review

Warn VR8000 Review

The Warn VR series truck plus SUV winches are actually Warn’s basic level winches. It means they are small on price just, not on the performance. Every single winch inside the VR winch series can be packed with unique Warn features, including the typical wire rope with roller fairlead or Warn’s patented Spydura artificial rope with a hawse fairlead. The durable, easy, and always dependable three-stage planetary device train is the choice of the industries for the purpose of gearing as the series-wound motor gives lots of power and fast range speed. So read the following Warn VR8000 Review and select the best product for your vehicleser

1. Overview of the Product

The VR8000 Winch tends to be the least expensive basic-level winch in the Warn’s lineup. It is still created to Warn’s rigorous standards. Simply no corners happen to be sliced building your VR8000. Its spine originates from the 12V series wound engine that’s rated at 8,000 pounds of series pull. The long lasting building and WARN stability of the VR 8000 winch guarantees the winch will continue to work correctly when it’s needed the most!

The WARN VR8000 winch includes a series-wound electric motor for plenty of power and fast line speed. Brake systems that contain the full ranked load the best control even though winching; Three-stage planetary gear train for velocity, durability, and reliability. A good corded remote control and 94-feet cable string are included with it. A significant 8, 000 pounds tugging capability the actual WARN VR 8000 an ideal match on lighter vehicles, Jeeps, and SUVs who also could find themselves in the casual sticky scenario. For more details read the full Warn VR8000 Review carefully.


  • Warn VR8000 Rated line pull: 8000 pounds (3629 kgs)
  • Motor: 12-VOLT DC and Series Wound
  • Electric controls: The solenoid
  • Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary
  • Differential ratio: 216: 1
  • Part Number: 86245
  • Clutch (free spooling): Sliding Band Gear
  • Brake pedal: Automatic Instant Travel Cone
  • Remote Control: Remote control switch, 12 ft. (3. 7m)
  • Business Lead
  • Electric battery prospects: Two gauges, seventy-two inches (1. 83m)
  • Drum diameter/Length: 2.5 inch /9.0 inch (6. 4cm/23cm)
  • Weight (Kit shipping): eighty lbs. (36.3 kgs)
  • Wire string: 5/16 inch x 94 ft. (8mm x 29m)
  • Fairlead: Roller
  • Recommended Electric battery: 650 CCA minimum intended for winching
  • Finish: Powder coating more than 1er undercoating.

Key Features:

  • Rated in 8, 000 pounds of line pull-Warn’s basic-level VR winch
  • 12’  cable  handy remote control included
  • Supply the lighter vehicle or SUV enough muscle mass to escape any scenario with the Pre-warn VR8000 Winch
  • Powered by a string wound motor unit that links to your rig’s 12V electric battery
  • Managed by 3-stage planetary gearing with range boosts to 29’ each and every minute
  • Low-profile style and remote-mounting control pack offer you more installation choices to find pickups and SUVs
  • Completed with a great anti-corrosive natural powder coating
  • Your Launch a serious VR8000 Winch includes 94’ of 5/16” wire rope along with a roller fairlead

2. Benefits of the product

Here are some beneficial sides of this device are as follows:

Durable Construction:
With the renowned power plus durable construction of Warn’s VR series winches, you don’t have to be concerned about getting captured unprepared. By the power and dependability of Warn VR series winches, by no means get in times to can’t draw you out again.

Spydura Synthetic:
All the Warn series VR winches include wide diameter Signal special completely man made synthetic Spydura rope with a complete radius matte aluminum hawse.

Twelve Feet Remote Control:
The brand new next-generation WARN handy remote control stacks up to rough treatment off-road. The rubberized, ergonomic pistol-grip handle sits in hand comfortably. It’s ultra- climate or mud resistant because of improved closing. Basic, instinctive procedure creates a fresh market standard in the winch remotes.

Control Pack:
A totally removable control pack enables you to have settings mounted about the winch itself or perhaps someplace totally different on your SUV or truck. How you operate your VR winch is up to you completely.


  • Sturdy, reliable and clean three-stage planetary gear train
  • Legendary Warn reliability and gratification: 8, 000 pounds capability
  • Low-profile design will match most SUVs and trucks
  • Exclusive braking mechanism design to superior winching control
  • Lifetime mechanized & 1- 12 months electric warranty


  • This product could be delivered to select countries outside the U.S.
  • Easy setup but discouraging finish quality

Who Is This Product For?

Warn-VR8000-ReviewWarn VR8000 comes with individual control pack to get numerous installation options. Its exclusive brake pedal has been designed for first-class winching control under load. It is durable, easy, and reliable three-stage planetary gear train. The Warn series-wound engine provides lots of power and fast speed. It has perfect remote control and air craft-grade cable string. So this device is perfect for the truck, SUV, car owners, professionals, technicians and much more.

Final Verdict

Finally, the Warn VR8000 is really perfect for your truck, SUV, and other vehicles. They promise quality and dependability construction. WARN is well known for top level notch quality and that quality has a top-notch price usually. It is easy to use and simple to setup. This product has already captured a great reputation worldwide. So read the above Warn VR8000 Review attentively to select the best product for your vehicles.

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